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The proud parents Anne Latta (mother maiden name Muir) and William Stuart Adamson (father) gave birth to their first born child a bouncing baby boy. Stuart used SESSION 'Sessionette:75' amplifiers mainly for live performances and recordings. [13], Adamson is the son of the famous guitarist, Stuart Adamson. "[6], Ahab released their first purchasable content in 2010, when they released the extended play album, No King. Scottish guitarist, songwriter and vocalist. According to Skids bassist Bill Simpson, Adamson's first real guitar was a Gibson Flying V. He is usually associated with the Yamaha SG2000 guitar, which he used extensively during the Skids years, as well as on the first two Big Country albums. It was 2.55pm, Thursday the 11 th April 1958, when William Stuart Adamson was born into the world. The second EP was released under Navigator Records and produced by John Leckie. It was a natural birth and infant weighed 8lb 4oz. Living in the Shadow of a Rock Star Parent",, Articles with dead external links from October 2019, Articles with permanently dead external links, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 October 2020, at 18:05. The marriage was registered on the 4th November 1957 at Cowdenbeath by assistant register, J.Miller. Big Country's first hit, 1983's "Fields of Fire", reached the UK's Top 10, and was rapidly followed by the album The Crossing. On the second day of November 1957, at Cairns Parish Church (United Presbyterian) Cowdenbeath after the according to the forms of the Church of Scotland, William Adamson a colliery engineer, (bachelor) aged 21 years, marries Anne Latta Muir a bus conductress, spinster aged 18 years. From the registered date of marriage we do not know the where William and Anne Latta until the birth of their first child a son who they named as William Stuart Adamson he was born on the 11th April 1958, in the suburbs of North Manchester to be exact Davyhulme, near Old Trafford. On 16 December 2001 he was found dead in a room that he had booked into in the Best Western Plaza Hotel in Honolulu in Hawaii. [4] The band had four chart singles in the UK that year. He had two children with his first wife Sandra in 1982 and 1985. If you feel we have infringed anyones rights relating to any graphics, photos or Anne Latta was 4 months pregnant at the time of marriage. At this time the family resided at 5 Cranbourne Road; Davyhulme. ", "Daughter of Big Country legend Stuart Adamson is happy the world still loves his music as she prepares to release her debut album", "Exclusive: Son of Stuart Adamson to launch his own music career", "Eden On The Line - Journal - Ahab: a recommendation", "Expect a Whale of a Time with ahab Onboard", "Reading Room acquired by Idox in £5.6m deal", "Distributed Raises £1.5M in Seed Funding", "Battle over Adamson's fortune after wife severs contact with family", "My old man's a rock star: the musicians who join their parents' bands", "How's Your Dad? Adamson returned to Fairport's Cropredy Convention in July 2015 as part of ahab. Adamson was married twice. Adamson has also held a residency at Tootsie's Orchid Lounge and played at various festivals and music events such as Fairport's Cropredy Convention. According to a local police report he had died by suicide by hanging himself with an electrical cord from a pole in a wardrobe. Adamson has toured with ahab, which from 2009 onwards became a well-known alternative country band in the UK. The album was a big hit in North America (Canada.#4,[7] United States #18) powered by the single "In a Big Country", which was performed on Saturday Night Live and the Grammy Awards. Extracts From my book “Restless Native” by Gwenda Matthews, The birth took place in the maternity unit at Park Hospital; Davyhulme in Manchester, Park hospital is three quarters of an hour drive from the Adamson residence. Since becoming the founder of Wits End, they have worked with a number of large companies, such as Sony and Nintendo. The hospital was renamed on the 5. complete classed 1958 as a year to remember, the birth of their first child. Adamson supplied much of the distinctive guitar work, as well as being the lead singer and main songwriter (both music and lyrics). Among these were several Les Pauls, a Gretsch Duo-Jet, and an ESP Model 901 Stratalike with humbucking pickups. The proud parents Anne Latta (mother maiden name Muir) and William Stuart Adamson (father) gave birth to their first born child a bouncing baby boy. Jobson's influence had increased in the band, which led to the increasing disputes between the two musicians. [4] They decided they didn't want to move to the United States as a duo, so invited Seebs Llewellyn (Bass & Vocals) and Luke Price (Mandolin & Vocals) to join them to form a four-piece band. After completing his HND at Perth College, he received a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering. Anne Latta Muir at that time resided at 42 Rae Street, Cowdenbeath, her father James Muir coal Merchant gave her away and signed the parish register as a witness her mother Elizabeth Bawdie Muir former Ms Page was also present at the date of marriage. Adamson is also the son of the famous Stuart Adamson, who was the guitarist for The Skids and lead singer and guitarist for Big Country. Both his parents were Scottish, and when he was four, his family moved to Fife and settled in a small mining town, Crossgates, about a mile to the east of Dunfermline. We do not take other peoples property and put our website address or any other The proud parents named their first child William Stuart Adamson after his father and great grand- father. The hospital was renamed on the 5th July 1988 as Trafford General Hospital marking the 40th Anniversary of the National Health Service. Adamson was also noted for his use of the E-Bow, a device that magnetically vibrates guitar strings and generates unique tones with infinite sustain. Adamson was a keen motorcyclist who regularly purchased new machines for riding around Fife. Adamson's distinctive "Scottish" sound was created using an MXR pitch transposer, which pushed the guitar notes up an octave and created a shrill, bagpipe-esque whine. He was the co-founder, lead vocalist, and guitarist of rock group Big Country, which rose to prominence in 1983. In the late 1990s he founded alternative country rock act The Raphaels. [18], Stuart Adamson was the inspiration behind the song "3 Ways To See Despair" by Manic Street Preachers.[19]. Adamson was born in Manchester. On the 10th October 1960 the Adamson family residence at 12 Brands Row, Crossgate. Around the time of The Seer, Adamson began to lay his SG2000s aside and experimented with other models. He had been due to face drunk-driving charges in March 2002, and had been ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous. Skids' biggest success was the single "Into the Valley" in 1979, which reached number 10 in the UK Singles Chart. The band's third album was The Seer. [2], In 2017 Adamson Cofounded Distributed, a tech startup working on redefining the way businesses work with contractors and freelancers at scale, they have a number of notable early customers such as Capita, Sytner Group and RBS. This led to Adamson receiving coverage on BBC Radio 2, with Harris referring to his band as, "blistering live – alt-country edge and sheer class. best to protect intellectual property rights, we endeavour to obtain [7] During this period they also spent a lot of time touring. William Stuart Adamson (11 April 1958 – 16 December 2001) was a Scottish guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. Besides Adamson, Tattoo included his friend William Simpson, who would also play bass guitar for his next band, Skids. notices and watermarks of the rightful owners. The Adamson family now complete classed 1958 as a year to remember, the birth of their first child. This can be heard in the lead guitar passages in the song "In a Big Country". [15][16] The book was written by Zoe Howe and interviewed Adamson regarding his relationship with his father. He also used Fender Stratocasters in this period to achieve lighter tones. They toured the UK, Europe and United States following the release of their first CD in 2009. Stuart Adamdon On One Of His Rare Motorbikes. Chapter Two – Will look at his childhood in Crossgates and where he went to school…. He remained at Four Marketing for just over 4 years, before moving to the Reading Room as a Senior Project Manager. permission from the owners of any media used on this website. Adamson also had several guitars made for him by the Glasgow guitar maker Jimmy Moon. Many at the time had been touting them as the alternative country version of Mumford & Sons.[11]. [14], Following the death of his father, Adamson featured in the book, How's Your Dad? In April 1958 father William Stuart’s occupation was a fully trained colliery engineer working at Agecroft Pit, situated near to the Adamson family residence. Adamson and Simpson first recruited drummer Thomas Kellichan. [3] Jobson was recruited as a frontman; Adamson and Jobson both wrote songs for the band. [3] In 2009, Adamson formed the band ahab with Dave Burn. Prior to that he founded Scottish art-punk band Skids. Skids. This was to remain the family home thought-out Stuart’s Childhood years were Stuart spent his days being brought up as a true born and bred Scotsman. Website Design by Cob hosted and managed By Cob - permission from the owners of any media used on this website. They lived in Manchester for approximately 6 months; Stuart was around six months old when they appeared in the electoral role register in Dunfermline in Fife. At the time of Stuart's death, it was rumoured in the media that both Adamson and his sister wouldn't see anything from their father's fortune. The birth took place in the maternity unit at Park Hospital; Davyhulme in Manchester, Park hospital is three quarters of an hour drive from the Adamson residence. His career began at Four Marketing in London. BBC Radio 2 played "Wish You" regularly, which was written by Adamson. He remained at Idox owned Reading Room for just under a year, before moving to BMI in 2009. Under the names of Ann Adamson and Stewart Adamson. [16], In April 2009, a mural of Stuart Adamson was unveiled at East End Park, the home of Dunfermline Athletic Football Club of whom Adamson was a fan: the mural was painted by art students from the local Queen Anne High and Dunfermline High Schools, and adorns the wall of the north stand. While performing as a musician, Adamson worked for a number of agencies. Web Design. best to protect intellectual property rights, we endeavour to obtain Adamson's father was in the fishing industry and travelled the world. The video for "In a Big Country" received frequent airplay on MTV and featured the band riding all terrain vehicles in the countryside. He seemed level-headed, grounded."[6]. Their second album Steeltown appeared in 1984. copyright notices or watermarks on any images used unless they are the copyright [12][13] A subsequent Coroner's Office report found that he had consumed a 'very strong' amount of alcohol around the time of his death. Adamson's father was in the fishing industry and travelled the world. We are a non-profit website and your donations will help us continue to host and improve the website! [14], His body was flown back to Scotland, where after a private funeral service at Dunfermline Crematorium in Fife, he was cremated. Adamson founded his first band, Tattoo, in 1976 after seeing The Damned play in Edinburgh. As Adamson grew older, his relationship with his father deteriorated following the divorce of his parents. 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