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Google translate says it means "penny" in modern Czech. Hello, yes, it's a Czech name, current form is Poláček. Also, do you know if Baron is a Czech name? Before a recent trip to Europe, I tried to research possible relatives of my grandmother, who was Bohemian. I wonder if you can give me any information at all on my mother's maiden name, Kotchka. This database originally contained the records of a small section of the Jewish people of the British Isles. 358–370, Gypsies of Delray, MI, The Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science, What US musical tradition can teach us about roma culture, Encyclopida of Cleveland History: Gypsies. The professions of a (black)smith and miller are among the most common surnames in several European nations. Some of them have Czech origin, other German, some of them are easy to be understand, some of them not. It seems to be a very uncommon name. One question is that "brdlo" is neuter (to) and Brdllik would be masculine (ten).Would the name necessarily be the same gender as the word they named it from?Thanks you!! The surnames look somewhat different from the names people have listed in the comments here perhaps due to all the changes that happened in that region before my family left in the late 1800's. Thanks, Julia. She was one of the greatest cimbalom players in the world; she toured the world, made records and wrote music. And what about his son? Does this support the third idea? I will try to find more. Our last name is Olmr I'm pretty sure but not certain that prior to coming to canada it was Olmrová? I need help locating the village of my ancestors. Staněk is very common Czech surname so it's hard to tell where the family was from. Thanks. Would you be able to help me out with the name Pauček? [5] They also played many weddings and special occasions, including movies. in 1786. Varga translates to "leather worker.". The Romani are best known in the United States as "gypsies." The first record of sightings of small groups of Romani within the area of present-day Slovakia are from 1322 AD, when the region was part of the Kingdom of Hungary. Will check out the websites. Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? Anything you can tell me about the origins of this name would be appreciated. Is this correct? The furthest back was found to be Anton Duczek who married Christina Hering/Nering in Rosch Bukowina Austria circa 1793. How could this happen? Slovak Pride. Thank you for your help. Vojkovka or Vojkůvka is a surname common in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm region - see'm trying to find out what's the origin of the surname but I wasn't successful yet. 10. Unfortunately the birth date is off. Would anyone be able to tell me what the name means, and how common of a name it is? What was once a single database, has now grown to be six individual databases that now contain the genealogical records of almost 1.2 million Jewish people: The Jews of the British Isles; The Jews of North America; The Jews of Europe; The Jews of South America and the Caribbean; The Jews of Africa, The Orient and the Middle East; The Jews of the South Pacific. Does that make sense? Very informative.I started researching my family tree 24 years ago. And the person who first held Hromek surname was most probably younger or smaller Hrom (younger brother, youngest son of man called Hrom). But - how were they created? Do you know the origins and meanings of these names? Family Tree DNA Genealogy by Genetics, Ltd. - This site is an affiliate; MyHeritage's Slovakia Records Collection. My great grandmother Anna Riha supposedly met Joseph A. Krenek on the boat coming over. Hungarian initially borrowed names of professions from Slavic (Slovak, Croatian), Slovak names were later spelled in Hungarian, and there were massive waves of migrations of the Croats, less so Slovaks, and partly Hungarians, all subjects to the Crown of St. Stephen, within their kingdom. If someone has surname Bednář, it is very probable that first bearer of this surname was a cooper. Do you have any idea of the origins? Thanks for your time! Both of them were cigarmakers in New York City. Hi Ursula, thanks! Thank you. Hi, by coincidence, I am working on the overview of Moravian Gypsy families. The Hungarian Gypsy Orchestra consist of a lead violin referred to as a Primas, a second violin or viola, tenor violin, bass fiddle and a cimbalom. The only information I could find was on a string quartet by that name. Any idea what it could mean? This database was updated in February 2007. and we now have 25,500 entries! If anyone can help me out, I would be indebted to you. We are from Valašské Klobouky, South Moravia. I believe '-itz' means 'son of', but we don't know what Pano might mean, or where the name may have originated. But there are a few that I have had no luck. Also his mother was Katerina Kroulik. In the church records in the 1770s Thomas Czouza the oldest son of Vaslav Czouza lived at #26 at the house named Czouza. Maybe that's how they were named. Horák (uplander) according to records from the Lititz Pennsylvania Perpetual Soul Register, 1745. Hi, I am curious to know if anyone can tell me more about my ancestors name. I Googled the name and found that it is the name of a political figure and also the name of a composer in the Czech Republic. Dvořák (landowner) I am also wondering if any of these are traditionally Jewish surnames. But some are clear. She came from Moravia & came here in 1953 with her husband Karel Kopecky from Prague & their son Karl. But I personally doubt it: our ancestors were "a bit" xenophobic and I cannot believe that they would allow the people they liked even less then Jews to use a name meaning noble and especially in German (considered superior language, those days).Isn't it possible, that your friend misunderstood the "joke"? In 2003 there were 185 288 surnames of men and women registered in Slovakia. Hi BlankaI have easy Czech names (Kovar, Nemec, Sedlak). Veselý (Veselej) means happy, joyful. Any thoughts as to the meaning of Rajchart? Hi:My great grandparents surname was Hisek and they were from Bohemia. small great home. Is there a meaning for these names? Hope it helps. Years ago I created a family name list and have tried to find out what each surname means. In Poland they refer to themselves as Lemko/ Lemko Rusyn. Hi, Michael. Professor Steve Balkin, University of Illinois, Roma Page, links to many Roma sites, videos, and music. I think Josef II is my hero for making everyone pick one and stick with it! According to the University of Pittsburgh's Slovak Studies Program, the most popular Slovakian last names are Horvath, Kovac, Varga, Toth, Nagy, Balaz, Szabo, Molnar, Balog and Lukac. Please if any one knows anything about these surnames kletchka or kletcka , sabatka, or prokop. I know that borders have changed a lot since he came over about 100years ago, but I'm trying to nail down an exact location. There are 5 different groups of Gypsies living in Czech republic (Czech, Moravian, Slovak, Hungarian and "Olachian" - this is a word from Walachian, originally from Romania), if we do not consider also strolling companies as gypsies, which is common in English meaning of this word. Gypsy Violins Hungarian Slovak Gypsies in America, 2012 by Steve Piskor ISBN 978-0-578-09989-7; Gypsy Fires in America p. 214 by Irving Brown, 1924 - Irving Brown writes about Braddock, Pa Gypsies; Raggle-Taggle: Adventures with a Fiddle in Hungary and Romania by Walter Starkie, 1933 - Starkie writes about him, John Brencas and Imre Magyari in Budapest. Since that time, many Roma have Gadžo names. Anything I can be proud of that they are my family. Takács, from the Slovak, Croatian tkáč, "weaver"; Indo-European, Weaver from Ústie Anyway, surnames beginning with Bal- were usually created from first name Baltasar. Hi Linda, thanks for your appreciation. Pokorník means humble man. Hello- Our name is Brdlík and comes from Počatky. Hrom could come from those explanations you provided - someone often swearing, someone clumsy etc.). I am so curious about my genealogy and my mother gives me named that I don't understand cause we weren't able to learn Czech in our home because they worked a lot. But I'm not sure if that's the right place. Some of them are very indirect and it's not easy to say how those were created. I also have relative from the Ceske Budejovice area that I am trying to research and they have the last name Malek. Titera? The correct spelling most probably was Mráz - meaning frost or freeze. 6. The other line I am trying to research is Drudik. FAX: (216) 642-8954. As the family was in the textile industry, it would make sense. Good luck! So written with ss, Brussak was possibly a try to write a later š, that is pronounced the same way as e.g. Basically, the only information kept is the surname, location and county in Slovakia, and name and address of the submitter.

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