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Frank, Brenda Bunson, Barry, Teresa Del Taco, Kareem Abdul Lavash, Sammy Begel Jr, Firewater, Gum, Beet, Eggs, Popped Cherry Mixer, Juice Box, Light Bulb, Queso, Mateo Farias Sendin, Horton The Elephant, Moxy, Ted, Lighthing McQueen, George Beard, Gene, Harold Hutchins, Hi-5, Skipper, Kowalski, Private, Rico, Branch, Ferdinand, Mater, John Bennett, Dusty Crophopper, Turbo, Chet, Whiplash, Burn, White Shadow, Skidmark, Smooth Move, Lucky Bat, Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi, Sweet Mayhem, Cruz Ramirez, Red, Chuck, Bomb, Terence, Mighty Eagle, Matilda, Stella, Migo, Percy Patterson, Meechee, Fleem, Gwangi, Kolka, Brenda, Dorgle, Stonekeeper, Thorp, Gnomeo, Juliet, Emmet Brickowski, Benny, Cody Maverick, Chicken Joe, Kevin The Minion, Stuart The Minion, Bob The Minion, Mel The Minion, Dave The Minion, Jerry The Minion, Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Yesss, Shank, Qbert. Miles Morales | Douche (archenemy) Occupation Rebellion Food. Both have henchmen that are the same species (. Elliot | Although, Douche was actually not an insane and evil character to begin with. Sarah Quinn | Vlad Dracula | Frank: Oh, shit. Barry (a deformed sausage who helps lead the rebellion against humans) hooks up a couple of propane tanks to the garbage pail that Darren uses to throw out expired foods. During this point, Barry revealed everything he gone through that led to him discovered ways to make humans see all foods as sentient beings: After taking bath salts, the druggie sees Barry and his groceries alive and after freaking out, he is ordered by Barry to return them to Shopwell's. King Leonard Mudbeard | Werewolf Kids | Sloth: At first, Douche was unwilling to personally go after Brenda and Frank, so instead he blackmailed Tequila to kidnap Brenda until the latter's incompetence forced him to take action personally. Abby | During the final battle, Douche forcefully teams up with an unwilling, involuntary Darren by shoving his nozzle up his anus, and controls his actions like a puppet by yanking on his scrotum. Douche is shown to be manipulative and egotistical. Ella | No information Felix | Type of Hero This was also the driving force of his killing spree on beverages. Before he can attack them, however, he is swept up by Darren the grocery clerk and thrown away. But the next morning, the man wakes up sober and first opens a bag of chips due to the drug's effect worn off before attempting to cook Barry, clumsily decapitating himself in an mishap. Wade | Glenn | So, he and the 'Non-Perishables' decided to tell the origins of the groceries' religion about Great Beyond: The trio was unwilling to bear the dark atmosphere of Shopwell's, so they made a song about Great Beyond to ease everyone's mood. Distraught that he can never be used, he then hears someone calling for help. After Firewater congratulated him for his efforts to overcome the impossible (something that he himself technically failed) the 'Non-perishable' leader informs them that they are merely cartoon characters being manipulated by animators and voiced by celebrities, much to everyone's surprise. The language in Sausage Party … Wilson | Big Z | Debbie | A sausage wakes up in its package.) Gum | Serge and Deni | If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. As he gave the speech, Frank asked for forgiveness for acting like a disillusioned heathen where in the midst of the speech with Brenda together, the whole customers suddenly become insane and started their killing spree on the groceries. Ultimate Spider-Man | Gene | He was also obsessed with his own physique and was repulsed by pudgy characters. Frank is an anthropomorphic sausage and the main protagonist of Seth Rogen's adult animated comedy feature film Sausage Party. Barry claimed that other foods bought by Camille was killed, with himself as sole survivor and thus confirming the very truth Frank obsessed to tell. Buddy | To warn all the foods in Shopwell's the truth of their existence, that they're meant to be cooked and eaten by the "gods" that buy them, and get thrown in the trash if they're expired, and try to fight back against the humans as well (all succeeded) Douche's true sexual orientation is something of an enigma, as he is clearly attracted to female humans and female bottles, but also engaged in sexual activities with male characters, sucking juice from a male grape box's groinal region, and wasn't shy about anally inserting his nozzle into Darren, though he seemed to consider his homosexual activities weird, suggesting he may have just done them out of necessity, not for pleasure. Jailbreak | Idea Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Alex | Hatchlings | He gains awareness of this, and it irritates him. Both are selfish and keep a species (Birds to Marcel; food to Darren). Ruth | Boog | A sausage/hot dog sold at the Shopwell's supermarket in Monsters vs. Aliens (also starred Paul Rudd), Morton the Mouse in Horton Hears a Who! The dude makes very funny adult-oriented comedies, and if you have seen ANY of them prior to Sausage Party, you know exactly what he delivers on screen. As result, many foods near them either killed or suffer grave injuries from the impact. Aunt May | Dave | Enemies Frank Wienerton Ursa | Joseph | Douche manages to catch up to the group between aisles, but Brenda tears off his label and runs off to safety. Chowder | Carl. Frankenstein | Douche names it "Dangles". Roxanne | No information Bubbles | With the groceries purchased albeit, Frank, Brenda, and their new friends decide to journey back to their respective aisles, but Frank heeds Honey Mustard's warning and leads them to the liquor aisle to find Firewater. Zach Cooper | Origin Reeko | Edith | Fifi | Champ | One size fits most. Terence | A funny gag involves Douche using idioms related to food, and even making sentences that sound like he is calling for food. Deborahbot 5000, Live-Action Movies No information and the tertiary anatgonist in M.A.T.E.O. Douche and Darren's death is similar to the Shan Yu's death in the 1998 Disney animated film. Dracula | There was also supposed to be the secondary antagonist named "El Guaco", but that character ended up with a minor role. Pride: As his sanity deteriorated, he became prideful of himself to the point that he claimed to be a God. Snowbell | Jenny Bennett | So to solve the problem, Barry called for his friends and revealed that humans can be killed by revealing the druggie's decapitated head. R.L. Alias Chicken Joe | Kill By Mateo and Moxy Then Falls in Internet World. The man agrees, but passes out. Tank Evans | Doug | Frank | Ian | He is the store manager at Shopwell's and gets mocked by Gary a lot. Even Toilet Paper was traumatized over what he was used for, so he apparently had no foreknowledge of his purpose. Both work for another villain with a B-Plot (. It is unlikely that Douche is his real name, as it is also the name of his product, whose brand is called "Freshlicious". Gets exploded in the sky along with Douche. Matilda | He was voiced by Nick Kroll. Silver | Murray | Douche first appears getting purchased by "Camille Toh" (an obvious pun on "camel toe"). Unlike every other seen product in the movie, Douche seemed to know his purpose: When looking at the woman's crotch he looked forward to being used and later despite his broken nozzle, he whined that he could "still get up in there". Hannah Stine | Officer Earl Devereaux | Barry | Ericka Van Helsing | Linda Mitchell | Over the course of his character development, Douche displayed some behaviors and actions where each of them fit the Seven Deadly Sins: Envy: Douche was envious with all the other Douches that got bought because they got to be used up until Camille Toh briefly took him and lost him through the disastrous accident indirectly instigated by Honey Mustard when he commits suicide. Do-Gooder Mopsy Rabbit | Courtney | Wanda | Celebrating 15 Years of Excellence and Ingenuity, The Thomas Of Adventures: The Great Detective (2001) Credits, The Danger Rangers Search for Sully's Family Treasures, Matilda 2: Revenge of the Trunchbull (2020 film),, Find and kill Frank and Brenda in revenge on them for breaking his nozzle and ruining his purpose (failed). As the events left Frank, Brenda, Lavash, Douche, Sammy, and handful foods as survivors, Douche blamed Frank for his dented noozle before is swept away by Darren alongside killed foods' corpses as Frank, Brenda, Lavash, and Sammy escaped.

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