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THE WALKING DEAD Season 10 Ending Explained Breakdown | Full Episode 16 Finale Review & Predictions . Upon Alex exiting the ship, we dis… Recent Posts. Yes, the daughter is allowed to go to Celeste. So, why would they want to capture Helena when they won’t resume the experiment? A girl discovers that the reality of her life isn't as she believes. That is, until Alex literally barges in and drops the baby bomb! I have a question of my own though: Does anyone know if the big guy with the massive sword got high off a magnet? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. When an engineer named Alex boards her ship for repairs, she invites him to have dinner with her. The two kiss and things quickly escalate from there. Soon, she's telling him she's never kissed anyone. This utopia offers humanity it’s last chance of survival due to Earth’s poisoned oceans and diminishing resources. Orbiter 9 Ending Explained clone revelation. However, some may argue that the film was a bit slow and difficult to understand (not only because of the subtitles). Helena is a 20-something woman who has lived her whole life on the Orbiter 9 space station. Fortunately, her ship needs maintenance. Tones of cool blue and grey lay the foundation for a palatable and simplistic sci-fi environment. He goes home to his cluttered apartment and obsesses over her. It shows that it's Orbiter 9, Hugo looks older, and you can hear countdowns and rockets launching in the background. Things change when a male astronaut embarks on the station and we follow the two characters as they fall in love. Orbiter 9 suggests if you have to rough it out in space, do it with someone you love. The explanation for why these tests must be carried out on individuals who aren't clued in to the fact that they're in a simulation isn't exactly nuanced -- I think it gives the government overlords better test results -- but it doesn't really matter. But hey, not every great romance has to have a tragic end, even in sci-fi! The film follows Helena, who believes that she has lived her entire life, isolated and alone on a spaceship. Alex was a pioneer of the program to reach Celeste and to study the human guinea pigs, but he has now rebelled. But after watching the film, many are curious to have the Orbiter 9 ending explained. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Look no further, because we’ve explained the workings of Netflix’s Orbiter 9 here. He arrives in his own little space-pod, which attaches to Helena's and causes her ship's AI to call out "coupling initiated," a phrase that calls to mind the sexualized rocket-ship ballet of 2001: A Space Odyssey. When Alex steps out of the spacecraft, we find out that they are actually still on Earth! This means that Helena and Alex are on the run from the scientists. Their latest original sci-fi offering is the Spanish flick, Orbiter 9. So, in comes hunky Alex (Álex González from X-Men: First Class), an engineer who fixes her ship. Furious she tracks down her parents and learns the truth about them. Alex comes up with a way to be with Helena again. Throughout this video, I will be discussing the film as well as what I take the ending to symbolise. So, after a push from his virtual wolf therapist, Alex breaks Helena out of her prison. For starters, Helena is a clone created only for a life within an Orbiter. This is, of course, jarring for the character but allows her to be free in many ways. There’s even a scene where Helena reunites with her parents, only to realize they are not her parents at all! Helena might still be inside because she can’t survive in the outside world. It may not shock you, but it isn't going to actively irritate you either -- and that's an improvement over several recent Netflix sci-fi misfires like The Titan or The Cloverfield Paradox. Is it worth taking away one person’s life in order to save millions. Finding out that she is in fact a clone and isn’t classified as a real person still doesn’t matter too much to me and this technicality has clearly been brought in by the government to allow experimentation. Of course, the big bad scientists are on their tail to get their “biowitness” back. Alex skips the dinner, like a jerk. What happened at the end of BoJack Horseman? Enter Alex, a hunky space-repairman brought to muscle-bound life by Álex González of X-Men: First Class. These stories skimp on breathless adventure and cosmic detours; instead, they're all about surviving. At least, that's one of the more outlandish ideas raised by Orbiter 9, Netflix's latest sci-fi original movie to arrive on the platform with all the promotional fanfare typically reserved for secret corporate experiments or well-executed government cover-ups. You must be logged in to post a comment. (We learn this exposition in one of the movie's many inelegant info-dumps.) And humanity’s only hope is Celeste. Alex's newfound devotion to Helena, whom he can't stop thinking about. They fall in love, and he leaves the next day. In the morning, he wakes up and finishes his work before readying to leave. The movie opens with Helena, an astronaut played by Clara Lago, strenuously working out and closely monitoring her health aboard the Orbiter 9, a spacecraft on its way to a distant planet called Celeste. But the running theory on social media is that the movie is a social commentary on exploitation. Helena has spent her life since she was a baby in one of 10 underground vessels called Orbiters. Thanks again for taking the time to watch this video and i’ll see you again next time. For starters, Helena is a clone created only for a life within an Orbiter. Earth isn’t dead, but it’s dying. Orbiter 9 Ending Explained + What the meaning of the film is in this video essay analysis netflix. And the girl looks like she's 14-15. Posted on April 12, 2018 by deffinition. Holocaust similarities too can be found by the fact that the Nazi’s used to experiment on Jews after giving propaganda to the citizens of Germany making the race and religion seem less than human. Then there’s a final scene where she comes out of the simulator and meets with a whole group of people? You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what you’re in for! They make love. Earlier in the movie, Alex mentioned that the space mission to Celeste would get off the ground in another 15 to 20 years. I just watched this Spanish sci-fi movie, and enjoyed it very much. Clearly, dating isn't exactly at the front of her mind. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. I post videos like this regularly and there will definitely be something on the channel that you love. ©2020 Group Nine Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. Netflix discussion, and all things Netflix related! Now that they’ve got Helena back, the scientists are ready to give her a painless death. In the very final scene, the girl looks back at her parents, and we can see her over one of their shoulders. Alex smuggles Helena to his apartment and this allows her to experience the rain and wind on her skin for the first time. Whilst Orbiter 9 was a little slow at times I still greatly enjoyed the film and found that within there was a clear message of love conquering all. She says to the program director she has one condition. Orbiter 9  is a spanish science fiction romantic drama directed by Hatem Khraich. Orbiter 9 can be interpreted in many ways. Maybe my old brain cells aren’t connecting the dots as well as they used to. Orbiter 9 also succeeds visually, with attention to detail and sophisticated costume; viewers are immersed into the ship in which Helena resides.

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