senior high school journey essay

Like this, I was so busy that time because there will be an exam tomorrow. And I will miss this journey and experiences in my life as a Senior High School Student. In other words, you are surrounded by people who are not the same strand. I am a Senior High School Student and currently studying in Agusan National High School – Senior High School Department here in my Hometown. I am now a Graduating student this coming April. My Journey after High School As I begin my senior all the thoughts about what I want to do for the rest of my life really run through my mind. I had watched movies about college, and I even watched my relatives…, Such as my parents they may like me going to where i want to go to college. This is part of the message that Marlon Wayans has spoken, “Success is not a destination, but the road that you 're on. I was so honored and lucky that I enrolled here in Agusan National High School – Senior High School Department. Being a senior high school, student is challenging, because you need to focus on your studies and you need to be productive. Because they say that in every competition there is a winner. I vlog places, comments and many more. my name is Trisha Vianney P. Manalo, I am a senior high school at St. Peter Catholic School of, Mulanay.I am a student of St. Peter Catholic School of Mulanay since I was in the 7, High School student, it was a significant preparation before you go to college. The picture above is the best day of my life, why? My personality hasn’t changed; I’m still a carefree girl, just with a little more wisdom and a lot more strength. Nervous in the sense that I will be facing new classmates , new teachers and new friends . It took me quite longer to adjust because the environment I had to work in is entirely different from what I had before. I am now a Graduating student this coming April. So I danced, even though I’m shy that time. This display picture above is the day that we won in our performance from our subject Creative Writing. Because first of all, I do not dance but my classmates pushed me to do so. I will keep it as a treasure and the memories that I encountered will never be forgotten and will never fade. My Senior High School Journey Hi! You can use a text widget to display text, links, images, HTML, or a combination of these. But then there’s my boyfriend who’s already out of, The Pros And Cons Of Being A Pediatrician, Comparison Of Five Strategic Alternatives In The Healthcare Industry, Comparing Characters In Sherlock Holmes And A Scandal In Bohemia, Starbucks Organizational Diversity Analysis, What Is My Journey After High School Essay. and do you want to know about our examination? And also my teachers inspire us that we must be more confident after Graduation so that you will be more confident in the near future. That time we performed a Jingle and a Pop Dance competition in every section.

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