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Schmidt says that Trump is inciting people to kill his enemies. The use of the military ought to be a significant deterrent for non-Americans to turn around or enter the ports of entry legally and not through the use of an unruly mob, which is what this is setting up to become. And it doesn’t matter if this isn’t an issue that moves public opinion or not with regard to the defilement of the White House. “Kellyanne Conway despicably today goes on national television and she said, “Well this shooter’s motives were because there’s an anti-religious sentiment.” No Ma’am. It is a willful replacement of the meaning of intolerance for lawlessness. They have also destroyed the history of the Rose Garden and desecrated a house that belongs to the people. [19], By late 2000, Schmidt was communications director of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.[20][21]. [17], In 2006, Schmidt left the White House to become the campaign manager in the re-election campaign for California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 1995, Schmidt managed the unsuccessful campaign for Kentucky Attorney General of Will T. Scott, who is formerly a Justice of the Kentucky Supreme Court. [11] He joined the Delta Tau Delta fraternity,[12] was a member of the campus Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) program, and did field work for Republican candidates in Delaware, sometimes wearing campaign buttons to class. The fake bomber supposedly went to a Trump rally, the Jew-hating shooter hated Jews, but in the twisted, toxic minds of the American left, whom Schmidt is now a fire-breathing card-carrying member, they are the same because they did evil and that’s all because of the president? Yet Schmidt can’t recall eight years of Obama, who was, by the way, foisted upon the American people by Schmidt’s misinterpretation of the political winds in 2008, and sabotage of the Republican Vice Presidential pick. His graduate work focused on public policy, with a specialization in social reform movements. We see the scapegoating of minority populations, vulnerable populations, and lastly, the assertion that ‘I need to exercise these powers that no president has ever claimed to have.' [32], In May 2018, when President Donald Trump moved the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, sparking violent Gaza border protests, Schmidt said Trump "has blood on his hands". Buckley got rid of the John Birch Society, who only hated communism but didn’t embrace the free market. It is against the law. Let’s not forget how he got to MSNBC, ladies and gentlemen. Schmidt is actually advocating that some in the Republican leadership disavow their entire rank and file and promote the Democrat Party? Or what has happened? Donald Trump has done a great job with it, when we know, of course, the reality is that we’re the epicenter of coronavirus death and suffering and we have a wreck committed because of it. [9] He is a founder of The Lincoln Project, a political action committee of lifelong Republican strategists seeking to prevent Trump's reelection. Steve Schmidt reminds America that Trump is defiling the White House, and his wife Melania is a birther. No, that’s actually what Trump’s enemies, including Steve Schmidt are doing. How’s that? by Jen Kuznicki | Nov 1, 2018 | point/counterpoint. Nobody does it better: Perhaps the stupidest thing Trump has ever done (and that's a lot of stupid) was to attempt to go after Republican Steve Schmidt. Take action in his name? Imagine after a bomb was sent to CNN, the President of the United States says the press, free press, is the enemy of the American people. He may have secretly been a Trig Truther", The Silver Bullet: Steve Schmidt Makes Sure His Candidate Knows Exactly What He Is Shooting For, Steve Schmidt: Renowned Political Strategist and MSNBC Political Analyst,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 October 2020, at 16:10. Which two former presidents are targets of Donald Trump? “What Trump is doing is stoking and inciting for the purposes of political power the worst amongst us to take action in his name.”. [45] Schmidt himself voiced his approval of the film, saying that "it tells the truth of the campaign"[46] and that watching the film was tantamount to "an out-of-body experience". That is what really, really, gets under the skin of the Schmidt’s of the world. It’s a giant lie, yes, but it’s management must be orderly. Links: Only now, he has finally found a home on the side of the enemy of America. Those thoughts are his own, Trump said nothing of the sort, nor would he, because he is the most pro-Jewish president in recent years. Schmidt is a former consultant for the Republican Party, most known for his loss to Barack Obama while working as head of John McCain’s campaign, and his subsequent lashing out against Sarah Palin for the loss. The totalitarian strives for anti-religious propaganda. It is the political spin that CNN spews as journalism that makes them an enemy because they are not acting as a free press, they are acting as the propaganda arm of the violent Democrat Party. In June 2018, he tweeted "the Republican Party ... is fully the party of Trump. [40], In August 2018 Schmidt launched a podcast with Elise Jordan focused on the Trump presidency. They have joined a cult. And they are excited. Perhaps run as Democrats in 2020? The constant drumbeat against the Jews in Nazi Germany by Hitler incited the people of Germany to vote for Hitler. “The capitulation to this, the cowardice in the face of the evil, that we saw this past weekend, the willful blindness and ignorance about the threat that is growing, and the question this week isn’t who’s going to keep control of Congress or get control of Congress, it’s, “Will there be more blood in this country,” this week, heading to an election, this is what we used to see around the world in banana republics, in emerging democracies, but not here.”. That makes zero sense, and is why Schmidt might just be a lunatic, at least his last words serve as strong evidence. In 2001, he was the spokesman of the National Republican Congressional Committee,[22] becoming the Communications Director by 2002. n/a. Describing his new political orientation, he stated: This Independent voter will be aligned with the only party left in America that stands for what is right and decent and remains fidelitous to our Republic, objective truth, the rule of law and our Allies. [16] This Kentucky campaign's advertising strategy was featured in the second edition of George Magazine. Steve Schmidt is a campaign strategist and public relations worker for the U.S. Republican Party who served as senior campaign strategist and advisor to Senator John McCain during his 2008 presidential campaign. We have to wake up in this country and understand the danger that this presents to all of us. And now, to go even farther in his screed, Schmidt now says that Trump is creating more anti-Semites. Yet Schmidt would be the quisling who agreed to the lies just to make the president look bad, and for places like Fox News to be the enemy of the people. His birthday is on September 28. The idea that Trump made evil doers commit evil is a disgrace. It is pure jealousy that Schmidt and others who are nominally on the right and those who have crossed over to project their jealousy into hateful rhetoric on their little leftist television appearances because that’s where they have been relegated to to stew in their anger and resentment. I can’t believe the Republican Party ever allowed Schmidt in its ranks, he is so terribly stupid and cavalier about making political assumptions. For more discussion about this story join our Rachel Maddow and MSNBC group. “We don’t have presidents in this country until now who stoke the American people to be at each other’s throats. Everyone of those people was a target of Donald Trump’s.”. Forty percent of the country has opted in to an alternate reality. Steve Schmidt said that Donald Trump is defiling the White House, as he called out both the president and his birther wife. Schmidt says Trump is like ISIS. [43]Schmidt and members of The Lincoln Project guest starred on Showtime's The Circus in 2020 giving viewers an insight to their strategies. The Trumps have not only smeared the reputation and standing of the White House both at home and abroad. Which of these lunatics used Trump’s name? Steve Schmidt is a Republican who thought John McCain would make a better president than Obama (who was pretty damn good), and one of the GOP’s thought-leaders until the GOP gave up on thought altogether as entirely overrated, driving Schmidt so far out of the party that he wants it burned to the ground and a new conservative party to start anew. Screw the optics, I’m going in.” And he went in to kill Jews. “And this man, a fanatic, was radicalized by Fox News, by talk radio, by a right-wing propaganda machine that is as sophisticated as it has turned deadly.”. Or was the crazy lunatic following my writings? 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Ted Lieu Warns DeJoy That It Is A Felony To Slow Down Election Mail.

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