tragedy in red battle cats

Requirement: Mr. Scars | You want to ideally draw the bosses out and maintain your distance from Director Kurosawah so he doesn't destroy your front line. Red says "GAME OVER", but Melissa saves Zach and unlocks Acacius, the strongest monster in the game, which ultimately defeats Red with his life bar down to nearly nothing. He also somehow "binds" Zach's soul to his characters', so each time the characters take damage, Zach feels it. After the enemy base takes damage, Shadow Boxer K, Gory Blacks and Doge Darks will emerge from the base alongside Director Kurosawah and the Black Cyclone. Stage Width: The Stalker | Bad to Worse The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible. Script: Continuation Stage 7 Right at the beginning, the limit will be filled with Those Guys, and J.K Bun Bun will be queued up along with support Shy Boys. Dark Paradise Super-Intense 1★ Slender Man (Slenderverse) | Swain | Herobrine | He would have been successful in this task, had it not been for the intervention of Melissa's soul. Princess | Blind Maiden | Insane The Girl in the Photograph | Misc. BEN | Jimmy | Even with Godzilla, Mothra and others to call upon, Zach is in for the fight of his life—and very possibly, a fight for his life, even perhaps his soul. XP earned: Clowny | Yet things begin to quickly pile up that he can no longer ignore, such as the sound and graphics improving vastly past the point the old NES could ever dream of delivering. Masky | When the battle begins, upgrade your Worker Cat once. Misc. Windigo | Black-Eyed People | Next Stage: The Man in the Fields | He can choose between Ground Form, Flight Form and Swim Form for optimal pursuit, and can either smash obstacles in his way or devour them. Rap Rat | Crimes Laughing Jack | Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page.,, LEVEL 1 - LAST LEVEL (randomized SoL stages & lineups). Unable to let himself give up and wanting revenge on Red, Zach presses on and determines to beat the altered game. Melody | Unnamed Entity | Proxies | Given a second-hand copy of the classic game bought by a friend at a garage sale, Zach begins to play it again, and at first is swept away by nostalgia. Holder of Slaughter | Complete Into the Future Chapter 1 Indrid Cold | As the two can spawn in quick succession of one another, you run the very real risk of all your heavy hitters landing behind the Cat Base and being unable to reach the front line in time. He shall have the ability to vomit hellfire out of his mouth at the cost of health and to cast a claw wave to stun opponents. Demonic being - Black Cyclone (Black/Floating) (200%)- Bun Bun Black (Black/Floating) (150%) Three Drowned | Crimson Tragedy Super-Intense Script: Be aware that this is a timed stage, as Two Cans will spawn after some time and possibly cause you to lose the battle. Energy: 7 Evil-doer If you had brought any other units, use them if you need to. Start spamming everything on Row 1 when Bun Bun arrives; You will have to depend on your Sanzo Cats to slow the enemies down, mainly the Red Cyclone, with the Cameramen dealing the damage.

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