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Portage Learning online labs are engaging and informative. Did you receive actual , physical materials/books or is it all ebooks? I don't know how challenging that specific course is but I've found their science courses to be easier than the fluff courses like Sociology because the science courses aren't writing-intensive. NursingABC and Portage Learning Sort by: Display: Results 1 - 1 of 1. Also just know that they don't take financial aid, so it's all out of pocket. This program offers a number of 100-level college courses in the … I took a Chemistry course with a lab with Nursing ABC. We enjoy living and working here and there’s a unique multi-generational heritage that strengthens the fabric of our communities and provides an excellent environment for raising a family. Has anyone gone through with the a class on portage? She is an optimistic Pirates fan, decent church softball player, and digs an organized closet. Nursing ABC exists to help nursing students start their education, via an online format that is both affordable and flexible to the student’s needs. I didn't do mine through Portage specifically, but Nursing ABC, but I believe they are the same company or affiliated -- I'm not 100% sure on the connection as it's been awhile, but you basically have a module that contains reading material and sometimes videos, depending on the subject. They are accredited, but also make sure that micro credits will transfer with it being online. In addition to high-school level courses, Nursing ABC began offering college-level courses in 2011 through Portage Learning, due to more programs requiring college courses as prerequisites. “Beaver County is home to most of our faculty and staff. How long did the course take you to complete? I did not receive any books for the course. I believe they don't allow you to do more than one exam a day though. “We host meetings and events in local restaurants, cafes, and conference spaces. Portage Learning's mission is to provide quality academic preparation in college courses via accessible, interactive methods and to meet the entrance prerequisites and continuing needs of applicants to colleges and post-secondary schools, with the goal of assisting those schools in training and admitting well-prepared applicants who will positively impact the community. “I believe that there are a number of factors that contribute to our success, but at the core of what we do is the belief that we are called to treat others the way we would like to be treated. NursingABC / Portage Learning. By using the site you agree to our Privacy, Cookies, and Terms of Service Policies. Our members represent more than 60 professional nursing specialties. This compels us to be good neighbors.” said Michalik. I'm signing up for Micro next week haha! Will other schools accept these courses? have you taken the course if so how is it and how did it go. The credits were accepted by my ADN program and now by my BSN program, so they are valid. was it very challenging ? The majority of Nursing ABC students are “non-traditional” (25-40+), and have completed some post-high school education or even have college degrees (it’s very easy to sign up for something like Aventis part time degree courses and, at your own pace, get a unregistered, and even registered, nursing license). How lopng has it taken you? We also encourage and create space for our faculty and staff to spend time with their families and to invest in our communities. The delivery provides direct access to your professor and is flexible, allowing for a life outside of the classroom. Below you will see many common problems students have when using the NursingABC or Portage Learning websites. Did anyone take Ethics and Statistics with Geneva Portage Learning? Portage Labs. I have searched and searched to find detailed reviews of people who have taken a course - to no avail! If you are prepared to deal with the challenges of online learning, the result could be considerable advantages in preparing for professional programs (like taking NursingABC/Portage Learning courses) or engaging in an otherwise inaccessible degree program. 1-612-816-8773. Just started a course today...I'll let you know how it goes. Instructional Designer NursingABC and Portage Learning Beaver Falls, PA Instructional Technology and Design Posted 08/24/20. I'm taking a psychology course through Portage right now and it's even easier than the A&P's. I think if you are confident and dedicated you can do the classes at a faster pace. Students can register and complete their studies at any time throughout the year, and aren’t locked into a traditional school year schedule. The program grew over the years and by 2002, Nursing ABC was established and began offering their curriculum by distance-learning methods. The nutrition course is excellent in content. Specializes in Vents, Telemetry, Home Care, Home infusion. In the past 10 years, the number of faculty has doubled and student enrollment has tripled. Some schools are fine with it being online, others aren't. (Nursing ABC does recommend all students confirm the course will be accepted by the school they are applying.). We make every attempt to empower each of the faculty and staff and to fully trust them to carry out our mission to treat everyone we contact in the way we’d like to be treated, from our vendors, to students, colleagues, and contacts at schools,” explains Steve Michalik, Vice-President, Nursing ABC and Portage Learning. I took both A&Ps (which are 4 credit courses with lab, like micro) through it and it was fairly easy. Specializes in ICU, CCRN. Lauren Walker was born and raised in Pittsburgh and became a resident of Beaver County through marriage. Nontraditional students often have perspectives on their education that focuses on the value of their education in aiding them to advance in their work place, or to find new jobs with better pay or conditions. How was it? Portage Learning (which is affiliated with Geneva College, an accredited private school) runs NursingABC. Specializes in ICU/community health/school nursing. Dr. Hartman began by offering chemistry and soon added algebra and biology to his curriculum. How fast did you complete the nutrition course? I took both A&Ps (which are 4 credit courses with lab, like micro) through it and it was fairly easy. In addition to high-school level courses, Nursing ABC began offering college-level courses in 2011 through Portage Learning, due to more programs requiring college courses as prerequisites., INC, 7900 International Drive #300, Bloomington MN 55425 We bridge the gap to educational opportunities. Would like to know before I invest any monies. All courses satisfy the entrance requirements for high school prerequisites needed for health profession schools. This program offers a number of 100-level college courses in the fields of science, math, psychology and sociology. Haunted Beaver County: Urban Legends and Eerie Feelings, Nursing ABC - An Online Start to Nursing School. CHEM 103: General Chemistry I w/Lab. NursingABC/Portage Learning gave me the freedom and drive to finally take the steps needed to go into my dream career of Nursing. Relevant and good quality course. Currently, Nursing ABC offers Basic Lab Biology, Basic Lab Chemistry, Basic Verbal Skills, Basic Math Concepts, Basic Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Intro to College Math, and Basic Geometry. I was skeptical about it at first, but my school advisor told me it was legit. Portage Learning online labs are engaging and informative. Thinking of taking them with them. With a demand in the nursing field that is growing at a faster rate than the average for other occupations, it is important that those interested in pursuing nursing have every opportunity to receive the proper education. Enabling students to focus on the desired concepts and methodologies, students frequently express their preference for Portage's labs versus wet labs. Our mission is to Empower, Unite, and Advance every nurse, student, and educator. The labs were just videos that you could take extensive notes on, and then the lab exams were open book. In addition to high-school level courses, Nursing ABC began offering college-level courses in 2011 through Portage Learning, due to more programs requiring college courses as prerequisites. NursingABC and Portage Le... Refine Results. A huge upside is that you do not need to purchase a book and the tuition is very cheap (about 1/3 of the cost of taking the course in person at a college). Are these classes accredited? I took 2-3 months per course, but I was also very busy at the time and not single-mindedly focused on getting through the material.

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