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You get picked up for questioning. Eagle photo by Christina Carrega. “In your story to the jury, you had an actual person you could have helped and you just let him go. Charlemagne volunteers with Life Camp Inc., a leading anti-violence group that runs programs, conducts outreach and performs conflict resolution to prevent young people from getting shot. ", Lil Pump Faces Backlash for Trump Support, Rappers Claiming They're Better Than Another Artist, Denzel Curry Says Travis Scott Has a Funky Attitude, legal team announced they would be investigating 50’s camp, President Trump Says 'We Won,' Going to Supreme Court to Stop Lat…, Election Protection Hotline Sees Surge Over Alleged Voter Intimidation, Americans Stressing Over Election Turn to Meditation for Relief, 'Tiger King' Stars Jeff and Lauren Lowe Weighing Sex Tape Offers, NFL's Tre Boston Gets Diamond #33 Pendants For Whole Family, Even Baby…. Charlemagne, 31, who is the fiance of Kenashia Douglas — R&B singer Ashanti’s sister — faces up to 15 years in prison. Slowbucks visited Power 105’s The Breakfast Club Wednesday morning (June 18) to clarify one thing in the now-infamous chain-snatching incident at Summer Jam: He didn't "snitch.". One of the most resilient women I’ve been blessed enough to know. Slowbucks is the most recent rapper to hear the wrath of 50 Cent.

In November 2015, Charlemagne was arrested for operating a white 2015 Land Rover with heavily tinted windows that was double parked and blocking traffic on Steinway Street in Astoria.

After 50 Cent called him an "angry snitch" and parodied the Slowbucks SBOE (Slow Bucks Over Everything) acronym, saying that it stood for “Snitching Boy, On Everything,” Slow took a few shots at the rapper’s relevance and recent SoundScan numbers for Animal Ambition. “If you get into a car accident and you sue, is that considered snitching?” he asked Charlamagne Tha God. 50 allegedly saw the photo and made a comment, saying that the picture was a bad idea. What happened with Fab is just regular stuff that happen with friends.

'If you get into a car accident and you sue, is that considered snitching?'

Pretty funny stuff. I see a lot of tough guys do that so I’m just asking.

Charlemagne’s defense attorney James Kousouros filed a motion requesting for the judge to set aside the jury’s verdict. Police recovered a diamondback .380 caliber pistol with five rounds of ammunition in the magazine from Charlemagne’s pants, according to the criminal complaint. He did admit that the press conference may have not been the best move, especially since he didn’t speak for himself. I’m honored to be your older sister..the blood in these veins will NEVER BETRAY. Defense attorney James Kousouros argued that even the minimum sentence is unnecessary in this case. “Yeah me and Fab is cool,” he said. He said he found the gun by accident three days before the arrest in November 2015. Slowbucks has responded to 50 Cent with his own Instagram post. In an interview, she gushed over … Here’s to 31 @wifeofcreation Written, Narrated and Directed by me. Slowbucks has yet to respond to Fiddy. He wants 50 to keep the chain. 333.8k Followers, 552 Following, 451 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from (@ceoslow)

Always. Slowbucks.tv caters to up and coming music artists, and many of the artists have started wearing the Slowbucks clothing line as a way to gain national recognition. “Honestly if I would (do it again) I’d be the one speaking like I’m speaking now. The name of the company is a merge … I try to live best by the people I care about and who care about me.”.

Slowbucks is the most recent rapper to hear the wrath of 50 Cent.The former associate has found himself on 5o's wrong side after issues stemming from Summer Jam 2014.

The scene that caused fans to gasp happened during a 2-minute, 30-second video shared on Instagram TV where Douglas highlights the good and bad from her childhood up until today. If that person can provide some paperwork or is going to jail I’ll sign my company over. SUPPORT THE LOCAL NEWS YOU READ EVERY DAY. “Everybody keep calling me about Fab. You don’t go about stuff the way you did. Regardless of their affiliation with 50 Cent's enemies, they were still cool, since it was on a business level, but as time went by Slowbucks started appearing in videos of diss songs aimed at 50, most notably Trav's video for 'Celebrate'. Charlemagne testified on his own behalf that he recovered the gun from a young person who was attempting to rob his music studio and called an NYPD detective he knew to report his findings. (Lord 4 Give Me, 4 I've Sin, Over & Over Again Just 2 Stay On Top). At about the 1-minute mark, Douglas shares clips of herself with a black eye and another with her mouth bleeding with broken teeth as she speaks of heartache and sacrifice. The pair is … Scroll down to get the complete details. Rodney “Bucks” Charlemagne (left) with his defense attorney James Kousouros (right) in Queens Supreme Court on Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2018. Streetwear mogul Rodney “Bucks” Charlemagne, co-founder of the Slowbucks clothing brand, walked into Queens Supreme Court sharply dressed and seemingly unprepared to learn that a weapons possession conviction carries a minimum sentence of three and-a-half years. 50 Cent actually used to be friends with Slowbucks, Slow made an appearance in 50's 'In My Hood' video, and while their company was fairly new, 50 Cent did some promos for them.

“He’s not the 50 that once was,” he said.

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