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The trick is to get back to the other Owl Statue and when you find it simply shoot the Shaft of the Statue like we did previously. There will be some cut scenes with Twig and his family to advance more of the story. Its a straight shot after this. The second is in the Tropos/Statos area of the game. This leads us to the Owl Temple which is the games next dungeon. This will pave the way Up to the next area of the dungeon. Owlboy: How to Get the Golden Coin in the Owl Temple - YouTube You will come to a section where there is a small wooden arrow pointing straight up where you can keep going or an area to the left that is blocked by more vines. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. For cloud puzzles, players may have to move clouds around and squish the water into the totems below. Wow, a huge difficulty spike at this level has come! This is the toughest boss yet, and actually the most entertaining. It brings forth another challenge to overcome in the story of Owlboy. There were no cuts made as I recorded my live playthrough. If you choose to continue and enter, you will not be able to exit the area until you have beat the whole level and watched the credits. The story will direct you into a jungle level after the events of Advent. In short, this is really a trial and error segment, the more you do it the better you will persevere. It was touching honestly and to me at least. Owlboy Walk-Through Part 4 Strato and the Floating Continent - Duration: 1:24:26. This leads to Tropos. After defeating him and learning that Solus now has the relics, a cut scene will play and Geddy will return to help you escape. The Owl Temple is the second dungeon in Owlboy. Some major tight spots here are once again the jumping and platforming. Players will also acquire plenty of Buccanary Coins along the way so be sure to spend them at the shop. You will get, This is unlocked after you have found all of the Boguin brothers. This is the final area in the game. His powers are a pistol that is more powerful than Geddy's and a grappling hook. See. Once you successfully dodge the attack of the enemies, we can get a few moments of breathing space. Grabbing coins will gain you the chance to get upgrades in Buccanary's shop. Geddy will come and chase them off. The controls will annoy us later, I think they aren't too bad, it just could possibly be the Aiming function in the game. The game looks so much better when it is zoomed out, I wish that option was available once again on Nintendo Switch. Afterward, players can follow up with Geddys blasting firing attack. After you earned the achievement above, grab Geddy and fly back towards your house. Players may do this when they get nervous, so try avoiding that and keeping your cool. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Unlock every trinket from Buccanary's shop, Collect every Buccanary coin from all zones, Learn how to cope with the heat in Toby's hot spring, Rescue the Boguin Brothers, enjoy your explosive surprise. You can get some cosmetic items, that aren't the best looking. First Light the Torch with Alfonse and we will then have to switch to Geddy. You will know you defeated it once you start riding it out the area. Once the Hexing Machine Reaches Phase #2, we will have to keep blasting at it once again. While you are in the deep parts of the Owl Temple shortly after Alphonse joins your team you will be attacked by a giant frog. Once you are allowed to use him, the trophy will pop. This will pop after the cut scene with Geddy. Asio thinks that … Firstly players can simply blast at the Pirate whose later name is revealed as Alfonse with Geddys blaster attacks normally. Also for gran master trinket you need to fly to the spectral cloak on the wall. There is a video below showing the entire walkthrough of the dungeon as well as this part, trust me its tough! There will be literally no enemies other than the Final Boss, if you are ready for the challenge read onward. They will also have to be fast, be patient to learn the puzzle and be dedicated enough to finish it. But it may take a couple shots to destroy the enemy because of the low damage output his pistol has. Illuminating Fruits which are colored light-blue are a huge part of helping us out in this dungeon. ... [Owlboy] All coins in Owl Temple - Duration: 4:55. Gnomes are small, about half Otus' height, and humanoid shaped. Once Geddy becomes available to play with, you will have to trigger more story related events by going to a statue in Vellie. If players head back to the left or western part of the area, there will be several waterholes. It was once a place of great study and research, but was abandoned after the discovery of The Loop. You will come to a large area in the temple and you will actually see it near the top of a large room but it will be blocked some walls. We have to have it come around in a complete circle. Near the end you will have to fight the areas boss. This will complete the boss battle, we will watch some Dialogue then be teleported back out of the level, after using the Teleporter. You will find a man in a hot spring above where you start. This is just a foreword, but if you can get past this puzzle you can probably complete the game from that point, so hang in there. Also, players can increase their health, however, the game gets a little tough so with deaths and health regeneration afterward, it is not too necessary. It is actually a little similar in mechanics in my opinion as well. This was probably the hardest part of the entire dungeon for me. He can flap his wings a little bit for extra airtime. It is only visible to you. Next, switch to Geddy and begin to blast the shaft of the Owl Statue so it moves. The trophy will pop while you're still on it. Enter his house and play the same sequence on his drums inside. We will be doing this very often through-out this dungeon afterward. It also has a pretty killer soundtrack or OST. The boss is a giant snake that you will have to beat. Once Alfonse is in our party we can use his shotgun to break the purple tentacles. Otus will be captured and have to restart the entire segment of this dungeon if the Gnomes catch him. Nevertheless, this does seem to be a problem and it will make our lives hell in the upcoming Owl Statue Puzzle. Players can also swap characters on the fly with the L or R buttons. This allows you to just keep pressing the, Once you have control of Otus for the first time and leave your house, you are able to explore Vellie. One of the final rocks will have Otus stay to the right or east side of the game screen. Once players have entered the next area, continue to fly up with Otus to a strange hooded figure. There are also quite a few waterjugs in this area. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. This one is pretty hard to miss as you will run right into him. The main goal with these is that once you collect one you can put it in a certain spot and it will unlock more story content that you can read through. If you head all the way down to the bottom right corner of this room there will be purple vines. Once again, Hope, hope is a good thing. It has dungeons, a few interesting gameplay mechanics as well as collectibles. After you earned the achievement above, grab Geddy and fly back towards your house. Activating both outlets will shock the Hexing Machine to death. This game is a platformer in 2-D with some flying and target shooting. I went over, played the drums while he was sitting there and the key still spawns. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. It also fires much quicker. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Also, this is very trial and error or practice based. You will have to outrun it and break obstacles in your path to escape using Geddy and newly recruited Alphonse. Just use some of my tips and knowledge of the game above, stay patient and you will pull through. Do this and Solus will take damage. The game cost around 24.99 USD and once again is a 2-D platformer. We can also follow up with Geddy's blast attack and Alfonse's shotgun blasts. You will eventually reach a bridge and a cut scene will play out. Once players have entered the next area, continue to fly up with Otus to a strange hooded figure. All rights reserved. There is an odd swirling cloud above his head and after he disappears we can enter the circle. Beat the enemy's nearby to have him join his other brothers. Follow this path to the end of the area and you will find the disc under a large pink tree. After you knock the relics down the first time, players will regain some health back and have to rinse and repeat the process all over again. You are now able to switch between Geddy and Alphonse. If you want to avoid some enemies you can hide behind crates and in bushes to avoid some enemy encounters. They have green hats, green cloaks, and carry green staves that cast light in a small radius. Squishing the cloud will release the water and we must do this to open several of the doors in the dungeon. If you fly straight up, you will see a man playing the drums. Players will have to switch between Alfonse, Otus himself, and Geddy combinations to progress through. Thanks for reading and Congratulations on Conquering - Owlboy -, Codebreak - DPAD Studios - Nintendo Switch - GameFAQs, Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Do this without taking too much damage and dying and you will finish the segment. I suggest reading on in this guide if you would like to know more about the game. This is a secret area that will have the disc in it. He will be your toughest boss of the game so be careful! It has been highly recommended by many steam players and eventually made its way to the Nintendo Switch, and other major consoles/platforms. I am not sure if you can zoom out on the Steam version. It turns out to be an old security system that is still online. Once you get to the relics you will face the levels boss, the Captain of the ship. The trophy will pop after this. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Defeating certain enemy's will cause chests with coins to appear. The next area after you beat the jungle level will be the molten fire area. The game is rather enjoyable, but the price may be steep at 24.99 + Tax on Nintendo Switch. Do this, and we can make our way to the very difficult Forgotten Jungle Dungeon. Players should keep heading up to eventually exit Tropos, we will meet the hooded figure again. Purple Area with the Plants "heart or core". Near the end of the level you will go board the pirate ship. The graphics are a major gripe of mine at times, specifically the ally graphics and even Otus himself. It will also be very dark again. Owl Temple Overview. After the segment is over players can make there way Up from the Frog Robots Remains and this will lead us to Advent. The trick is to know that Otus can jump higher with the long press of the Jump or "A" button. Once this is completed the rock will land on the Pirate Ship. Owlboy is a little indie game that has been released much earlier on steam. That is when the trophy will pop.

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