what to write in a retirement card for a mentor

Now you got promoted the best job ever! May it be even more fantastic than the first.”, “New places to go, new stories to live. Goodbye 9 to 5! Pro Tip: Not sure if they have your phone number, email, or social-media handle to keep in touch? 37. All the best from me and all of us at the office. Its been an honor to work with someone as dedicated as you are. Now that you reached your goal you can spend more time contemplating the meaning of life an all those other questions you’ve been to busy to answer. Retirement Wishes – 100 Retirement Quotes Continued, Retirement Wishes – Quotes for a Coworker, Boss, Friend, Retirement Quotes, Wishes, Sayings | SLS Communities, 68 Retirement Wishes For A Boss – Canyon Winds Retirement. 9 Ways To Be More Universally Empathetic, 57 Of The Best Quotes About Living In The Moment, 13 Of The Most Effective Communication Exercises For Couples, 103 Sweet And Romantic Goodnight Texts For Her, 77 Existential Questions To Blow Your Mind, Helpful Communication Exercises For Couples, I send my best to you and your loved ones. 3. You will be truly missed, dear friend! Now its time to be your own boss! Congrats on retiring, now you can do all the things you never had time for! Congrats!”, “It’s been a privilege working with you, and now it’s an honor helping you celebrate your retirement. 39. Have a great retirement! You always inspired us and will not be forgotten after you retire! Congratulations on your retirement! Your team-work and dedication to your staff are greatly appreciated. Enjoy retirement work haha! 36. Nothing but love and best wishes for your retirement! Congratulations on your retirement! Enjoy it while you can, stop by and see us sometime. Congrats, and don’t be a stranger, okay?”, “Congratulations on retiring! Let’s go! It has been a joy to work with you. There is a long bright future ahead of you my good friend. Congratulations on your retirement! Pro Tip: Avoid any mean-spirited humor. 6. Your next job is to make the most of life. Looking forward to hearing your updates!”, “I’m really going to miss your friendly, helpful, good-natured ways around here. 31. Did you find the best words for your retirement card? Enjoy it! You’re the best! Retirement…relaxation, enjoyment, fun, freedom! You will be greatly missed by students, parents, and teachers alike. You deserve it! Write it in the card—either as part of your message or off to the side. 1. Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement. 22. You have given us your dedication, time and energy. You one lucky person, you earned it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you are looking for a funny retirement card example, we have put together a few humorous and lighthearted words for retirement cards that will put a smile on the recipient's face. We are very happy to see you reach this point in your life. A lifelong of hard work deserves to be acknowledged, and a retirement is a happy occasion for those that achieve this exceptional accomplishment. I will never forget your warming smile! Your contribution has made a profound difference in the lives of many. My best wishes on your early retirement! Enjoy your retired days. Enjoy your retirement! There was an error adding this product to your cart. Happy days ahead of you, enjoy them! We know you’ll miss all of that but its time to move on to something even more pleasureful! Your new commute is so much easier! how are you going to find out about all the office gossip now? I’m so happy to be a part of celebrating you and all you have achieved in your career. Hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed you! Enjoy it!”, “Congratulations on your retirement! Now its time to put yourself first and do what you love. But you don’t have to get into that. You’re leaving us just like that? We appreciate you and congrats on your achievement. May the many years ahead bring you all joy and relaxation. Your presence will be deeply missed. Inspired? Our wish for you is to have the best retirement days anyone could hope for! Tell her just how much she means using this guide from Hallmark writers. 40. Congrats to you my friend! Wishing you a wonderful retired life ahead! So, where will you be traveling to first? Wishing you an exciting and stress-free retirement. Congratulations on your very well-deserved retirement.”, “I won’t be one bit surprised when people start coming out of the woodwork to celebrate your retirement with you. Let’s make sure your retirement is even more fulfilling than your career! Congrats! Pro Tip: Need a good word to describe the retiree? Enjoy your retirement. 5. Best of luck and congratulations on your retirement! 12. View your shopping cart, you currently have, Retirement Messages: What to Write in a Retirement Card, Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, What to Write: Meaningful Messages for LGBTQ+ Friends and Family, What to Say When a Friend Loses a Baby: Messages of Love and Support, What to Write in a Bridal Shower Thank-You Note, What to Write in a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah Card, Engagement Wishes: What to Write in an Engagement Card, Baby Shower Wishes: What to Write in a Baby Shower Card, “Congratulations on your retirement! I can’t think of a more deserving person. Mazel tov! All the best wishes for your early retirement. Happy Retirement, friend! 11. Choose one of ours, or come up with one of your own. You have done so many great things for us. Have an awesome retiree experience! Congrats! Can’t wait to watch you go put your energy where your passions are!”, “Congratulations and best wishes! 27. Do you have a close friend retiring? Thank you for always motivating us to do our best. Congrats!”, “You’ve worked hard for so many years. Happy Retirement! Congrats on a happy retirement! We appreciate everything you have ever done for all of us. Best wishes for your retirement! Especially for a retiree who truly loved their career, or devoted years of their life to the same job, you might want to emphasize the contribution they’ve made and they legacy they’re leaving. Try one of these: dedicated, committed, hard-working, inspiring, caring, friendly, expert, professional, masterful, unforgettable, incomparable, invaluable, irreplaceable, Some go-getters are just barely getting started by the time they hit retirement. Here are some message ideas for your retirement card for a teacher. Funny Things to Write in a Retirement Card. We are just a phone call or drive away if you want to get lunch or have coffee. Signing a sympathy card isn’t easy. 15. Losing a baby, no matter how it happens—or how early in the pregnancy—is devastating. Time to live out your dreams…except the one where you’re in your skivvies in public.”, “Bye-bye, early meetings…Hello, early bird special! We enjoyed working with you and we thank you for everything you’ve done for us and the company. We hope you will spend some of your new-found freedom with us because we miss you already. Thank you for your years of hard work, dedication, and friendship. You have earned your retirement. You’re now your own boss! You deserve everything that is coming to you! You not only made a huge difference, but also touched a lot of lives along the way.”, “So proud of you and your remarkable career. (And for me! You have been an irreplaceable, dedicated, and outstanding mentor to the next generation. It’s a blessing to see you finally reaching your retirement goal. Your years of service to teaching are an extraordinary accomplishment. We search for words. Happy retirement! Looking forward to seeing what amazing thing you’ll do next…”, “Here’s to taking the wide-open years ahead of you and turning them into an adventure!”, “Cheers to your second act! What are you going to do with your free time now you are retired? Enjoy the retired life! Your passion and dedication have really inspired us. Congratulations! Your wife has a new full time assistant. With the last tests graded and papers read, it is time to set down your pen and pick up your bucket list. Your passion and work ethic have been shown in every project you’ve completed for our company. Let the next chapter begin.”, “You’re some who’s sure to keep doing, learning, and growing, even in retirement. Keep reading for writing tips and inspiration to help you do just that. If so, a heartfelt message or small joke can show them how much you appreciate them. I know you’re really going to love having more time to spend with your kids and grandkids.”, “Remember 8:00 a.m. meetings and year-end reports? 17. You will be missed, but never forgotten. Happy Retirement! We wish you the best as you start your new life. 29. And may I please come with you?? The example you set for your employees will never be forgotten. You were always great at your job, but you have been an even better friend. Congratulations to you.”, “Just wanted to congratulate you on your years of great work and wish you every happiness in retirement.”, “Here’s to my favorite new retiree! You are retired now. I sure am going to miss seeing you every day, but I wish you all the best.”, “What an exciting change for you! Whether you travel or garden or do nothing at all, I hope your retirement is fun and fulfilling. Some coworker relationships are closer than others, but it’s always fitting to acknowledge the huge milestone of retirement. I hope you have and fun and relaxing retirement! Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement. Thank you for all your hard work. Enjoy this chapter in your life. We hope to enjoy your retired life as much as we have enjoyed you working with us! Now go and do all that you love.”, “Congrats! Enjoy your retired days! Just a yawn and cup of coffee between your bed and your couch. Get sample messages, tips and watch our new video guide to write the perfect Christmas card. May you enjoy your retired life as much as you seem to enjoy working with all of us. You deserve it as you’ve worked every day of your life for this! Congratulations on your retirement. Congratulations on all your new free time! Sending you all the best wishes for you and you’re on your retirement! Teachers work so hard to help prepare the next generation for the real world. 2. Happy Retirement. You are a one-of-a-kind coworker. Make sure you relax, have fun and stop by and see us sometime. Make it a good one! Happy retirement! Congratulations on a well-deserved retirement. When it comes to signing birthday cards... Find just the right words to tell dad just how much you appreciate him even if you cannot be together this Father's Day. 23. Retirement is the start of a new story. Happy Retirement! That’s fantastic! Enjoy your retirement. Make your retirement fun! Now you'll have to find something else to complain about! It’s time for you to benefit from all that hard work. Trade in those sensible work heels for some dancing shoes… or slippers… Congratulations! As you celebrate, I hope you’re feeling incredibly proud, and also very loved.”. You inspired all of us! It was a dream to have such a kind and helpful teacher. Best wished for a wonderful and long retirement! Congratulations on retiring! They will not soon forget all you have done for them. It's finally time to stop living for work and get to work on living! There is only one bad thing about retirement — you can’t take the day off. Every retiree has had different career experiences and each looks forward to a unique new journey as they begin life after work. A warm closing before your signature is like the bow on top of your message. Your retired now, Enjoy It! Enjoy luxury and spend all the kids inheritances! I personally wish a very pleasant retirement. Cherish every moment. The office won’t be the same without you. Enjoy your retirement, and keep in touch!”, “With love and congratulations on your retirement,”, “Mom, as you retire, I just want to remind you how proud I’ve always been of you and the work you do. And the cutest. Work doesn’t stop just because you left the workplace, this is just the beginning. In fact, forget all about ‘em. You have always gone above and beyond in your work, and we will miss you dearly. We wonder what would be comforting to hear. You will be deeply missed. Say goodbye to all the boring work hours and say hello to endless weekends and fishing trips. Good luck and best wishes on your early retirement! Enjoy your newfound freedom!”, “Cheers!

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