where can i pet a cheetah in the us

i think this is very helpful. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on January 03, 2015: G Ivanova -- Exotic animals have been kept in 'menageries' for centuries, mainly as a display of wealth I believe. Melissa cares for a variety of exotic animals and has completed a certificate in veterinary assisting and a bachelor's degree in biology. If you don't have the time commitment to do this, you can also just attend the zoo frequently and enjoy them. All the so called experts i have seen so far , are complete airheads . Lions have even been known to take down small elephants in groups, and tigers, which are solitary hunters, can take down large water buffalo by themselves. Support this private effort as the government does not subsidize saving the cheetah. The problem is that Cheetahs are dwindling in captivity, so they're going extinct on two fronts. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on October 12, 2014: Thanks Marie G. The safest place for cheetahs is in a decent zoo or private ownership situation. I could not outrun them. Sadly, wild cheetahs are at risk and listed as Vulnerable according to the IUCN’s Red List due to habitat loss, poaching, the illegal wildlife pet trade, and conflict with humans. Of course, it seems that the safest place for them is the wild where they won't be harmed on the way to market and where they can more easily breed. She was small, and scruffy (not mangy, but fluffy in unexpected places), and she's on my top ten list of the most amazing things I've ever seen. Only around 44% of zoological facilities attempting to breed the animals have succeeded, with only 20% of captive-bred and 15% wild-caught cheetahs reproducing. I think best place to keep cheetahs as pets would be either really big estate,ranch or farm, I am going to Dubai next year to ride with cheetah in a sports car, There have been many cases of human fatalities caused by foxes,mainly children,since children are small enough to be killed by a fox,reason for adult fatalities is rabies. Your emotion won't stop me from getting exotic pets. So at this particular ranch, in South Africa, if you went for a hike Tammy and Spot usually came along. madam peony... 300.000 people killed by foxes??? Your own cuddly toy cheetah to keep at home. My articles are geared towards promoting exotic pet ownership. The tariff to the encounter was reasonable but cab ride from either Stellenbosch or Cape Town is VERY EXPENSIVE. Ya right, volunteer at a zoo. Although I understand that the cheetahs are an endangered species, I was not especially looking forward to seeing them caged up. You clear all my misconception about cheetah. Our magazine is published twice a year so you’ll receive your first edition in the adoption pack followed by a further update later in the year of your adoption. Yes well, there is always something wrong about owning wild animals always or exotic, even if most of this is true, every article you read whether it's a wolf dog, or a serval cat, or Cheetah or what wild animal there is always a reason why you can't own them. Hence, this is why they are uncommon. That being said, I went to the cheetah and friends behind the scenes tour at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and was about 2 feet from several cheetah and they taught us about socialization, training etc and it was very very cool. Arun Dev from United Countries of the World on July 12, 2015: This can be a way through which humans and cheetahs can live together in harmony. I am going to visit her at the beginning of December and I will take pictures of her 'farm' and the babies- they are so cute!! The ranch apparently still exists, I just googled them. They said that the dog kept the cheetahs calm as they walked through the crowd. While cheetahs live on average about 8 years in the wild, 17 years is not uncommon in captivity. Girl who really loves cheetahs❤️ on July 12, 2020: My dream pet is a cheetah they are soooo cute I have always loved them and will never stop loving them.❤️. You must have them confused with servals or Savannah cats. Off-track Thoroughbreds there is always discression with owning them in the wrong hands but in the right hands they are wonderful animals.

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