the last spin plot diagram

That wasn't right. "Hey you know, I'm glad they got this idea. She�s a swell chick.�. ", "And you wear a green and orange one," Danny said," and that's enough for me.". It stopped spinning. "Yeah, one boat," Tigo Said. Danny asked, wondering why he was asking such a stupid question, listening to the whirring of the cylinder at the same time. He felt sure that this time the firing pin would strike the percussion cap of one of the cartridges. He grinned at Tigo, and Tigo grinned back, and then Danny fired. Danny said. He sighed. "Another cartridge," Tigo said. The explosion rocked the small basement room, ripping away half of Danny's head, shattering his face. These gangs actually perpetuate a dangerous stereotype�that people who look alike think alike and act alike. He twirled the cylinder. Tigo said, and then he squeezed the trigger. Again, their eyes locked. He was not a bad-looking kid, Tigo, with thick black hair and maybe nose that was too long, but his mouth and chin were good. "You understand," Tigo said, "I got no bad blood for you." The gun on the table was a Smith & Wesson .38 Police Special. "You see a nice deb in the street, you think it's crazy, you know? He broke open the gun, slid the cartridge into the cylinder, and then snapped the gun shut and twirled the cylinder. Tigo nodded. He picked up the gun then and stared at it. It can be hard trying to get to now someone who looks different and sounds different, but the benefits can be long-lasting. "It ain't only that, though. What're you gonna do? This is how the club said we should settle it. They don't understand." "That's cause you're new around here. Don't you?". Danny slapped the cylinder with his left hand. Lesson learned, barrel spins, gun fires, one dies. "I went with Juana. A small cry escaped Tigo�s throat, and a look of incredulous shock knifed his eyes. "Here goes nothing," Danny said. ", "I don't think they'll like it. Tigo looked puzzled. What do you think Tigo will do with this newly discovered power over his own life? He was nervous and apprehensive, but he kept tight control of his face. introduction: '' The boy sitting opposite him was called Tigo, and he wore a green silk jacket with an orange stripe on each sleeve. '' One of the most ridiculous forms of intolerance is to dislike a person on command. "Me now, huh?" �We could say ... well ... like we kept shootin� an� nothing happened, so ...� Tigo shrugged. Then he put his head on the table and began weeping. There's nothing special about this one." There's supposed to be a truce on. The cylinder stopped. "Round and round she goes," he said, "and where she stops, nobody knows. element of plot-Quinton. �It gets complicated sometimes.�, �Yeah, but ...� Danny frowned again. He shoved the gun across the table. "They're okay." Two rival gangs decide to solve a problem one on one instead of making war on the streets. He picked up the gun. I'm actually glad!" What you got to beat him up for? "Why you giving me a break?" Tigo asked. He picked it up and broke it open. Danny asked. �Look, you want to go on the lake this Sunday? ", "So like... like this is the way we agreed to settle it. Tigo watched him. She's a swell chick.". You could usually tell a cat by his mouth and his chin. �I don�t dig too many of the guys on my club, either.�, �Sure, sure,� Tigo said. "I never told that to nobody," Danny said. ", "Yeah, but ..." Danny frowned again. He slid the gun across the table. Tigo shook his head. Tigo grinned. Why not? Tigo looked puzzled. I mean, one of us and... and one of you. There's six chambers in the cylinder and only one cartridge. He nodded. "Your turn, Danny.". Of that, Danny was sure. "It's your spin.". He shook his head. ", Tigo picked up the gun, and then he took one of the cartridges from the table top. "I know," Danny watched as Tigo picked up the gun. Still, sometimes I think I'm turkey. Create a library and add your favorite stories. "Once," he said. Tigo laughed nervously, and then his laugh became honest when he saw Danny was laughing with him. Check comprehension thought LOTS What was the relationship of the boys at the beginning? "I got to admit nothing," Danny said flatly. "Yeah, I was thinking maybe this Sunday I'd ... " He did not complete the sentence. ", "This is what the club said. Like sometimes... well, don't you wonder what you're doing stomping some guy in the street? "This is a good way to lose weight, you know that?" I'd like to work around pieces. "That's the trouble," Tigo said. Then Tigo shrugged, and fired. "It ain't been so bad, huh? You game?". ", "Yeah. �What�s the matter?�, �Nothing.

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