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Male models were invited to come over to the house and had fun with the girls, where Shandi, who was overwhelmed by loneliness of being apart from her boyfriend, ended up having sex with another male model. Mercedes was in the bottom two for looking commercial and for a lack of editorial potential, but it was Camille who was eliminated because of her attitude and getting very defensive all the time when critiqued. Afterwards, Jay Manuel tested their make-up skills by giving the girls 15 minutes to apply make-up with one mirror, set of brushes, and palette between them. Jane magazine, and a cosmetics campaign with Sephora. The winner, Shandi, got dinner at JL with Cycle 1 winner, Adrianne Curry and picked Yoanna and Xiomara to join her. The six remaining contestants partook in a dancing challenge, which was won by April. They previously had an argument because he wanted to go to the movies with a friend of his who happened to be a girl named Lauren. Tyra recognized the uniqueness of Yoanna's face, and believed that Yoanna knew the modeling industry better than Mercedes. Camille was late to the acting class because she went to see a doctor for her puffed up lip, which had swollen due to an allergic reaction. For the week's photo shoot, the girls did a nude shoot in pairs. Still have questions? Camille's photo was highly praised, but her attitude came across as a major problem. A modeling contract with Wilhelmina Models. 8 years ago. This video is unavailable. The girls did a high fashion shoot for Solstice sunglasses featuring designs by Dior, Max Mara, Burberry, Gucci & Giorgio Armani. The judging session saw Camille become the eighth model eliminated from the competition. Yoanna was in the bottom two for her poor performance in the video, but a teary-eyed Tyra eliminated Sara, who the panel felt was too pin-up and sexy for the fashion world. The winner, Yoanna, got a dinner with 3 friends (Sara, Xiomara, and April), while the rest of the girls shopped for, prepared, and served the dinner. Anna was criticized by the judges for not only refusing to do the photoshoot but also failing to provide a reason for doing so and Jenascia was criticized for her lateness. Mercedes used her lupus to her advantage, giving an emotional shot. Whether you were a scratch golfer or a 20-handicapper, Sullivan took great joy in watching his students improve and have success. Though the judges were put off by Jenascia's tardiness, they ultimately chose to eliminate Anna, the plus-sized girl of the cycle, for refusing to do the photo shoot. The girls then went on go-sees where Shandi was described as the best high fashion model, Mercedes as being a bit commercial, April as photographing well but weak in other areas,and Yoanna having to work on her body. Then, they were put into the test where they shopped at a flea market and found an outfit that was high fashion and complemented their body the best. Lambasted by a sense of guilt, she called her boyfriend, Eric, the next day and told him what happened. Please try again later. Is the, British "strictly come dancing", increase in  gay factor being shoved in people's faces going to finally derail the show? Catie struggled because she feared falling to her death, but went through with 12 frames beautifully. This week's reward challenge was a tricky interview with Janice Dickinson. Edit Profile. Where can I watch MacDondalds on UK Television? Latest activity Edit. [16] At judging, Yoanna, Camille, Mercedes, Heather, and Shandi all received much praise for their photos, although Catie, Bethany, and Jenascia received negative critique from the judges. Camille got the worst review, giving off an attitude that "she knew it all". Favorite Answer. Shannon Sullivan's Reputation Profile. For the photo shoot, the contestants portrayed celebrities. Sara came across as pretty, but almost a bit too sexy in her photo. April stepped it up for Tony Michaels and won the challenge. Episode 6 photo shoot & Commercial: Black and white beauty shots; Episode 7 music video: "Shake Your Body" by, Episode 8 photo shoot: Solstice sunglasses in the, Episode 11 photo shoot: High fashion beauty shots, This page was last edited on 24 October 2020, at 06:11. [2] The cycle's catchphrase was "They are all gorgeous, but only one has what it takes.". Another, Jenascia overslept and arrived late for the shoot, despite other girls promises to wake the contestants when needed. The second cycle of America's Next Top Model, premiered on January 13, 2004, and was hosted by model Tyra Banks. During the shoot, April nearly pushed Yoanna off the runway, while walking on the wrong side. The contestants' personal style was then critiqued by Tyra and Simon Doonan, who stated that Catie's look was whore-ish. Review. Message. The next day, Shandi called him back and he wished her good luck in the next photo shoot. In episode 1, Anna refused to participate in the shoot. The winner was 23 year old Yoanna House from Jacksonville, Florida. For the week's photoshoot, the seven remaining contestants had simple black-and-white beauty shots taken and they also shot a Matrix-themed commercial for Rollitos chips. Mercedes and Yoanna participated in a fashion show for DSquared². Remember Cycle two of America's Next Top Model when Shandi cheated on Eric?

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