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Here's when we can expect an answer, 106,000 Americans told us about their vote. Police say they are not looking at any other suspects. Next . It just seems to be a fight that they can never win and that makes me sad. “But we have no plans right now to do that. The six-episode series takes its name from Alderpoint, a small, census-designated area of Humboldt County that has earned itself the grim, alliterative nickname with salacious tales of mystery and murder. Steve Johnson, Scott's Johnson's brother. Martinez had indeed gone to Humboldt County to decompress, but a lack of cell service had prevented her from getting ahold of her worried mother or law enforcement. Cliffs of North Head at sunrise in Sydney, Australia. He now wants police to bring his brother's killers to justice. Your email address will not be published. So are you saying that Quentin didn't murder Garret? Ms Young left the police force shortly after an interview with the ABC in which she criticised Steve Johnson for what she saw as his undue influence in the case. Required fields are marked *. In the wake of Murder Mountain, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office found themselves inundated with inquiries from viewers who also wanted justice for Rodriguez. The Carsons are a big part of how ‘Murder Mountain’ got its name. We spoke to filmmakers and subjects to get a fuller picture of  “Murder Mountain” and what happens next. Soon after arriving in Humboldt, filmmakers were captivated by the story of Garret Rodriguez, a 29-year-old San Diego man whose father reported him missing in 2013. They don’t need the parcel numbers like the HCSO apparently does. There was enormous pressure, health pressure and survival pressure to remain in monogamous relationships.". Rebekah Martinez, a 22-year-old California woman listed as missing in that same article, was quickly located by a tipster. Trump warns of violence as Americans head to the polls, Just want to know when we'll know if Trump has won or not? Scott has 5 jobs listed on their profile. Quentin appears to be guilty due to being outnumbered by the testimonies of just about everybody in the documentary. Matt Brown In the sequence of events as presented by the documentary, Matt Brown seemingly comes out of nowhere and ends up getting into conflicts with Neil Decker. He has made no public statement trying to tell his side of the story, and has gone into hiding basically, which looks very guilty. Rodriguez had told his father he was going to Humboldt County to work in the cannabis industry and, specifically, he was going to a place called ‘Murder Mountain.’. Also don't forget that almost every witness of Quentin's confession was killed, and then Scott Johnson, who was the only eye witness of Neil Decker being killed, was killed before Matt went to trial.

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