rio 209 primer substitute

12-Gauge 2-3/4" Handload: Shotshell Primer Comparison MD, Sloughhouse Irregulars (not SASS Affiliated). 50 BMG (1) Large Rifl (1) LP (5) LP Match (1) ... Winchester 209 Primer Item PRIW209. Do you just stick down the bottom of the wad before you seat the wad with with your reloader? When a more mild force primer is employed behind the slower burn rate propellant, it is changed from a solid into a gas state in a slightly longer time frame then when a more forceful primer is used. Other handloaders go to an opposite extreme and crunch crimps deeply, assuming that a heavy crimp will hold more effectively against ignition and early combustion pressures to promote a more complete powder burn. You should go to a shotgun forum like and ask that question in the reloading section.Good luck,David Use spaces to separate tags. Primer cup set low inside the primer sleeve, light primer strikes, FTF. And a little bit more reloading, just to keep ahead. A primer pocket tool will NOT bring the hole down to a smaller size for use with an american primer. Be the first to review this product. (Lower 48 states only) FIOCCHI-209 PRIMERS. Our G-1000 primers provide positive ignition for a uniform and balanced powder burn. Velocities were measured at 4 feet from the muzzle using an Oehler Model 33 chronograph in conjunction with the Skyscreen III system. I would like to thank Ron Reiber of Hodgdon Powder Company (PO Box 2932, Shawnee Mission, KS 66201, phone 800-622-4366) for letting me use this following article and reloading data by "The Master", We use data about you for a number of purposes explained in the links below. I was getting about 30% cripples with my 20 ga & #2 steel. Anybody reloading shotgun shells (209 primers). 8 West Coast Magnum lead shot (437.5 grs.) I never load max loads, and I use FIO/Cheddite and Nobel 209 primers interchangeable with Winchester on many thousands of shells, with no problems or formula modifications. Not too worried as the sales clerk says I have loaded thousands of shotgun shells with the Federal 209A primer with excellent results. This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. The amassed data from 5 shot tests over 35 yards is compiled in the accompanying chart. Thanks for the help guys! Yes, I realize in the chart, the CCI-209 Trap and Skeet primer showed the lowest velocity and pressure but it … By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies. Somewhere along the way I ended up with a box of 1000 Rio shotshell primers. These are important questions, because experts in the field observe changes in downrange effectiveness as total pattern and ring/core densities vary. Powder charges were the same throughout each test. RIO 209 Primers Archived. By: Tom Armbrust The velocities shown are instrumental at 4.5 feet from the muzzle and were measured using an Oehler M-35 Proof chronograph with the Skyscreen III system. Unless otherwise listed, the data in this text was created using a standard depth of 0.055, which is a bit short of 1/16. Yes, I realize in the chart, the CCI-209 Trap and Skeet primer showed the lowest velocity and pressure but it is no longer available to the reloader. Many active shooters like to apply light, shallow crimps because they believe such closures prolong case life. If you want one hell bender load, let's try the Federal 209A primer. .244 = Rio. The Federals may fall out. Fwiw. Email me when available. You must log in or register to reply here. 22514 Potter Rd. Primer Cross Reference Chart 4050 S. Clark St., Mexico, MO 65265 • 800-531-2666 CCI Federal Fiocchi Remington Winchester Small Pistol CCI500 FD100 FC445SMP RM112 WINWSP Small Pistol Lead-Free - - - - - - FC445SMZP - - - - - - Small Pistol Magnum CCI550 FD200 - - - RM512 WINWSPM Email me when available.

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