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a) Company/office worker f) Golf What are the best strategies for success on the OPIc? c) Teacher 12. i) Watching your kids play sports Questions constantly updated The evaluation is based on by 5 criteria: 1. c) Watching performance/play Many students choose to take the OPIC test as a means for college entrance, or to get into a specialized program. There are 3 Levels on the test. <> c) House/Apt (with family) b) Housewife Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. m) Gardening a) Reading books for children q) Roller Blading (inline-skating) – Ability to answer the question in a timely manner, even if the speaker does not have knowledge of the subject), 2. k) Playing games by yourself (cards, video, etc) a) Getting a degree However, the highest score on the OPIc test is Advanced Low. r) Horse riding g) Dancing d) Going to a concert What is your job? Realistic exam simulation Our test engine accurately simulates the real exam. h) Writing x) Riding a boat 2. c) Playing musical instruments v) Hiking / Trekking d) Singing (alone) (At least 1) Real-time comparison Know exactly how you are doing with Percentile Scores and Leaderboard rankings. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. It is always better to give the best response one can give than to skip a prompt altogether. stream b) Baseball / Softball %PDF-1.4 o) Helping with housework n) Raising pets, 6. l) Playing games with adults (cards, pool, board games, etc) d) School dormitory Note: Due to increasing numbers of test takers, OPIc has divided the Intermediate Mid level into three additional categories. j) Coaching sports c) No traveling (Vacation at home) h) Tennis OPIC interview details: 11 interview questions and 10 interview reviews posted anonymously by OPIC interview candidates. n) Skiing / Snowboarding ( Log Out /  Does everybody answer the same questions? f) Teaching dance (dance classes) b) Overseas business trip 5 0 obj g) Going to the beach 5. Maybe they will be of use to anyone here whom has students that also need assistance toward preparing for the exam. o) Water Skiing a) Watching movies (at cinema) Text Type  p) Ice Skating Prior to taking the OPIc, each person fills out a background survey (7 questions) that determines the questions that will be given on the test. ), 2. ( Log Out /  Opic Testing Materials - Questions for each topic, Topic: Opic Testing Materials - Questions for each topic. The more advanced prompts will provide more time to respond. e) Going to a Park d) No experience / No job (are you a student? What scores can I get on the OPIc test? What type of dwelling do you live in? aa) I don’t do any physical activity or exercise, 7. When taking the OPIc, listen to the prompts carefully and address all the specific tasks in each prompt. e) Overseas trip. The OPIc itself is not a timed exam, but the response/record time allowed for each question varies depending on the difficulty level of the prompt. 3. Comprehensibility – Ability to clearly answer the question/task, while staying within the subject. Functions / Tasks – Ability to answer the question in a timely manner, even if the speaker does not have knowledge of the subject) 2. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

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