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Grace Marguerite Williams (author) from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York on August 04, 2018: Thank you for your SPOT-ON analysis. The main one in my case in are emotions which are unfamiliar to my Capricorn side. As an earth sign we are all workaholics and it can be difficult for us to express ourselves in flowery euphemisms but when it comes to love, loyalty and respect we are steadfast in them, bar none. Also i can be pretty emotional mess, Yea, as a Sun in Cap, Moon in Taurus and Leo rising. In addition, my Venus is in Capricorn and my Moon is in Aquarius; my moon adds to the detachment of Capricorn. I believe that you should be straight forward with everyone. When they finally leave it is because they have given the other individual enough time to correct whatever it was that Cappy found dishonorable". (Capricorn baby ,it’s not obvious sweetheart) That trait really blows me lol . They live to cut people down and feel threatened at any moment they are exposed. In terms of work, Capricorn only relates to people in terms of retaining and eventually advancing in his/her career. Try to always create a safe space for communication with them . The minute you enter her home, you are likely to hear running water. You envision yourself spending the rest of your life with her… even if you aren’t sure just how dark her dark side can be. This article seems to be taking our traits to the extreme and doesn’t appreciate that individuals have subtleties within them. If they do not advance in their respective careers, they believe that all their efforts are for naught. Come back again. — J. "She is a mermaid, but approach her with caution. Why? If she is not careful, she might wake up one day and discover she has lived the life of a hermit. For without success, they consider themselves to be worthless personae non-gratae. On the contrary, although capricorns show an icy exterior, once you get to know them they are pretty cool level-headed and have a great sense of humor (dry and sarcastic). Capricorns equate being detached with presenting a proper, professional image.They believe that image is very important. Now all you must do is break the ice! You’ll find her blushing and shy-like outside of the bedroom. There are some Capricorns who use the psychology of one-upmanship to show others how superior they are to everyone else. Also, Capricorns are loyal so even if they realize a relationship is over or not working out as planned they tend to stick to the plan, or in this case the union out of tradition and because they made a promise, vow, obligation. I have had friends that I know didn't care as much for me as I did for them but still cared for them and put time into our relationship for years before they leave and we lost contact. While a lot of this is on point, it seems a bit biased. Grace Marguerite Williams (author) from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York on April 26, 2013: Not at all. Capricorn believes in loyalty to friends and family but wouldn't hesitate to cut friends or family off if that loyalty is betrayed in any shape, form, or fashion. I love to write about astrology. If they are not powerful, they are attracted to people in power. Swimming, going for long walks in the country or along hiking trails, jogging, running, and cycling are ways she keeps fit. Oftentimes, it begins to snow and the climate dramatically changes during this time. She is a gentle soul, an old soul, and often wise beyond her years. They are very detached emotionally. Being born on the Cusp of Profacy is both a blessing and a curse.

They aren’t Alpha’s but they can stand on their own so be careful to not overstep your boundary. I certainly wish I were more rational. Obviously you're an astrology geek like I am, and I'm sure you've had you're run in with plenty of capricious capricorns. She may pretend to believe you ... but she doesn't." Like Tolkien for instance, who created a whole universe. I believe Capricorns can be depended on and are staunch friends, and keep their feelings inside, unless you are one of the few that they really trust.

Are you familiar with MBTI? Always insinuating that people should know how they feel because it’s obvious. Many of them contend that displays of emotionalism are signs of weakness as well as being unprofessional. To them, presenting the right image means the difference between respect and disrespect.

Furthermore, if they are powerful, they will never have to be vulnerable to anyone ever. Being detached can be good as well as bad. They prefer to use pragmatic logic and are not ones for emotive sentimentality. They like knowing how to do things on their own so they like to learn new things. The worst thing for a Capricorn is to be powerless. I can totally agree 100%, when im at work, i give it my all. Another card aligning with this Zodiac sign is The Wheel of Fortune pointing to the elevated perspective, broad outlook, and understanding of universal connectedness the Pisces Woman holds dear. Answer: It is possible for any sun sign including Capricorn to be a narcissist. They are cruel with their words. It would be nice if textbooks, blogs, etc would also take the positive traits of Caps into account. To reiterate, Capricorn coolly practices the dictum that the ends justify whatever means taken. They maintain that a rational approach to life is best. Capricorn knows how to use power. The Pisces Woman seeks spiritual growth in her lifetime, and she seeks to be an asset to all humankind through her selfless actions. He was warm and gentle, but like me, had a rational side too. To them, being detached means being in control of the situation at hand. Her natural pace is going with the flow of things. Psychological Abusers. She pours herself into everything she does. One night at the movies, the next night at the pool house… with the Pisces Woman the possibilities are endless as you will find her easy to please. They love to rub their positions in other's people noses- they want others to BOW DOWN to them, not merely acknowledge them. For the Cappy, value means, RESPECT, TRUST, AUTHENTIC, but not limited to this list. The Pisces Woman does not take too kindly to people trying to tell her what drummer she must follow and being bossed around is not her forte. Come to find out that she wasn't ready to study for the test which she hadn't told me, and she hadn't even told her mom or boyfriend that she had planned on buying the book from me. Incapable of being supportive. Frivolity is definitely not a word to describe Capricorns. Thus if a Cappy is cold and calculating or unwilling to provide "affection" it is because they intuitively know how that person truly feels about them. Capricorn, Alpha, like confrontation, empath and i hug everybody i meet. Some caps who are comfortable with themselves are friendly and talkative.

The water has a lot to do with the pastimes that the Pisces Woman will enjoy. They are also attracted to power.

. I was sick for 2 years and he never gave me love and affection always focusing how much money he can make , he left me without shedding a tear so cold with a smile in he's face .

Im a capricorn and yes we are cold and distant because we don't want some snake in the grass far weather bitch getting close enough to fuck us over we are very loyal and don't want to waste our time being loyal to someone who is not we work hard for what we have and for the ones we love there is nothing we won't do we just can't find the right words to express it but what is ours is ours don't fuck with it or them we will hurt or even kill over our property or territory i.e. It still haunts.

Neptune is a sibling of Jupiter, the Roman god of the Sky. She's Not Happy with You. You do not have to be doing anything special at all. Even though I lectured her on how she was wrong, and what she did didn't sit well with me, I remained loyal to her and swore I would never tell anyone. Answer: Capricorns are calculating people. The Pisces Woman is very flexible in terms of the careers she can pursue, and she enjoys helping others. Finally, the Capricorn partner will find the Pisces woman nothing short of an inspiration, and the Capricorn mate will bring the Pisces Woman a nice balance to her life. So I offered to sell her one of my extra books in hopes that she would realize it was time to invest in herself. He is a great friend though and good son and brother but like a husband really was the worst ! If you have your birth chart done, what is the preponderance of your element- fire? The Pisces and Taurus connection is perfect, and it’s like two soulmates finally finding one another.

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