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Legacy psi characters also get a generous amount of Desaturated Psionic Inhalants. Dev Log #54: Specialization and Veteran Level Changes, https://www.stygiansoftware.com/wiki/index.php?title=Feats&oldid=33084. They're combat abilities that require psi points to use. For more details, see Dev Log #54: Specialization and Veteran Level Changes. Some psi abilities such as Cryostasis do not scale at all with the invoker's skill. Feats for a full-psi build? It can also be used to enhance unarmed attacks. For lists by specific attribute/skill, see Category: Feats. In order to finalize your level up phase or complete character creation, you must spend all points including all feat points. In addition to regular feats, veteran characters can pick feats from new veteran feat pool. Psi powers in Underrail are split into 3 distinct disciplines with a skill for each — Thought Control, Psychokinesis and Metathermics. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. They are permament elaborations of your character and serve the purpose to further customize your character build with unique active abilities, skill boosts or passive abilities. Feats marked with + provide a new ability. One such feat is Psi Empathy. Some flora and fauna also have varying degrees of psionic mutations, such as the common Lacesso Gigantus mushrooms and psionic Azuridae beetles. The old psi system that was used from alpha version up to version (2015 March - 2020 July) is significantly different and is still available in the Legacy branch on Steam and GOG Galaxy, but receives no updates nor bugfixes. Once the reserves are depleted, the character can not regenerate psi points naturally any more until refilling with a psi inhalant. The use of psionic abilities can be temporary inhibited with Psi-cognitive Interruption or Black Dragon Poison. New characters start with two feat points. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Underrail features an elaborate item crafting system. A list of Psi feats in Underrail. Jump to: navigation, search. Damaging mind control abilities directly affect the mind and cannot be resisted with armor. Names of these feats have different color in the feat description panel. This page was last edited on 2 July 2019, at 05:07. The regeneration scales with Will and Intelligence: psi regen = 5 + (will+int)/2, rounded down. https://www.stygiansoftware.com/wiki/index.php?title=Psi_abilities&oldid=43584. Several traders have psionic mentors for sale. In Underrail: Expedition, player characters also gain a specialization point each level after 15, up to total 15 specialization points at level 30. This allows legacy psi characters to use their Will base ability to determine their available psi slots, albeit with a penalty of 10 their psi points. Feats; Feats of Underrail by minimal level and skill requirements. Number of naturally available psi slots depends on Intelligence: 2 + intelligence/2, up to maximum of 8, rounded down. odin87654321. At one point in Black Sea's history, psi addiction was known to be a health hazard and was treated with medical PsiDerm patches. © Valve Corporation. The Psychokinesis discipline is similar to telekinesis with additional electric powers. The power of psi abilities is determined by the invoker's effective psionic skill, which in turn is determined by skill points put in the skill modified by Will score and possibly synergies from other psi skills. The changes were made to make psi cost more relevant when choosing what to invoke. Existing psi characters will receive Forceful Innervation feat and Psycho-neural Reconstructive Agent pill when updating the game from legacy versions. Most damage-dealing psi abilities deal increased damage with higher skill, but psi abilities may also scale in other aspects, such as Pseudo-spatial Projection which projects an additional copy for every 40 skill points in Thought Control.

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