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– but our river systems still require extensive habitat management to restore them to a healthy level that can sustain fish stocks and wildlife. The British otter is also known as the European otter because of its vast geographical distribution. The second survey (funded by The Vincent Wildlife Trust) in 1984-86 added four more 50-km squares (that were deemed unlikely to have otters in the first survey) giving a total of 3189 sites, all of which were re-surveyed in 1991-94 (The Vincent Wildlife Trust). Often found in small quantities. This mill is mentioned in the Domesday Book. Otter habitat is not exclusive to dens, and it is also known in quiet undisturbed areas, for them to sleep above ground in what are known as couches, made from reeds or grass. The poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772–1834), who was born in Ottery St Mary, wrote a sonnet entitled "Sonnet to the River Otter". The return of otters to the UK. The marsh (foreground) is separated from the sea by a steep pebble bar (right). There are also Otter Survey databases for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland following the same protocol at differing resolutions. endobj Within this range there are 10 recognised subspecies. The number of spraints and presence of mink was also recorded. They have short legs with a long tail and body, which leans forward when walking. stream They are five-toed, but often only four toes appear in the print. Mating occurs at any time of the year and females give birth to 2 – 3 cubs, usually between May and August. Lutra lutra has historically occupied a broad range from Ireland in the west to Japan in the east and the arctic north to the semi-desert of North Africa. It is powered by water diverted through a leat. However, between the 1950s and 1970s, their numbers significantly dropped, prompting conservationists to sound the alarm bells for one of UK’s beloved animals. Output areas often include some unbuilt parts. It has taken 30 years, but the otter's comeback is now complete. Sites were selected by accessibility and likelihood of finding signs of otter activity - typically road bridges and the confluences of watercourses. But having seen a British otter at the Sanctuary and read the facts about otters, visitors should not have any problem distinguishing between mink and otters. Coastal otters in Shetland eat bottom-living species such as eelpout, rockling and butterfish. The Otter Estuary Nature Reserve is a 57-acre (230,000 m2) Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) consisting of tidal mudflats and saltmarsh. Tourism and leisure play important roles in the economy. Known for their playfulness, otters are found all over the world including the UK. PROSIECT ADFER LYGOD DWY YNG NGHYMRU/ WATER VOLE RESEARCH PROJECT. Registered office as above, The Afon Tywi is one of the best rivers in Wales for, The Eastern and Western Cleddau Rivers flow through a largely lowland landscape, eventually joining and flowing into Milford Haven, which is part of the Pembrokeshire Marine cSAC. These conditions were passed, and the beavers were returned to the river as part of a five-year trial scheme. Explanation: All population figures and depicted boundaries are based on output areas officially assigned to the 2011 built-up areas. Subscribe to our mailing list and receive regular e-bulletin packed full of mammal news and ways you can get involved with mammal conservation. Colour: greenish, black-grey. The Otter is the only river in England known to contain a wild breeding population of beavers, a species that died out in Britain in around 1550. The otter Lutra lutra was once widespread in Europe, but populations declined sharply during the 1960s and 1970s due to pollution, exacerbated by hunting and habitat loss. Currently it has a rather discontinuous distribution with strong populations in Greece, Spain, Portugal and much of eastern Europe. Beaver has a stockier body, compared to the long body of the otter. 2 0 obj [12], Coordinates: 50°40′13″N 3°17′41″W / 50.670224°N 3.294590°W / 50.670224; -3.294590. Historically it is a very important site for otters and has been an important source of breeding, Dornoch Firth and Morrich More consists of an estuarine system with extensive areas of bordering natural habitat including sand dune, woodland and small lochans. In England and Wales otter cubs, usually in litters of two or three, can be born at any time of the year. The Eurasian otter is very well adapted to the aquatic environment. Otter distribution (in green), taken from ‘Britain’s Mammals 2018: The Mammal Society’s Guide to their Population and Conservation Status.’ Diet: Fish, especially eels and salmonids are eaten by the otter, and crayfish at certain times of the year. In some areas of western Europe, including the UK, many otter populations have now recovered well in response to the increasing health of waterways and coastal habitats, but population decreases across the entire range of this iconic mammal mean that it is globally listed as ‘near-threatened’. The Otter is the only river in England known to contain a wild breeding population of beavers, a species that died out in Britain in around 1550. [6][7], Following concern from local landowners and anglers, as well as farmers worrying that the beavers could carry disease, the government announced that it would capture the beavers and place them in a zoo or wildlife park. <> 4 0 obj They tend to be found along rivers, streams, lakes and marshes as well as around certain coastlines. Download a printable field sign guide here! N��O7�|���!�]�aP7��9x�N�����7���ߨ�;��N#��K�?��������FKߦ&3��=ܣ���`���jm�o���ӫ4"Ü{K��k�V��9�^�=�a����9���_Fw�~w���������~�t��2��dN������ The otter population is widespread and individuals are wide-ranging, normally occurring at low densities, which is reflected in the relatively large number of sites where the species occurs as a qualifying feature, but is not a primary reason for site selection. Attempts have been made to reintroduce otters to their former haunts by reintroducing captive bred and rehabilitated animals, with some attempts proving very successful. We run a long term environmental surveillance scheme, using otters found dead to investigate contaminants, disease, and population biology across the UK. The River Otter rises in the Blackdown Hills just inside the county of Somerset, England near Otterford, then flows south through East Devon. The Environment Agency measures the water level of the Otter and its tributaries at six or more "river level stations". The origin of the population is not known; it was first noticed in 2013, apparently successfully bearing three kits the next year. Contact Paul Wilkinson at Sites that are known to support high densities have been selected to represent the current strongholds of the population. Surveys have indicated that the, The River Derwent and Bassenthwaite Lake represent good quality, The River Eden provides an example of lowland, This large river system contains extensive water and riparian habitat suitable for, The Wye holds the densest and most well-established, This island contains numerous freshwater lochs and lochans at a range of altitudes from near sea level to over 400 m, a wide range of small rivers and streams, and an extensive area of coastline. "[8], This decision to immediately remove the beavers was protested by local residents and campaign groups, with environmental journalist George Monbiot describing the government and Angling Trust as "control freaks": "I'm an angler, and the Angling Trust does not represent me on this issue...most anglers, in my experience, have a powerful connection with nature.

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