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My dad did a little of this in the 70s. He was struck by a commuter train in Baltimore. Whatever the reason, experts say the decade-high mark in deaths is alarming and something must be done to combat the problem. I guarantee he will be back. I had a friend who worked as a camera person on a documentary about some trainhoppers and that lifestyle, and they spent as much time dodging law enforcement as they did hopping trains. Rest in Peace brother, I’m sure your in a place with lots of fried chicken & I had only just discovered "Stobe the Hobo" Youtube videos in the last 2 weeks and was caught up in them right away. He kinda looked for it anyway, ↳   Crossing Signals to Buy, Sell, or Trade, ↳   Wayside Signals for Sale, Buy, or Trade, ... 3iwfVOAGTg. Did they find his backpack along the track? Was my first thought. I hope there’s cold beer and chicken on your run into eternity. I discovered Stobe about six months ago on accident after watching YouTube videos on impoverished McDowell County WV. Even if he trespassed, his videos were really entertaining. Exaterated By drinking in the yard , catching His piano covers are touching. Yes, it is true. It’s safe to say that once he returned from teaching, he started to document his train-hopping journeys fulltime. Bro go get laid or catch out at the next opportunity. I started watching Jim last year and blew through al his videos. Stobe is to wander into the unknown. Traveling from the pacific northwest as far south as Miami, Florida. Jim Stobie’s Meat based transport system may be gone. A freshman in college disappeared and was thought to have hopped a train for a study break (because he had talked about doing this before). This is what we were able to gather from official communications. I think there was a Comment about Stobes passing. And this: he wasn’t hurting anyone. I’ve read online that his camera and pack were not recovered? I hope this dude isn’t dead. RIP Hobo Stobe. Unfortunately, riding today is a shadow of what it once was before the advent of the surveillance state of the past 20-30 years. Wow! Last night I watch Dallas to Denver. I told my GF about it and said I couldn’t ever re watch them. The bizarre thing was, the day they found him, we had a problem in our physics homework about exactly this: here's the coefficient of friction between cargo and a train car floor; at what acceleration does the cargo shift? Jim was extremely knowledgeable about freight trains, A skill obtained over time. how was he an alcoholic? Swedish Crossings wrote:Just found out that stobe the hobo died. Moderators: freebrickproductions, mlgillson, TommyBNSF, PaulSP, Post In 2015, Stobe took off to teach English in Jakarta, Indonesia. Get that shit out of your brain and live. Wyoming is probably the worst ever for hitchhiking. So how about just acknowledging he gave – and continues to give- a lot of people joy, and that the death of anyone so young is sad as hell? I was heartbroken when I learned he had passed. Living life how everyone should, FREE. I just came across his videos again, a little older, son is almost grown and we live halfway across the country now. I notice the description it used Stobe in a past tense? Releasing 37 episodes and 2 full-length movies, Stobe was likely on his final filming run. Hey friends, it is with heavy heart that I report here and on other videos that Stobe the Hobo (Jim) was killed in Baltimore on Wednesday 11/8/17 when god's hand reached out from a passing Amtrak (of all things) on a bridge, grabbing his back-pack and him along with it. I had heard of him but my knowledge bordered on ignorance to speak truthfully. He was trapped on a bridge with an on coming Amtrak train, and while he got to the side of the bridge the best he could, the train caught his backpack and and pulled him into the train. But the danger also extends to those who enjoy riding the rails like Stobe, an activity that is growing in popularity. The tracks are also locked up and tough to access anywhere near that area, so anybody walking the tracks there would draw attention because it is rarely done. I mean seriously, Live b4 U Die? The next scene really should be her looking at her stub arm and cooing, "yes never again hun", to the driver. I basically binged watched them all as I couldn’t get over how he made them. Rest in Peace brother, you’ll live forever in my thoughts. Based on the communications from Baltimore Law Enforcement and Baltimore Train communications … It was raining that day. You will be a part of my stock catalogue of stories to share around a campfire or kitchen table, hopefully with a tall boy in hand. And thank you for sharing your journey with us. Now you’re cleared to highball – FNBS Railway. Booze will get you one way or the other. Contact details? Kent H Wilson Some of the problems have always existed as Emperor of the North will attest, but the difference today is the advanced state of technology with its integrated systems, sophisticated monitoring and massive databases. I gotta tell you this idea of a 30 pack it seemed real brilliant at the time but carrying this thing around is starting to really get me fatigued. As far as I could tell, he lived his life like a true hobo, making a few bucks through some donations by his dedicated fan base to keep filming and editing his videos. I'm really sorry to hear that he died, he was about my age I think. As for Stobe, it was a life lived. Does anyone know his family to ask if the police suspected foul play? Thank you Stobe for lifting my spirits. May he R.I.P. To be honest, some of those were my personal favorite episodes. He is dead you skull numbed twit. Nothing much happens, he's not the most enthralling guy, and besides trains and beer he doesn't have much insight about anything. That plan may look good on a map, but that’s a tough section of Baltimore and the tracks are elevated in that part of town, so that anyone walking on them is completely visible and totally vulnerable. He was one example of 100 proof American free spirit—not an easy ideal to define let alone live. He feels like an old friend and lives on through his videos, always a click away. As with any media / Internet reported incident there are discrepancies and difficulty gathering factual information. It is absolutely beautiful and fitting. Act surprised, I dare you: Kai, hatchet weilding hobo and internet celebrity, wanted for murder. |   Sticky Situation Newer », This thread has been archived and is closed to new comments. My opportunity gone to meet him. I remember when I was able to drink like that! Have a story about Stobe you want to share? Don't ever think you're invincible out there cuz definitely no one is a master of one of those trains. His sense of humor, his phrasing, the cool piano and the sharing of his adventures is a welcom part of my day. I think to compensate for getting sick of catching out and the whole stobehobo The federal agencies deadline to provide a new strategy is “no later than August 1, 2018.”, “It’s hard for me to speculate why this has been such a stubborn safety issue,” said Snipe. Fell asleep with youtube on autoplay last night and woke up to a STH vid. Those videos were weekly updates of his adventures and plans. This website exists to break down the barriers between people, to extend a weblog beyond just one person, and to foster discussion among its members. Guy was literally doing it for years. This means that when the train rumbles by it can still shake his casket. You forgot the third movie, KFC rides again made with footage he left at the northern command post, I just discovered Stobe the Hobo 2 days ago and this morning learned that he was killed in Baltimore by a train. Not sure why I kept watching but I guess like others have said, he has a way of drawing you in. Inspired me to be a weekend hobo. and a virtual 24oz Icehouse in your memory. (Now 38 thousand!). I really grew to like the guy. The distance is 5.31 miles as the crow flies (much longer by track) to where he was discovered. Every time I see a train I am going to think of you and look for your KFC or Attack Of The Stobe, or wingman. Stobe touched many lives with his YouTube videos of his train hopping experiences and will continue to touch lives as new people discover his videos. indicated by the rust color of the tracks. RIP brother….. Train "hopping" is a misnomer. RIP. Sidelinked was a video about trainhoppers and linked to that was the first video I saw of Stobe, Episode 21, The Pacific Northwest where he went to Portland and passes the Puget Sound. He understood filmmaking, he knew what his fans wanted to see and know. However, I watched 4 today “in the darkest hours of the night” and now I’m typing this.

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