which mechanical pe exam should i take

If there are some topics you haven’t covered yet, practice the basic problems in the MERM. When the timer begun, I would quickly skim a question and make a quick determination as to whether or not I could solve easily. "Engineering unit conversions", and "Quick Reference for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam" were my quick lookup tools for equations, conversions, and charts. About two weeks out take the NCEES practice exam. This, I think, will get you more points than working the few problems you have time for since wrong solutions do not count against you. First, this rarely works especially given the fact that you probably have a job, a social life, and other outside interests that consume a good deal of your free time. In other words, if you spend the majority of your time focusing on depth, you should be at ease with nearly 90% of the test. Fortunately, the more you practice the easier it will get. It sucks, I know. If you bring codes, take time to look through them before the exam so you know where to find information. I’m not bragging, although workaholism seems to be a badge of honor at my company. Here is a summary of this PE Exam Prep Guide. Tab up pages you find yourself going back to often (ongoing). I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but at hour 7, I decided I had enough and guessed on the remaining problems. Helpful products related to this content: Civil Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam, 15th Ed, Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual for the PE Exam, 13th Ed, Practice Exams for the Civil PE Examination. The most important aspect of passing this exam is budgeting your time. There were a surprising number of problems on ASME and ANSI codes and standards. Sadly, I only saw three machine design problems in the morning section of the exam. What does isentropic compression look like on said diagram? In all honestly, I chose to take the April exam because I didn’t want to give up my free-time during late summer. Needless to say, that lit a fire under my ass… for the time being. So the amount of time you are able to devote to preparation for the exam is most likely considerably less than what is required. Expect to see problems on combustion, air:fuel ration, and out-of-balance rotating drums. The second part is the afternoon exam, which is known as the depth exam. I lost valuable time on these problems.Study turbines! It covered, in my case, at least 80–90% of the exam. Don’t expect the exam to adhere to the percentages in the NCEES exam specs. Obtain as many quality practice problems as you can. And make sure your tables go into higher temperature and pressure ranges than what’s in MERM.Know vapor power cycles and equipment cold. My best advice is to practice working problems quickly and do not depend on a lot of reference material. You need to understand the fundamental physics and thermodynamics for each type of problem, so you can develop a solution. When I started taking practice exams, I found that misuse of the Engineering unit conversions book was a frequent source of my errors. There were a lot of difficult HVAC problems. PE Mechanical Exam Advice From Past Examinees. It feels like this type of anxiety is pretty prevalent, especially in today's society. Use your best engineering sense, first eliminate the impossible, then pick out the most probable one. RE: Mechanical vs General FE exam Vaporware (Mechanical) (OP) 5 Apr 06 16:50. Had this been the real thing, I would have most likely failed. Psychrometrics, psychrometrics, psychrometrics! The exam (to my dismay, even when anticipated to an extent) was COMPLETELY in English units. You've figured out your start date, gathered a bunch of resources, and are now ready to finalize the details of your study schedule. Where you need to go to do well on the afternoon module, MERM can’t take you. Does it matter which FE exam I took if I decide to get my PE down the road? Play some videogames. It’s not in MERM (maybe it shouldn’t be). If I could go back and redo it I would spend no more than the first 10 hours compiling your resources, building the rough draft version of your exam binder, and reviewing the MERM at a 30,000 foot view, and tabbing/highlighting anything you thought might be useful. I don’t want to insult your intelligence by explaining the mathematical concept of averages, so I’ll just stop now. To make things better, there is also a ton of overlap between the three topics. You must complete four years of engineering experience under a licensed PE before you can take the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam. It covered, in my case, at least 80–90% of the exam. There were way more psychrometric problems in the morning exam this time—what a killer! Regardless of what might change year to year, the approach to preparation is meant to be universal. Study refrigerant phase diagrams and know how to plot basic refrigeration systems on them. Don’t just practice cookbook problem solving. Do some prep work to your resources prior to taking the second practice exam. If you’re feeling adventurous, then before one of your scheduled practice exams try this experiment: Stay out late for a couple nights in row before. Get the NCEES Sample Questions. Think your mind will be at it’s sharpest? Spend the first several minutes of each session reading over all 40 problems. Expect to see problems on obscure topics. Don’t spend more than six minutes on ANY problem your first time through. I was surprised at the number of engineering economics and the spring design problems. The NCEES website lists the topics and roughly how many questions for each will appear on the various PE exams in its section of exam-specific information here. You wouldn’t believe how many fan and pump law problems showed up on the exam. Don’t give up that advantage by treating your body like shit before the exam. Once you’ve done that, sit and take an 8 hour exam. How do you go about reading a pressure enthalpy diagram? Time yourself on a practice exam not long far before the exam itself, and make note of what kind of mistakes you make. Because these textbooks were unfamiliar, it took some time to understand and get used to the layout. Thanks for all the good advise, guys. I remember the first full contact scrimmage of freshman year of high school football. But most people take a breadth and depth test or an all depth exam. MERM is great for the morning breadth session, but not so good for the HVAC depth module. I can honestly report that MERM was useful for 95% of the problems on this exam. You might only use them for three or four problems, but these will be easy slam dunk answers.Bring NFPA 90A with you—it was very useful.My Trane Air Conditioning Manual was helpful.I never thought there would be problems on what section of NFPA you would need to find specific design-governing elements. If you can only take one reference to your Mechanical PE exam, let it be MERM! The best way to increase your odds of passing is to create an exam study schedule and stick to it. The point being is that you take a break from actively thinking about that problem and focus on something else, your brain has a way of working for you even when actively focused on something else. All of the contents of that bundle are in the list below. Now all you need to do is practice. I never thought there would be problems on what section of NFPA you would need to find specific design-governing elements. Don’t look for all the fluids problems in one place. Only after you complete all 80 questions are you allowed to look at the answers and grade yourself. Remember how you only have 6 minutes per problem? Watch out for common mistakes involving unit conversion, such as using area moment of inertia instead of polar moment of inertia. By exam day, I knew the MERM book front to back to find steam tables, pipe thickness, and a ton of other tables. I covered all of this in Part #1 and Part #2. had a net income of $93,000, while those with a PE license made significantly more: $108,000. "I bought from Mr. Lindeburg many resources already to further my career and mellow as a real engineer. Make sure you have completed all of these before moving on to other problems. ", My personal philosophy for test day was, "I'm going to make this test my bitch!". those who are most successful have the most experience and/or knowledge in a particular discipline regardless of their past career path. You’ve been stuck on a homework problem or something you’ve been racking your brain on at work for seemingly forever. Take a difficult practice exam such as the Mechanical Sample PE Examination, Grade yourself, then take a day or two to relax. If you bring a mountain of reference material, I hope you are lightning fast because the amount of time you can spend on each problem averages five or six minutes. It’s helpful to leave one book open to a psych chart, one to steam tables, and one to air properties. If you follow their advice, you will cover all your bases, all your ducks will be in a row, and will be well versed in the law of Murphy. Pro-tip: don’t try to learn everything. Someone who I asked about the exam told me to do this and I answered two questions correctly because of their advice. Exam problems are much easier, so if one has worked all his problems just like he says one should be okay...all I can say is that I passed pe mech exam with thermal/fluids systems in the afternoon and yes, I am keeping all Mr. Lindeburg's books that I have bought." Step 3: Taking the PE Exam. Solve immediately all the easy problems on your first pass and skip the problems you’re not immediate sure how to solve. From my experience, the problem index is great and saved me on a few questions, but working two hundred plus problems is where the vast majority of learning and sharpening of your skills will take place. Of course, the next exam will probably be different. The core of all my studying was in the Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual or MERM. First, you must earn a four-year degree in engineering from an accredited college or university, and then you must pass the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam. This post, Part II, focuses on what materials to purchase. Study all the topic areas listed.MERM alone is not enough for this afternoon exam. Sometimes even 30 minutes per problem. So What Exactly is a Professional Engineer (PE)? Please leave your comments, feedback or questions in the section below. With a PE, you can also be in charge of work in the private sector. There’s nothing wrong with preparing for six months given that you actually pass. Work as many quality practice problems as it takes to be confident on exam day. So, what happens after you’ve scheduled, prepared for, and taken your PE exam? I was surprised that the HVAC section had so many non-HVAC problems! During warmups I dislocated two fingers trying to catch a pass and ended up going to the hospital. YOU can pass the Mechanical PE Exam in the neighborhood of 80-100 hours. The following is an excerpt from Chapter 2 of my book Engineer Your Own Success: 7 Key Elements to Creating an Extraordinary Engineering Career.. You are allowed to bring as many books to the PE exam as you wish, which is why on the day of the exam people will literally show up with wagons full of books. Michael Lindeburg is the author of many good engineering reference manuals. It just gets in your way and prevents you from focusing on what’s really important. Thankfully the quick reference book is laid out in the same chapters as MERM. Study all the topic areas listed. Create a study schedule and dedicate time to fulfill it. If you’ve had your engineering degree for a few years and passed the FE exam, you probably keep hearing that getting a Professional Engineer (PE) license will give you a nice bump in your paycheck and better job opportunities. It just so happened that the weekend I planned the practice exam occurred when my wife was leaving town for job training. Buy a couple of old refrigeration textbooks and study basic example problems. I am truly blessed to have management that understands the importance of self-development and is flexible enough to accommodate whatever I needed to make it through the exam.

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