pof revolution vs edge

Residual gasses behind the bullet are routed into the gas block which drives both the piston and the op rod rearward in turn cycling the firearm. How can you say it’s a premium rifle without complete ambidextrous features? So why would you want a 7.62 AR-15? } The Revolution’s bolt carrier group utilizes a roller cam pin instead of the more traditional rectangular steel cam pin. string(19) "2020-10-05 10:53:27" string(6) "closed" ["post_modified"]=> The buffer detent now doubles as a lock that inhibits the buffer tube from rotating and becoming loose under adverse conditions. Its location toward the end of the barrel increases dwell time and lowers the bolt carrier’s velocity. Additionally, this patented design guides and supports the operating rod. string(15) "renegade-pistol" int(0) ["post_content_filtered"]=> Fit and finish are excellent, and it’s a nice-looking piece that will impress your friends. string(19) "2020-11-03 18:00:40" Privacy Policy   •   Contact Us   •   Warnings   •   FAQs   •  © 2020 National Rifle Association of America. string(19) "2020-11-03 18:01:41" ["post_password"]=> string(19) "2020-11-03 09:53:22" string(0) "" string(19) "2020-10-05 17:19:13" int(0) It puts a reasonably heavy .30 caliber projectile on target at a respectable velocity. Heat can destroy accuracy and shorten the life of any firearm, and POF has an answer for that threat in the form of its heat sink barrel nut. The design is nicely sculpted to fit the hand well without being overly bulky like some of POF-USA’s previous offerings. To get started, click the link below to visit mymagnow.com and learn how to access your digital magazine. One evaluator opined that, more than anything else, the Revolution shot like an over-gassed 5.56 mm NATO rifle. POF-USA offers a one-m.o.a. ["to_ping"]=> Removing the plug provides easy access to the gas system components. string(0) "" Called the Revolution, POF-USA’s newest piston-driven rifle weighs a scant 7 lbs., 4 ozs., and possesses all of the fast-handling characteristics of an AR-15, while boasting the hard-hitting energy of an AR-10. ["pinged"]=> string(1) "0" accuracy guarantee on the Revolution, and our results proved the rifle is capable of surpassing that goal. Firing from the bench, we were able to watch bullet impacts at 100 yds. ["ID"]=> string(19) "2020-10-05 09:46:09" Our patented roller cam pin is just one more example of how we strive to reduce friction and drag in the action. string(6) "closed" The single best group was fired with Federal Premium’s 175-gr. The system is designed so it cannot be reassembled incorrectly. It stands out from the AR-15 crowd due not only to its features but also to the sheer size of its magazine well. ["ping_status"]=> ["post_parent"]=> ["post_date"]=> These three products from Horus Vision, a smartphone app, pocket weather meter and laser... With the introduction of the .22LR chambering option, the Blaser R8 rifle is more versatile... Rifle Shooter Digital Staff - April 23, 2019. ["post_name"]=> Undoubtedly, folks will wonder how significantly a lightweight .308 Win. The match-grade barrel assembly is fitted to a distinctive-looking flattop upper receiver. ["to_ping"]=> It can also be adjusted and disassembled for cleaning without removing the handguard. ["guid"]=> The POF-USA gas system allows the user to restrict, and even shut off, this extra back pressure by simply rotating the gas plug. rogue-pistolobject(WP_Post)#20287 (24) { string(0) "" ["post_password"]=> ["post_date_gmt"]=> string(3) "raw" ["pinged"]=> ["comment_count"]=> POF-USA outfits the rifle’s fluted barrel with a three-port muzzle brake designed to control gas dispersion and reduce muzzle rise. string(6) "closed" Not only are they fluted for optimum heat dissipation but our barrels are nitride heat-treated for full corrosion resistance. ["post_mime_type"]=> ["ping_status"]=> int(0) string(1) "2" string(0) "" string(51) "https://pof-usa.com/?post_type=firearm&p=69444" It also spawned an entire family of cartridges. } string(0) "" ["post_status"]=> string(3) "raw" Ambidextrous Bolt Release with Enhanced Bolt Catch, Oversized Integrated Trigger Guard w/ Grip Relief. ["post_content"]=> ["ping_status"]=> string(0) "" ["post_modified_gmt"]=> ["comment_count"]=> revolution-di-pistolobject(WP_Post)#20283 (24) { ["guid"]=> string(0) "" ["post_type"]=> ["pinged"]=> int(0) This causes premature wear on the firearm and can even result in the bolt catching the discharged casing also known as “stove piping”. ["post_author"]=> string(24) "Revolution 6.5 Creedmoor" Suppressors add back pressure to a firearms operating system and thus increase bolt speed. Firing prone off a bipod, I was able to make rapid hits on steel silhouette targets at 200, 400, 450, 500 and 550 yards.

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