simple man to man offense for youth basketball

You can do numerous things to mix up the offense and keep it unpredictable. Defenders do not want to allow their player to dribble past them for an easy score. and creates a space to pass to a team member. an opportunity  on the ball – it looks This means the screener’s bum should be facing somewhere between the player with the basketball or the basket. You can start players as you see fit, but having big’s screen for smalls is always safe in a simple motion offense. This is a two man game. player can switch within a twinkle of an eye from being defensive to offensive I like this set because there are so many simple, effective options and plays that you can run from this. Always finish your cut at the rim. In youth basketball, most productive offensive plays are characterized by continuous passing and simple movement. DIAGRAM 7: After 4 passes to 1, he or she downscreens for 2 setting up good screen-the-screener action between 4 and 2. That is my story and why I do this blog. But, it should never be a criteria. But they must cut to the rim since they were screened. O4 sprints to the ball-side corner (diagram A). Some coaches will send 2 players back while others will send all 5 against teams that are quicker in transition. can do about that fact. • Can be used as a delay offense – If your league doesn’t have a shot clock and you want to hold up the basketball, the 5-out motion offense will provide movement and keep the defense honest while not looking at scoring options. other team members. When this happens the player who developed early has had barely any practice at dribbling, shooting from the outside, etc. Note – The ‘nail’ is the spot at the very middle of the free-throw line. Just like the basketball players that we coach. 1. I believe all youth basketball players have a business here – to check every step thoroughly and ensure that enough is dome to establish something as grand that. When 1 and 2 have reached their positions, 4 moves across the lane to screen 5’s defender. At first glance this offense appears complicated, but it only took my team 20 minutes to learn. Posting up isn’t restricted to your biggest players. I recommend all youth basketball teams (below high school) get this player to curl off the screen every time so that there’s no confusion. 4. always talk about which of the players can and should take it on the court. play that they often forget to calm down sometimes. Securing the ball gives the player a grand opportunity to go After 3 has used the screen, 1 pops back out to the same spot that they set a screen from. It will provide great spacing and get your players reading the play and making decisions. Let your team know that when they’re not cutting, they must be in one of these 5 positions. maybe not enough experience as touching the game of basketball. When 2 catches the ball at the top of the key, your players will be reset into the initial formation and ready to run the man-to-man motion again. O4 and O5 slide across the lane to the ball-side. It’s a positionless offense that relies on spacing the floor and a set of rules that assists players to determine their movements and actions. Often, players are Your team should not set an on-ball screen for player that can’t dribble the basketball well. Simple, man-to-man offense drives defenses crazy From Mitch Mitchell, head boys coach, Copiah Academy Gallman, Mississippi This is a man-to-man offense we use when we aren’t getting much out of our regular motion offense. that’s all man to man offenses for youth basketball, best recommendations on basketball drills for kids, simple man to man offenses for youth basketball. 3 breaks through the lane and sets a downscreen for 1, who pops to the top of the key. Passing, cutting, screening, and driving are fundamental skills for players of all levels. innate that it will, and there is hardly anything players, no matter how skilled This is a man-to-man offense we use when we aren’t getting much out of our regular motion offense. ball is often being ambushed by the defense. It’s a 5-man structured motion that utilizes the flex cut. The 1-3-1 offense is a simple offensive set, easy to learn, with good spacing, a high post and low post presence, and is a good choice for youth and middle school teams. Miami Heat EOG SLOB v Bucks- Game 4 BY CHRIS FILIOS, Elam Ending & The Basketball Tournament by Chris Filios, Combination Ballhandling / Shooting Drills for Guards by Wes Kosel, Steph Curry Driveway Ball-Handling by Chris Filios, Ball Handling Drills To Improve Your Training. 2. So, learn to pass on the shot to the person who is  more likely to hit the jackpot. It’s good to run several different plays from this set so it doesn’t give the defense a pre-read on what you might be doing, and it also makes your team harder to scout. The other four players crash the boards. It seems in the last ten years; those concepts have gone the way of the dodo. 5 then slants to the ball side high post and positions for a back screen for player 2. This action of the pick and roll is often very effective because the offensive players are spaced out well. This simple progression can be a great offense for a youth basketball team by itself. As the ball leaves 4’s hands, 2 steps up and sets a screen for 3. The Open Post Motion Offense. o The hard basket cut from opposite wing. What you’ll quickly realize is that the 5-out motion offense can lead to a lot of offensive rebounds as long as your designated players are willing to work hard for them. Depending on how the defense reacts, 2 can pass to any of the perimeter players or make the shot in the key. motion of the game. If you’re coaching youth basketball, taking the time to teach your team man-to-man defense will go a long way to preparing them for the next level. O2 passes to O4 in the corner (diagram B) and cuts through looking for a pass back from O4. DIAGRAM 4: 4 pops up and backscreens for 1, who uses the screen and cuts down the lane toward the basket looking for a lob pass. 1 passes to 5. The 5-out motion offense is a great offense for any basketball coach to learn and implement with their team. I have coached at the NCAA Division 2 (Southwestern Oklahoma State University), NAIA (USAO), and JUCO Levels (Blinn College and Carl Albert State College) as well as high school. 2. O3 passes to O4, and O4 makes a post move for the shot. 1. Patience, a lot of it and determination will eventually get The 3 point shot is a good shot and when it is handled by a In frame 3, the ball has gone to the two man, and the five is now posting up.

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