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However, since Token2Shell natively supports PIV smart cards such as YubiKey and SSH agent forwarding, you can use your YubiKey from WSL via Token2Shell. You’ll see a on-scren dialog that lets you choose whether to give focus to application menus or the top bar. Problem solved! For the location of the item, you should enter the following: Please replace the "" with your batch file created in Step 3. This opens a screen with a list of possible keyboard layouts as shown below. The option is found in [ Login Agent ] » [ Settings ] » "SSH Agent Forwarding". Currently, five different Linux distros can be installed to WSL from Microsoft Store: SUSE Enterprise, OpenSUSE, Kali, Debian and Ubuntu.Additional distros can be installed manually, for instance I have … You can configure the keyboard Language in one line. Keyboard Layout is based on the following parameters XKB parameters,  found in /etc/default/keyboard file, For more information on this run visit the keyboard man pages, If you wish to configure the keyboard for the current session only, run. The wsl command on the Windows command prompt or PowerShell. We're using VBScript and Windows batch files to launch Token2Shell. ... Guide How to Install WSL 2 on Windows 10 (Updated) Crowdfunding Fxtec’s Pro1-X is an Ubuntu Phone with Physical QWERTY Keyboard. Enable Auto Login and enter your WSL password. The "prompt" texts are not used for SSH connections. Many of the shortcuts also use the Super key. If you want to permanently configure your keyboard settings, edit the keyboard file with your preferred text editor, locate XKBLAYOUT= parameter and change it to your own preference e.g. When your password for WSL is '123456' and the path to the Address Book entry created in Step 3 is "wsl-shell", your batch file should be: Please note that the above VBScript automatically attaches the ".bat" file extension to its first argument and executes it as if it's a batch file in the same folder. It’s difficult to concentrate on a specific task when there are multiple app windows on screen, vying for your attention. All information requests are processed within 1 business day. In the Ubuntu’s 18.04 version the Ubuntu is going to make the GNOME its default desktop. The Activities Overlay in the GNOME Shell desktop is broadly similar, showing you all windows from the current workspace. When the system is back up and running, you should be able to use your keyboard and mouse. For instance, to set it to French, run. Upon reboot, you should have the keyboard and mouse working for you. The screen was locked with no indication of how to get back in. Change the user authentication preference and make sure the 'password' is the first one. Any application, script, command, or action that you can run from the command line (or via Alt + F2, see step #5 above) can be assigned to a custom keyboard shortcut of your choosing. For example, to make the Rofi app launcher appear when I press Shift + Ctrl + { I enter “rofi -show run” in the command field and then press the ‘record shortcut’ button and press the Shift, Ctrl and { keys to bind it. Now you can use your keyboard to navigate and action status menus, applets and GNOME Shell extensions.

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