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Yes, I began using asteroids in 2008 when astronomers demoted Pluto and promoted Ceres. Jessica is also a novelist published by Penguin. British control weakened. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius planets, angles, points or asteroids at 7, 7, 6 are in grand trine. Very well thank you. In Roman myth she ruled spring, summer, autumn and winter. This is where you will find a people-pleaser, skilled at the art of satisfying  potent entities. It is really important that you stop dwelling on past issues, or fearing the future. This is really mental training and there are so many different techniques out there for replacing imagination with reality. There may be a ‘custody’ issue where you find Proserpina in your chart. In fact Proserpina ended up with more control than either of them, because they wanted her both. And thank you for the compliment. This is a Mercury Retrograde election. Look up Sixth House when you finish reading this because it’s where you should be living now. It’s calling him. After reading this, I checked my premium chart and see that I have Pluto in Scorpio, Ceres in Virgo and Prosperina in Gemini. Minerva is a Boadicea or Cleopatra archetype – perhaps Queen Elizabeth I or our own current Queen. The asteroid Proserpina seems to manifest as an energy of innocence and ignorance that learns a very great deal by (often hard) experience. There will always be control and power issues and tremendous passion. Proserpina Opposition Asc., Orb: 4 deg. Hope you are coping with lockdown in a mostly sane fashion. That last part is important. Is there something I should consider in the handling of the real estate…..or, in the handling of my own finances? horrible actions and words. Proserpina is a tricky energy to deal with, though, because she is so hard to know in essence. I tried but couldn’t piece it together. The irony of this situation is that this person or organisation will  hold the strings. Okay, so let’s look at the astrology. or maybe a break in disguise, much needed time for reflection and deep thought? Does my situation seem to be reflected by these Strangely people always say they feel safe with me and calm, if only they knew what inner turbulence I have how is it possible for me to project peace and calm outwards ? it’s been a long and tumultuous journey of trying to find financial stability. Mercury Retrograde election. Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a,,,, Something to take away from your free Thursday astrology lesson: the world is a more interesting, varied and richer place once Ceres, Pluto and Proserpina have sorted out their concerns about who or what is in charge. You will find on these pages the celebrity horoscopes having Proserpina in the 12 signs with an interactive chart and excerpts of astrological portrait. Find out how to write Sun Sign astrology, podcast or broadcast it online. Your sensitivity is a source of comfort and strength in many ways: you win friends and influence through your responsiveness and charm. Who is control of what, when and where? Hi Jessica, Interesting read and thank you as always for your great insights. Allied to Neptune, they favour surgery actually, or the ‘cutting out’ or ‘cutting back’ or anything that needs a firm hand – and of course that may be people who come to you with all sorts of issues that need axing. For more on this look up Pisces and Twelfth House. Try it. There is so much potential here. In 1930, the German election results put Adolf Hitler on the road to power and the foundations of World War Two, the U.N. and the new world order began. Upon Demeter's request, Hades accepted to allow Persephone to leave the Underworld and stay with her mother during half of the year, which Persephone agreed on. I seem to have Pluto in Libra (conjunct Saturn and Ascendant), Ceres in Aquarius at 27 in trine of all 3 in Libra, and Prosperina in Scorpio (which trines Fortuna in Cancer at 17). No longer your parents’ daughter you are now there with somebody else’s childhood, or perhaps their adolescence. Carl Jung popularised this word synchronicity (along with Sting, and The Police) and it describes powerful, meaningful coincidence. Thanks again x. Astrology and yoga are really linked in Indian or Vedic culture and you might want to ask my friend Sonal Sachdeva, from The Circle of Divine. You have been drawn to nursing, which is not unusual with this pattern, and counselling and hypnotherapy are calling you, also not unusual. You are really lucky to have these people behind you. She reveals how others will ‘bridge’ the gaps between anyone or anything in control, during a cycle. Proserpina 17 degrees Taurus That can sometimes work miracles. Do either of these asteroids link into any of your personal planets at a tight orb? People who resolve their issues with each other have you to thank a lot of the time because you cleverly remove the potential for any more trouble. ), usually twice a year. First of all, there is a great love of money here. I have Pluto in Libra (I am a libra sun), Ceres in Aries (7th house) and Prosperina in Capricorn, which is my ascendant. Thank you very much Is the Uranus 8 Taurus opposite my Neptune at 8 degrees meaning the world conditions are against my leaving Nursing for …… Counselling and Hypnotherapy Business (Neptune at 8 ) even though I am /can doing Zoom ? Ultimate Bulletin Board 5.46a, Powered by Infopop © 2000 What you eat and drink, the prescribed or illegal drugs that go into your system. I am scared.Many thanks in advance.distantmountain, Chapter 8: ProserpinaProserpina, lady of transitions, other-worldly realms, and sacrificeThe asteroid Proserpina is named in honor of the goddess of the dead, consort of Pluto, she who was known as Persephone to the Greeks. As Pluto's wife and queen of the underworld, though, she receives the souls of the dead and as such, is also a guide to other realms and levels of being, and the deepest places of the psyche. I hope that helps. You may find that life has some lessons for you around the boundaries you set for dealing with the world. You may also find yourself in situations that teach you lessons in standing up for your rights or preferences. The main risk here is letting things ride: when you can do things so easily, there is a temptation to cruise rather than put the effort in. Most of all, though, I strongly recommend you look at something like meditation, Reiki, mindfulness, dream coaching or similar. Since the 18th century, astrologers look at the Roman myth surrounding the god or goddess, after whom a heavenly body is named. By house, it shows where deepening levels of control, potency, influence and effectiveness develop over your lifetime. Thankyou, things make a big more sense. As the innocent maiden, abducted by Pluto/Hades into the underworld, she was scarcely distinguishable from her fertility goddess mother Ceres/Demeter. But I do see this as your potential brand new day. She's no longer a 'pawn' but a 'queen'. ", Copyright © 2011 This is perfect synchronicity. Energetic, dynamic, confident and good at shifting the energy. You need to do a Doctor Who. Your big secret is that you aren't quite the crazy drop-out you might seem, but one clever cookie doing your thing your way. Ceres always is, especially when Pluto is in the mix. But you may not be fully conscious of it. Consider 1930, the year this planet was discovered. This alters the dynamic and chemistry with your parents. If not, I wouldn't place your fears in them. Happy Quarantine New Moon, Jessica and thank you for an interesting article. By transit Ceres brings the need for a win-win agreement and a new arrangement. When the time is right you will emerge, to discover a terrific parent-child relationship. Unfortunately what we have here is someone who is blind to everything in April 2020 except the cash. Hi Jessica, She shows where you tend to take the line of least resistance, to be passive or helpless, and teaches you the consequences of such unaware or unassertive responses. The future can bring anything. How interesting! Retracted statements, recounts, revised results. No more travelling – the old arrangement is off. When it comes to groups and friends (Aquarius, where you find Ceres in the Eleventh House of communities, circles and friendships) you are a battler. Did a search on this website for Grand Trine and did not find anything on it so asking here – is there a one degree orb for a grand trine as well or all the degrees are exact please?. The Libra side of this is about justice, fairness. Synchronicity is just one explanation for why astrology works. Hello, hope you are happy and safe while in quarantine. I have Proserpina in my first house, and Persephone in the eighth house. They found Ceres in the same year Haydn released The Four Seasons. To prepare myself for the impending change of situation I am signing up (New moon new start)for courses in Herbal Medicine. In the Roman myth, she was taken by him – all the way to Hell – where he made her his Queen. Thank you! Yes, your family situation is intense and draining. Horoscopes with Proserpina in Scorpio. You have Proserpina in Virgo in the Sixth House and you do better when you are rolling up your sleeves and working. Are you a hermit? Then in the end, she decides to stay away from both her husband and mother! I wonder if you could recommend any authors on Reiki and or the link between astrology and yoga? Possibly. Pisces can seem an ideal home for Proserpina, offering limitless possibilities for shape shifting and life sampling. However I do need to retreat to find balance. I will pass that on to Natalie and Alicia. It sounds much more like the Moon actually. Great article, Jessica. This may be your family life or professional life, and sometimes it’s less obvious. She is a symbol of ‘the bridge’ between two powerful people or organisations. I feel this must be your former husband. That is exaggerated now as Neptune goes through Pisces too. Proserpina is related to mysteries, revival and reconstruction, as well as cycles. Where she shows up in our natal chart can be a place we look at to see and discover for ourselves where we feel taken captive and where we feel we have not been allowed to be ourselves. In fact, growing up, we moved several times due to my father’s work and each move was rather traumatic for me (and my father is a Taurus…) Anyways, I am so tired of this arrangement. Posts: 5228From: Sacramento,CaliforniaRegistered: Apr 2009, PROSERPINA: feminine passivity and sublime/altered states, according to the report called Iris Report,its a the yin counterpart to Neptune in regards to passivity and sublime/altered states, Proserpina, lady of transitions, other-worldly realms, and sacrifice. Not just a loner for the sake of it. OR am I reaching to success with children and lovers only to fall ? Their decision to demote Pluto and promote Ceres in 2006 mirrors the original Roman myth in an uncanny way. The energy of Proserpina has a strange potency in the horoscope sector that focuses on relationships. Looking at my chart, how you see these factors and transits affecting my chart. Its symbolism has its source in the myth of Persephone, daughter of Zeus (Jupiter) and Demeter (Ceres). All Rights Reserved. It is also about the release of a huge amount of power.

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