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By optimising the mass of the signal conductor, WBT managed to minimise mass storage effects and eddy currents. WBT 2012 Sponsors and Partners 2012 Host.... CONNECT is a regional program that catalyzes the creation of innovative technology and life sciences products in San Diego County by linking inventors and entrepreneurs with the resources they need for success. "First Broadcast Recalled" by Dick Banks. We've got the latest radio ad rates from WBT-AM. WBT is the first manufacturer of connectors replacing electroplating by the much more precise PVD technology. Brett Winterble hosts the late afternoon show and a one-hour newsmagazine called "Charlotte at Six" is anchored by Mark Garrison. He added: “In most businesses, the biggest challenge is distinguishing yourself from somebody else. Studios here until 1955. [22] Russ Hodges, later famous as the radio voice of the New York/San Francisco Giants, was sports editor of WBT for a time in the late 1930s, leaving in 1941 for Washington, D.C.[23][24], During the Golden Age of Radio, WBT carried the CBS schedule of dramas, comedies, news, sports, soap operas, game shows and big band broadcasts to listeners in the Carolinas and at night, around the Southern United States. According to the lawsuit, the nine plaintiffs include a retired funeral-services company worker, an unemployed engineer and his restaurant-manager wife and a retired teacher. Selling ‘Charlotte Today’: For instance, a promotional flier for WCNC’s “Charlotte Today” obtained by The Ledger shows the station is promoting the program hosted by Eugene Robinson and Colleen Odegaard as providing “Solutions for Your Unique Business Needs” at a cost of $1,995 per segment with a three-segment minimum: In a “Charlotte Today” segment still available online, Robinson and Odegaard interview Heafner for 4 minutes and 45 seconds, and Odegaard — a former news anchor at the station — tells viewers “you need to work with a trusted financial professional like Jim Heafner — call him!” The only indication that it’s a paid ad is a note at the bottom of the screen for the first 7 seconds of the segment that says “Sponsored by Heafner Financial.” It also includes Heafner Financial’s phone number on the screen. Mark Washburn, "Ty Boyd Will Be Back on the Radio Monday". A station has been erected at State college in West Raleigh, but it did not work properly and it will probably be a few weeks before it will be in a position to do any broadcasting. WBZK's calls became WBT-FM. Coakley, who became the Republican candidate for North Carolina's 12th District U.S. House seat in 2012, returned to the station in 2017. Tim Funk, "WBT Radio Lineup Seeks Change of Image". WBT - Listen to us on 1110 AM and 99.3 FM. All rights reserved. [36], For their entire 14 years in Charlotte, starting with the inaugural 1988–89 season, WBT aired the games of the original NBA Hornets franchise. Flagship Station of the Charlotte Hornets, Schneider Shrub & Tree Care Exceeds Goals with On-Air Endorsements, One Julian Price Place, Charlotte, NC 28208, Standard Advertising Terms and Conditions, NEWS TALK 1110 & 99.3 WBT / 1110 AM/99.3FM / WBT-AM/WBT-FM. Additionally, the new procedure enables reduction of the energy consumption by approx. The station renamed the show “QC Morning” last year and said it would “continue delivering a mix of editorial and sponsored content.”, Studio name at WBT: Heafner appearances on WBT radio don’t appear to be available online. This is done completely without any harmful chemical additives. Our annual food drive helping families in need, Charlotte's award-winning ratings powerhouse, Known as "Charolotte's Most Beloved" on-air personality, Enjoyed by 30,000+ fans at every Panther home game, Proud to present Charlotte's only outdoor ice skating rink, Bringing joy to over 1000 children every year, Corporate Headquarters He currently hosts the weekend version of Charlotte's Morning News. In reality, though, the segments featuring Heafner were often paid ads that resembled news segments. [35], WBT dropped its ABC affiliation in favor of NBC Radio in 1987. Jeff Borden, "Larry King Dethroned by WBT". To learn more, tune in to 1110 AM. … Marketing is really an important thing in the business. I think I did a pretty good job of it.”, Although most people probably think of TV commercials as the 30-second spots that allow you to go to the bathroom or do errands around the house while you wait for your program to return, many viewers might not realize that most Charlotte TV stations now have programs that blur the line between ordinary programming and ads by allowing advertisers to buy time on programs in ways that don’t look like traditional advertising. Neal Boortz's syndicated show was heard on tape delay from 9pm-1am; however, this was a temporary move as nationally syndicated host and former WBT personality Jason Lewis began to be heard on the station from 9-midnight (on a three-hour delay from his live broadcast) beginning in May 2011. Philadelphia, PA 19103, Contact Sales for Advertising Questions WBT expanded "Hello Henry" and its "Sports Huddle" program. Lincoln Financial Group bought Jefferson-Pilot in 2006. And resource-saving use of precious metals can also be ensured. Carol Hazard, "Former Jeff Pilot Lands Job As Merchandise Mart Official". In order to eliminate this restriction, in 1944 a reassignment plan was announced that moved KFAB to 1110 kHz, which in turn required WBT to start operating with a directional antenna at night, to limit its signal toward KFAB. For many years, WBT boasted that it could be heard "from Maine to Miami" at night. Weekends feature shows on money, health, real estate, technology, cars and home repair, some of which are paid brokered programming. It is not widely known that the hi-fi industry is also seriously affected. Among its employees were Charles Kuralt and Nelson Benton. [41][42], In 1995, Jefferson-Pilot bought WBZK-FM 99.3 in Chester, South Carolina to provide a simulcast signal that better served the western part of the market at night. Lincoln-Financial then sold its three television stations, including WBTV, to Raycom Media—thus breaking up Charlotte's last heritage radio/television cluster. [2], The station airs a news/talk radio format that is simulcast on WBT-FM 99.3 and the HD2 digital sub-channel of co-owned 107.9 WLNK. 2013 WBT Innovation Marketplace Sponsors; 2012 WBT Innovation Marketplace Sponsors; 2011 WBT Innovation Marketplace Sponsors In the worst case, they can severely damage other hardware. WBT wanted the games, Sklenar said, but the pre-emptions cost the station advertising revenue. [45], On May 5, 2012, WBT signed back on with the Tar Heel Sports Network to be Charlotte's main carrier of the Tar Heels. Filter your search by Category : Tag : Date, this 2017 segment on WBTV’s “Morning Break.”, “Charlotte Today” segment still available online, appearance on WBTV’s “Morning Break” from 2017, Read the full lawsuit on The Ledger’s website, Jan. 29, 2020, edition of The Charlotte Ledger, Public document: the new Heafner lawsuit that mentions Charlotte media, Historic Ballantyne? Rob Hunter and H. A. Thompson were new DJs. [50] Upon the completion of the Greater/Beasley merger on November 1, Entercom began operating the stations via a time brokerage agreement, which lasted until the sale was consummated on January 6, 2017. Have you recently heard an interesting commercial on the radio but forgot the phone number or website for the advertiser? WBT (known on air as "News 1110/99.3 WBT") is a commercial AM radio station serving the Charlotte metropolitan area, which includes parts of North Carolina and South Carolina. For this process, the signal conductors made of pure copper are cleaned in a high current polishing line and the surface is polished to a high glossy finish. The segment was labeled that way in the show and in credits.”, That appears to be not entirely true. In subsequent years a series of power increases raised the station's from 5,000 watts to the maximum permitted, 50,000 watts. Contacts have to be protected against corrosion. [15], Initially there were no specific standards in the United States for radio stations making transmissions intended for the general public, and numerous stations under various classifications made entertainment broadcasts. Already during the construction phase, dedicated production processes particularly designed for WBT were developed and implemented on a newly established production line.

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