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For all our old customers you should have received an Email letting you know of the change, and that you need to request a new password, using the forgot password link. Even worse, she was also bullied at school, and this made her more withdrawn from other students at the school. But first a war must be won and on the plains of Hungary the final confrontation takes place as the campaign reaches its bloody climax. As war breaks out, Casca, Gustaf and the rest of his crew are plunged into a vicious campaign that takes them through Poland. All a load of crap of course but we have to pay for it. The doctor at the hospital embarks and Casca embark on a journey together through the years. Mercenary action from the Yugoslav civil war of the 1990s. The man was no other than Casca Romain. For Prince Jorqel the troubles are serious indeed. Tony Roberts 1. To keep you all updated, here are the latest pieces of news: Getting low on some Casca books here (I’m actually out of Casca 47: The Viking) but I do have orders in for Cascas 37, 42, 47, 48 and 52 which should be arriving with me in the next 2 weeks. Beset by enemies beyond its shrinking borders and from competing factions within, it seems the end is near. Have your very own Siren tee-shirt  Price in £ sterling = £15  Please state size, colour and if Men's or Women's. In desperation Amne turns to the handsome young nobleman Dragan Purfin, who has ambitions of his own, to rule Kastan City, and he eagerly begins an affair with the Princess. Compare Prices. We’re still a going concern! Casca travels to Cuba to wage war in an unforgiving jungle. Why should I buy from here? Books By Tony Roberts All Formats Kindle Edition Audible Audiobook Paperback Hardcover See more Sort by: Sort by: Popularity. Casca 53: The Last Defender Aug 24, 2020. by Tony Roberts $5.98. The younger son, Argan finds himself entangled into the strange world at the loyal court, and he has to try and adapt into his new environment with dangers that holds. Its being printed and this means I should have it within 3 weeks. Even as the Horde plunder their way through Russia, slaughtering as they go, Casca has to watch his back as one faction or the other send agents to take the stone. But to the Eternal Mercenary it was anything but that. Recovering from the trauma of seeing his beloved Rome fall to the Goths, he’d taken on the first job that came his way in Gaul, to rescue a rich man’s beautiful daughter from a barbarian occupied city. – Tony Robbins is a partner in 55+ companies with combined annual sales of more than $6 billion per year. Tony Roberts has contributed to this series and went only to publish more than 15 sequels after Barry’s death. Please note that as an Amazon Associate, I earn money from qualifying purchases. I have always written stories and have practiced my craft, as the writer of the Casca stories (, the Kastania series ( the fantasy series Dark Blade and now the Siren series which is about a 1980s rock band. The 80s decade sees Katie Long and Siren fighting individual crises and one another as the band slowly unravels. Search results for: ''tony roberts'' The Lombard Tony Roberts Narrator / Autobiography. Plagued by adversaries beyond the empire borders and competing divisions within, it seems the end is near for Kastanian. This re-launch has split the books into collections to make the pages a bit clearer, and hopefully the books easier to find. And when he finally confronts the man he has sought to destroy, he finds his powers of strength and immortality are no match for intrigue, double-crossing and imperial protection. Emperor Astiras has worries of his own. Astiras will have to gather a new army to deal with that problem. Captured by his sworn enemies the Brotherhood of the Lamb, Casca is forced to undertake a mission on their behalf when they threaten to kill his woman, Ayesha, unless he agrees. The war in the Colonies continues, and for Casca his personal battle with Sir Richard Eley has to take second place as the British close in on Philadelphia. He will have to display his courage and strength if he is to keep his dreams of better Kastania alive. So when the newly arrived Sir Richard Eley, a major in the army, falls for the same woman, trouble is not far away. Follow to get new release updates and improved recommendations. He will also be forced to send his only daughter and his eldest son to dangerous mission; assignments that will test the two to their limits as well avoid killers on their trails. Out of Stock. And then theres the mystery of who raped, murdered and stole a valuable icon from a helpless Polish village, someone within the ranks close to Casca. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Casca returns to the United States to escape British justice. He has to pick the right moment to challenge Lombert’s new army to battle and rescue his beloved Sannia before the rebels end her life. He has to judge the right moment to challenge Soul’s newly created army to battle and to rescue Sannia before the rebels carry out their threat to kill her. To avoid this, order your books in 1s, because the price of smaller packets are unchanged.

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