where are schiller instruments made

Stay away from this store, there are plenty of other places to shop at. Stay away from this creep, he should be selling musical instruments to his fellow inmates at the local prison. rights to use its name have been bought by a Chinese entrepreneur who builds junk instruments in China and brand them "Schiller, Frankfurt, Germany" in order to rip off poor customers (like me) who are so stupid to trust the name written on a product. ", "If I were an average high schooler looking for an instrument of my own or was an amateur on a tight budget, there is no other way I'd go except Schiller. Jim will allege that Schiller is made with German parts, this is a hook to fool the customer into thinking a Schiller is German Engineered, but in reality, its a cheap, poorly-made piece of junk worth under 500 bucks and the customer is forking over 5-10k to the unscrupulous Jim Laabs personal investment fund. I recently bought a Schiller C pocket trumpet. They ripped my off when buying a trumpet from them in 1998. Great,Solid,Thick,Brassy sound when played correctly. ", "Given what I know and have been told by extended family and colleagues in China who are familiar with the manufacturer, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The Schiller American Heritage 4 Valve Piston Nickel Tuba brings the hearty substantive tone which has made American Tuba Recordings the music envy throughout the world. Jim Laabs Music - Bait and Switch, and Beyond Rude, Jim Laabs Music - False advertising, and beyond rude when called on it. Made with a pioneering spirit and hands on approach that is of the highest quality, yet affordable to all musicians. Did you like it?" I've just cancelled my credit card and sent Jim Laabs email notification of cancellation of my order. This model also comes with a mouthpiece and a case and a deluxe hard case that is common with every Schiller’s tuba models. It s well made and does everything it is supposed to do. Schiller is actually made at the Pearl River sweatshop factory located in Guangzhou China. He said he'd send me a UPS call tag for the shipping. Finally, after several attempts, I managed to talk on the phone to some rude guy who told me that they do not accept returns on what they sell, and then shut down the phone. ", "The Schiller instruments that you see on Ebay look like they might be better than many. With their hands on approach Schiller Instruments achieve their goal of producing quality instruments that are affordable to all musicians. List Price: $1990 If you are this auction's WINNING BIDDER. I don't know if I'm too late now and I live in Australia, so it would be hard for me to pursue a complaint. So, I reported them to the Wisconsin BBB and received a copy of my complaint stating that they would investigate. I've just ordered a Holton Trumpet and given them my credit card details and now I'm reading all of these horror stories! However, making the right decision on what to use for your Barclays ETN analysis can be a painful and complicated process. Not the best for a premium instrument maker, but very close. Nearly as close to the quality of Yamaha for some instruments and I should know as I bought a Schiller a few months back. Marvel at Gibson’s hard-driving Firebird III, designed to take on (or take out!) I just ordered a piano bench from Jim Laabs Music, and I had a great experience--high quality merchandise, prompt delivery, helpful and courteous customer service. Best instrument I've owned. Jim Slobs stinks. Schiller Instruments achieve their goals of producing quality instruments that are affordable to all Musicians. I bought a new Schiller trumper cornet for $ 252.00 plus shipping, and when I received the instruments I was incredibly disappointed. I've been reading through other people's opinions and reviews from different websites (and let's remember these are THEIR opinions) and this is what some people online have had to say: "The company Schiller is headquartered in Germany, but their brass and woodwind instruments are manufactured under contract in Shanghai, China. I thought he was going to hang up on me, but he came back and calmly said that I was right and they made a mistake.

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