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TF: As an author, I always keep journals in a tote bag at my side to write whenever I get the inspiration to create. Being a Sigma woman means that you wanted to be different and you love that. JP: As an author, what are the keys to your success that lead to I am a Sigma Gamma Rho Legacy getting out to the public? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. And let’s not forget finding those double digit numbered Tikis. You know that at the end of the day, you are always your sister’s keeper which is no easy task. But true! Why I think Frozen is Better than Tangled, Beyoncé or Should I say Yoncé? (Gold Butterfly Publishing). Auto-correct be damned! Once that was done, I took 9 months to work with my illustrator doing countless revisions. Hilarious! I studied children’s literature in school. There doesn’t have to be any particular reason. I plan to work with several businesses to get my book advertised., P.S. It doesn’t matter if the poodle is on television, in a store or on an earring. I took another 3 months to read the story aloud to myself and make my own edits. Whether you are “RHOad” tripping or just sitting around talking, you can find laughs out of anything when SoRHOrs are present. Those who have more than a handful of TS’s usually find it hard to meet other SoRHOrs who have the same number as them. I love you for writing this SoRHOr!!! I don’t like non-SoRHOrs wearing our colors…especially when they are at a SGRho event. Change ). If lovers of African American children’s literature are interested they can purchase the book at ( Log Out /  However, I started self-promoting the book during the first week in April 2009. So many of our SoRHOrs have PHD’s and do other wonderful things involving education. – That’s me. I get really irked when someone calls me or any SoRHOr, “Rho.” I just can’t stand it and have to correct them. Learn about the interview process, employee benefits, company culture and more on Indeed. 5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… So, I wrote I am a Sigma Gamma Rho Legacy, because I wanted to have a way to convey the rich and beautiful history behind my sorority to young children. I’ll spell “RepRHOsent” like that if I want to! Exclusive Interview Joey Pinkney: Where did you get the idea and inspiration to write I am a Sigma Gamma Rho Legacy? JP: What has been the response to I am a Sigma Gamma Rho Legacy? I published two other books since this release. I think that once the readers buy the book they will be pleased and surprised by the modern and tasteful images in this book as well as the warm story line. This is so cute and soooo spot on. Tiffany Flowers: I wrote I am a Sigma Gamma Rho Legacy about seven years ago while I was teaching kindergarten. TF: I will continue to market the book. You must be loyal and be your sisters' keepers. Thank you for all of the positive feedback! Girl Meets World: Is It a Worthy Successor to Boy Meets World? Oh my God… this is beautiful. You must stand tall as a Sigma Gamma Rho. Whether you live in a small town with only a couple or SGRhos or a large one with many, you are always willing to give a helping hand to your sister. Join the Joey Reviews Newsletter at, P.S.S. Love it ! Soror this was amazing! Whether you have a keychain, a license plate or a shrine in your house, people who associate with you definitely know that you’re a Sigma Gamma Rho. You could be going to the grocery store, the mall, or the airport, you just feel like wearing blue and gold. Choose from 500 different sets of sigma gamma pledge flashcards on Quizlet. Happy Birthday SoRhor! I chose To be a Sigma woman because you have to bend your back to be a Sigma. I look forward to working with community centers, libraries, book stores, schools and colleges to market the book. Everyone you know needs to know that you’re a SGRho. There are least 22 ways you know that you are an SGRho and I thought to myself “Well, surely I’m not the only one who feels this way, so let me share my list!”, My Chapter-The Lovely Lambda Delta: Fall 88, Fall 96, Spring 98, Fall 11, Spring 12, Spring 13, For those who haven’t heard of this illustrous organization or want to know more about it, visit the national website: Finally,you must be prepared to hold the legacy of seven unbelievable women. I believe that I have a pretty large market of consumers that would really enjoy this children’s text. If you want to be feature in a 5 Minutes, 5 Questions With… series, email me at or I am so proud of you Soror, keep up the good work. I found that laptops are way too bulky. Eeeeee-Yip! Love it SoRHOr!!!! I plan to schedule book signings, appearances and readings. I would rather copy my work into a journal and type the story later. All of these are on point.. TR3 CLUB. ( Log Out /  I was just greedy and it showed. You’ve laughed, cried, fought, forgiven and forgot with SoRHOrs. Flowers, author of I Am a Sigma Gamma Rho Legacy (Gold Butterfly Publishing) I Am a Sigma Gamma Rho Legacy is an endearing story about a little girl who decided to join her mother’s sorority when she attends college. EEE-YIP. JP: As an author, what is your writing process? In the next few years, I’m sure to have more randomness. All of the students seemed to relate to the story and the images in the book, so I believe that the response from children has been positive thus far. Find 4 questions and answers about working at SIGMA GAMMA RHO SORORITY, INC. I’m guilty of at least 20 out of 22!! As far as how long it took me to start and finish my first book, it took me almost two years to complete this book. During the first two weeks of school, I always have a time where my students and I get to know each other. I can’t even properly spell rhoyal without the rho. Technically it is to me since it’s also my Sigmaversary . You love it all: The Founders, yours sisters, the colors, the call, the poodle and the list will forever go on! EE-Yip!!! Of course this doesn’t apply to every SoRHOr. You must depend on your intelligence and not your looks. Being a Sigma woman means that you wanted to be different and you love that. Eeee-Yip!! In my collection I have SGR post-its, pencils, notebooks, phone covers and a lanyard. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Like really?! I love the honesty and sincerity Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-yip! Then I worked closely with an editor for another 3 months. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I have read hundreds of books to children. ( Log Out /  I do not really like carrying laptops around. How long did it take for you to start and finish I am a Sigma Gamma Rho Legacy? I was really pleased with the response of young children toward my book. Learn sigma gamma pledge with free interactive flashcards. I believe that the positive response to the book has been because of James Eugene’s (my illustrator) vivid and lifelike illustration on the cover of the book. Whether you have a keychain, a license plate or a shrine in your house, people who associate with you definitely know that you’re a Sigma Gamma Rho. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. ( Log Out /  It’s so true!! I like the interview with this author. JP: What’s next for I am a Sigma Gamma Rho Legacy? Happy birthday SoRhor!!! My release date for my book is May 2009. I Am a Sigma Gamma Rho Legacy is an endearing story about a little girl who decided to join her mother’s sorority when she attends college.,,,, When I was a neo, I was definitely guilty of only buying clothes in blue or gold. However, what I have found is that as an author it is imperative that whether you go with a large company or self-publish you must promote your own book. So, I would bring pictures to my classroom and share them with my students. Greetings from Grambling,La. You’re beautiful, you’re classy, intelligent and strong: You are a Sigma Gamma Rho. Look in my closet and you can see it. As a children’s author, I feel that it is important to make sure that the illustrations are an accurate depiction of what the writer is trying to convey. I look forward to purchase a copy for the youngsters under my roof. (For more information click here.). EEEEEEEE-YIP SoRHOr!! Central, Northeastern, Southeastern, Southwestern, Western, Yellow Tea Rose, is an experience of beauty, strength and radi…, Sigma Chi Gamma Epsilon 2015 Pledge Class, Penn Kennedy... Cullman, AL ... Agricultural…, Matt Killeen... Richmond, VA... Agricultural…, Jacob Kubik... Gulf Breeze, FL... General Eng…, Peyton Hudson... Dumas, AR... Kinesiology, Mary Lou Allison Gardner Little ... Dorothy Hanley Whiteside ... Viv…, ULTIMATE SIGMA CHI PLEDGE TEST STUDY GUIDE, autumn of 1854 at Miami Ohio university in oxford ohio, 1 of 1…, "Courageous in spirit and idealism"... September 3, 1836 - June 2…, "Honest and trustworthy through life"... October 31, 1836 - Augus…, "Energetic and faithful to every task"... May 5, 1835 - December…. Flowers, author of I Am a Sigma Gamma Rho Legacy EEE-Yipp!! Please feel free to check out my website and blog. The response has also been truly positive from lovers of African-American children’s literature. I believe that the illustrations should tell the story as much as the written text in the story. You are such an inspiration. Nothing is handed to you. You know to salute it. TF: I started promoting my book with my own social network on many different sites (Facebook, Myspace, and Divine 9 online). Tiffany A. I would tell my students about my sorority, but I always wondered what their reaction would have been if I had a book to share some of the experiences that I was exposed to being a member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.

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