what does the moultrie flag mean

The media no longer reports facts only their opinion on how we should react to events. However, the one above the wall above "Fort Johnson/Powder Magazine, Charleston County (James Island)", https://www.postandcourier.com/news/birth-of-a-flag-newspaper-editor-s-design-chosen-years/article_cf6a739d-75d4-516a-8dc7-fb9fd5e5464c.html, "South Carolina State Flag - About the South Carolina Flag, its adoption and history", "South Carolina State and Secession Flags", "South Carolina State, and Secession Flags", "SC has no official state flag design, so flag makers make it up. who are your companions. My thoughts precisely. I’ve had mine flying high for over 20 years. Following its declaration of secession from the Union, the newly independent state of South Carolina considered many designs for its "National Flag", with the first official draft for a flag being finalized on January 21 being a white ensign with a green palmetto, and a blue canton with a white increscent,[2] after a week of debate, they decided on an existing unofficial state flag with an upward facing crescent on a blue field, modifying it by adding a palmetto at the center of the field. The historian noted that it was fashionable for the soldiers to carve the word "liberty" into their gorgets. Sincerely, Mr. Xavier…I loved reading your article and I appreciate all of the comments here and the fact that you’ve responded so kindly to everyone – it is insane to me that more people (say, in the ‘middle’), that they don’t recognize that the loudest voices for tolerance, are ALWAYS, the most intolerant…I just don’t get it, is the MSM that good at pulling the wool over so many eyes or is it just the fact that most are indoctrinated from Pre K through College and EVERYWHERE else in society. Thank you for words of wisdom. Like everyone else, the new owners have the right to property and to protect it. South Carolina 5. U.S. Why does the snake face left? It was first flown at Fort Johnson.. At the beginning of the American Civil War a similar flag was flown at Morris Island by Cadets from The Citadel as they fired upon United States supply ships. If you like our blog and would like to get emailed whenever we publish a new post, fill in the form below and hit "Subscribe"! He pointed out a “don’t tread on me” bumper sticker on a car and I gave him a positive reaction because we think of the symbol as you do, keeping it’s origins in mind. Thank you for this ambiguous article. The Moultrie Flag, also known as the Liberty Flag, was a key flag flown in the American Revolutionary War. "Col. Moultrie devised a large blue flag with a white crescent in the upper left, facing the hoist. It’s a fair warning for all would-be oppressors to back off. ;). ", The Sovereignty flag was never recognized as an official flag in South Carolina, but there are also claims that it was flown for a short period of time in South Carolina after its secession on December 20, 1860. http://www.thetruthaboutknives.com/2017/04/daily-mail-slanders-slingshot-channels-joerg-sprave-accuses-him-of-instructing-terrorists/, Knife Blade Steels - A Comprehensive Guide (+ Steel Comparison Chart), Survival Gear: Affordable Quality Gear, Making Your Own Kit, & More, Knife Guides: Best EDC Knives, Myths, Sharpening, & More, First Aid: Super Gluing Cuts, Imodium for Emergencies, & More. Moultrie himself designed the original flag, and nowhere in his memoirs does he mention the word Thank you for knowing and sharing the history of this Gadsden flag! You did a thorough job and your unique perspective as a Brit really added a lot of weight to the truth behind the flag’s meaning. Please let me know the best platform to follow on. As a matter of principle, I don’t discuss politics on this blog because I believe preparedness crosses party lines and and this is what matters to me more than what I see as partisan rhetoric on other forums. PERIOD! Again, I THANK YOU and I’m sorry for such a long message – this is the first ever, for real, this is the first time I’ve ever written a comment so I guess I had quite a bit to get off my chest. Subscribe to More Than Just Surviving I hope this helped somewhat, sorry that I couldn’t provide a definitive catch-all answer. The South Carolina Council of Safety wanted to salute the British warships in the harbor with a flag to show them they were now in possession of the fort.

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