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The rest of his hair barely reaches his neck. [13], While frequently comic relief, he is perceptive and clear-headed when focused as a Paladin, able to remember key objectives of missions and take in his surroundings to formulate better plans than simply rushing in to attack or risk getting caught. Mar 25, 2020 - Todas las imágenes y "comics" son sacadas de Tumblr. 96 ", Lance's jovial nature and inflated ego distance his mind from the bleak situation of the universe and the need to perform his role as a Paladin seriously when not in a harrowing fight. Pages The ages listed in the guidebook generally match the ranges given by Montgomery and Dos Santos at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. Aqui habra : Klance,Plance,Kidge,y muchos más ships. It provides an overview of the universe presented in the show from seasons 1 and 2 along with short biographies of the main cast. Again, I'm not claiming this as official info, just something interesting I decided to do. 1 Synopsis 2 Description 3 Contents 4 Character Pages 5 Lore Pages 6 Notes 7 Errors 8 References Learn all about what it takes to be a … Voltron: Legendary Defender Wikia is a FANDOM TV Community. —Lance assuming the Blue Lion's nature, in "The Rise of Voltron", Immature, arrogant, confrontational, and seemingly viewing life as a big joyride, Lance is an adventure-seeking pilot who prioritizes looking cool and proving himself better than his perceived rivals, envisioning the glory of defeating Zarkon,[6] though his exploits often end in failure. August 2017, AfterBuzzTV with Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery, August 2017, Let's Voltron: Shironanigans! [7][8] His tendency to get caught up in his ego and personal image has led to lowering his guard and trusting too easily to show off, making Lance an easily manipulated target that nearly cost the team the Blue Lion on one occasion. August 2017, AfterBuzzTV with Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery, August 2017, Jeremy Shada at New York Comic Con 2016 Panel, Interview with Jeremy Shada at New York Comic Con 2016, Nerdist with Lauren Montgomery, Joaquim Dos Santos, and Christine Bian March 2016, https://vld.fandom.com/wiki/Lance?oldid=15638. Also, once described by Pidge as "the goofball", which he denies, claiming he's "the cool ninja sharpshooter. Like in Voltron, she says a tearful goodbye to her friends and allies, and like with Lance, her love interest implores her not to and that they can find another way. Current The Paladin's Handbook Full of confidence and even more full of himself, Lance thinks he’s everyone’s best friend, especially if they’re cute and female. Important Information for Your Paladin Journey. Lance August 15, 2017 He wears blue jeans and white sneakers that are accented with black and lighter blue. Publisher Yo hago las traducciones. The guidebook acts as a manual for a potential Paladin, the reader, and features notes written on pages by Team Voltron in different fonts to act as their handwriting. At the end of the show, Allura gives him small light-blue Altean markings. TFW you're shorter than pidge and grown up =/. Series staff Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery have expressed concerns that published merchandise may take information from the show "bible" or "original pitch", but their ideas have changed organically over time, so information may not be accurate, and they did not review the book for errors before publishing. Voltron and its paladin pilots fought in the 75th Death Battle episode against the Megazord from season one of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. 164 votes, 28 comments. Explore the Castleship and its home base on Arus, meet the five Paladins of Voltron, and unearth the truth about the Kerberos Mission. [7], While he was at the Galaxy Garrison, Lance was trained as a cargo pilot until he was promoted to fighter class after Keith, the top of the class was expelled. He often picks petty arguments with Keith, who he believes is his rival, or instigates comical situations with other Paladins such as his rendition of laser guns and a "space police" siren. The end of the guidebook features a quiz for the reader to take in order to determine which of the Voltron Lions the reader would pilot. Seen a few people here and elsewhere confused about the time words, so I thought I'd clear it up: Tick = 1.399 seconds …

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