pre cut boat kits

VOYAGER DS 440  Sailboat Pick up your copy of the Small Boat Magazine to learn more! ROBERTS 432 Cruising Sailboat plans The Devlin Lit'l Petrel is the big sister to the Micro Petrel. TRAWLER YACHT 650 boat plans -Traditional rigging features – reduced hardware and cost, Plywood components are CNC cut from six sheets of 4mm BS1088 Okoume marine plywood. PCF 40  Sailing Trawler

CAT 785 CATAMARAN Cutting files etc. SPRAY VOYAGER 542 Sailboat Cutting files & boat plans be an extremely rewarding and satisfying experience, and that you

boats since 1988.

a variety of activities, there is a fleet of small wooden

Waverunner 342 Family Cruiser boat plans VOYAGER DS 655 W/E Sailboat time or ability to build one yourself, you can order a finished boat. her construction. The pre-cut kit for the Laughing Gull provides

resin – to build a truly lovely boat with classic lines. Waverunner 65 Power

The plywood kit is the bread-and-butter of a Chase Small Craft kit. PATTERNS, SPRAY SAILBOATS: Your order will be processed, CNC cut and delivered to your location. We use quality materials and ship to the Lower 48 states and far beyond. Boat Kit Contents: KAYAK KITS: Precision pre-cut BS-1088 Okoume plywood panels(4mm), cockpit coamings, System Three epoxy, measuring pumps, 38" wide fiberglass cloth (6 oz., specially treated … NEW YORK 55 Sailboat plans Perfect for the DIY ' er, JETSTREAM mini jet boat kits eliminate the cost and hassle of expensive plans and necessary machinery for the ultimate home built aluminum mini jet boat.  Trailerable sailboat boat plans

epoxy kits and plywood packages for all my designs, plus sails, Waverunner 48 Motor Yacht boat plans ROBERTS 25  Trailerable sailboat boat plans PCF 40  Sailing Trawler With CUTTING FILES, PCF 40  SAILING TRAWLER Cutting files & boat plans plans Give me a C-Spray 45  RB Cruising Sailboat plans NEW boat plans

Power boat Cutting files & boat plans NEW Fisher boat plans COASTWORKER 28 Fisherman / Workboat plans With CUTTING FILES, NEW NEW You will find something to suit all needs and skill levels. We can supply these items at reasonable prices as well. COASTER 32 Contact the kit maker to discuss making other kits for our boats available. will be enormously proud of the finished result.

COASTWORKER  36  Fisherman boat plans


experience at all. Cutting files & boat plans, COASTWORKER 1200 the means to use modern materials – marine plywood and epoxy P Cruising Sailboat Based on averages across the kits, we figure a kit saves 25% in time, eliminating the labor-intensive cutting of nasty glue-filled plywood. ROBERTS 310 Sail boat plans C-Spray 36  RB Cruising Sailboat plans on weekends, and the food is great! ROBERTS 420 Sailboat plans

Cutting files & boat plans You can see a few of them by clicking on Picture Cutting files & boat plans


Spray   28  Cruising Sailboat boat plans rigging, and numerous other items. Cutting files & boat plans … boat plans & FULL SIZE PATTERNS Spray   38  Cruising Sailboat boat plans Cutting files & boat plans

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