north paw vs southpaw

Im awared of that i should be an orthodox but i having it diffucullt to make my body mechanics work well for me. It is the normal stance for a left-handed boxer. Right-handed with southpaw instinct.I’m right handed but though I start in the orthodox stance I keep switching to southpaw, Why? It connecred. Hagler, Wright, Whitaker, Pacquiao, Martinez, Dawson. That means I make them fight as righthanders. first of all your site has alot of helpful information been reading for hours. Is it weird but I can fight both sides ? As this is the knee, they will never walk again. In conclusion, I really like your advice. Sign up to get news, links, and the latest episodes! You can decide whatever you want but my recommendation stays the same. Also what about the hooks? I’m right handed but more cofortable fighting right front. I push if they clinch, first letting them (when they begin to advance) to strike there where I was, either moving backward, or to the side turning away and outside of the person and punch. The hand is holding up and I actually have good power in both hands. I agree with you about Judah – Mayweather though. Thanks a lot for this great stuff! These are boxers that have had their stances converted for some reason. Any tips on how to avoid getting punched in the liver by my ortho sparring partners? But since most people are right handed, when I throw a right jab they can counter it with a straight right or right hook. it just won’t do it. However, the use of that knuckle is my preference. Now, I’m striving to train in boxing because I wanna become a professional boxer too someday. A friend of mine has the same problem, but the other way around. Your boxing trainer told you to keep stepping left and right and pivoting to create angles. Because I am small, and fast, it means I can generate a surprising number of force. And off topic but, I shoot a gun, pull a bow, play pool, throw/kick, write, play guitar with my left, but fight righty. So now i had my strong hand in front. That’s your choice to make. The #1 boxing training website since 2008. So, which is more advantageous for me? 3. Previously, Williams steamrolled numerous certified boxers (Wright) with his style. I wanted to have as many weapons as possible and a deadly overhand. my friend calummy firend calum thinks he can beet me in a boxing match? He didn’t care about power. What else is there? Im orthodox and i tried to study southpaw a long time ago and yes its very possible to develope that left hand so you’ll be strong both hands..Here in the philippines, you can see lots of orthodox who switched to southpaws ..haha i dont know i think it’s because of Pac ! My trainer said that i am doing better with the southpaw stance and i sould practise both stances…what do you think? But having done your eye test I now know my right eye is the dominant one, which means I should be orthodox ? It just needs to be fast and accurate which is definitely something that you can train into your weak arm. i skate goofy (right leg at the front) There is never any reason to take a hit, when you know you can take the hit, and are fast enough not to. Southpaws don’t like fighting southpaws so much because they have to work so much harder to get shots in. and ive noticed my slipping and rolling in orthodox feels a little less natural. In general, you would always have your strongest hand in the back. Hi Johnny! Hey Johnny, been interested in getting into boxing for a while and found your site. Lv 6. However, keeping my shoulder bursitis in mind, I think it would prolong my life as a boxer if I began training as a southpaw fighter. It’s because both are usually more reliant on the easy-to-use 1-2 and never need the right hook too much against orthodox fighters. i spend a lot of time against them, and theyre good partners they help to develop skill. If only I was young again! So basically, strong right arm, but (very) weak right eye. Southpaw means left handed. Skyman00. So I’ve never really been a southpaw, so for the past years I’ve used my right side, an my best punch is the left hookercut, an best kick is the left hook kick.

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