super metroid stuck in brinstar water

There's the long drop you take to get an energy tank, then into Maridia and down to Norfair. Super glad I played NES Metroid first and can see all the references to the original. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. With these conditions, Hold both diagonal aim buttons (default L and R), Down, and the fire button (default X). Pass the gate behind it, and run through the cave. The Spazer hides in the next room, however, you can't gain it until you get the Hi-Jump or by doing a Wall Jump to the top. So long as you killed the Sidehoppers, you can pass to a room with an Energy Tank. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Super Metroid: Stuck in Brinstar, tried absolutely everything. Jump up the platforms, until you see a part where there are small platforms touching both sides of the walls. When reaching the bottom, you can choose between two gates. Continue going lower and lower until you reach the bottom. Continue left to get newfound Power Bombs from the statue. Exit this Power Bomb room, and head back up. Be careful as you continue grappling, because Yapping Maws are placed further left to try and pull you into the trap, and flying Wavers will try to hit you. This page was last edited on 9 April 2020, at 02:15. After picking up the Super Missiles, head left and walk along the two rooms. When you enter the room, you'll only find a bunch of enemies which will attach to you and drain your energy. A running jump will get you more horizontal movement. By morphing into a ball with a charged beam, you drop five bombs at once around you. As you fall downwards, a Chozo statue holding the Charge Beam upgrade will become visible. News, discussion and fan work about the iconic Metroid series from Nintendo. As you return to the "factory", you're best off saving your game again. To charge up the beam, press and hold . Now dash and jump right, turning into a ball on your way down. Head up, then take the right path, and finally go up in here to see the elevator which will lead you to your destination. Brinstar is a main area of Planet Zebes. After getting the bomb, battling the statue and leaving its chamber, go back the way you came until you reach the spot where you had to morph into a ball. If you use your X-Ray Scope again, you see that this spot can be Super Missiled, which when blown away leads to an alcove with Power Bombs. As a part of the ground will collapse, place another bomb in the pit. Simply go to the very left, press and hold , run a few steps and jump as far as you can. The combo will then be pulled off, consuming a Power Bomb.

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