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Not so long ago storytelling was a dominant mode in hip-hop. The ecstatic fresh-faced youths who look like they’ve never seen a live hip-hop show before—they’re definitely not bored. На музыкальном портале Зайцев.нет Вы можете бесплатно скачать Yelawolf & Kid Rock - Let's Roll в формате MP3. Not even the old heads, lurking in the back, watching intently with their arms folded across their chests, hats pulled down low, heads bobbing. Better recognize game, lets roll, lets roll “You gotta be a tough motherfucker to be white and from Alabama and make it in this shit!”. “This generation of MCs,” KP asserts “no one tells a story like Yelawolf does.”. “You think about all the greatest bands, they all had great radio records—all of them. Better recognize game, lets roll, lets roll From the instant he took the stage he made it clear: no one puts on a live rap show quite like Yelawolf. Way back on Creek Water he was a white boy putting “the truth in my rhymes,” like on the moody title track: “In New Orleans they got them gators that will bite you / In Alabama we got moccasins that strike you / Sometimes they wear white hoods, even the cops do.”, “He’s guarding a couple cultures at the same time,” KP says. Split you in my overalls Yeah, I'm going off Yeah, I'm going off He’s having fun with it. That’s a place where we all end up at some point in our lives. Dude’s been on the road for nearly two years straight. The DIY chemsitry set is running out of funk, time is running over, and Yelawolf’s manager, “J-Dot” Jones is getting anxious. Those two are the world’s biggest...I’m cut from both of those pieces. Ain't got a whole lot but I'ma show it off “I just wanted to be ‘we, we, we instead of ‘me’,” he says. White trash and all, take us all the way to the top and then laugh it off “I’m cut from both of those pieces. “It kind of came from like this whole ‘keep it real’ thing, where I kept it so real, it became brutally honest,” he explains. Joining us on the tour bus for the ride to Baltimore are various friends and stagehands, three-time DMC Champion DJ Craze, and Wolf’s signee Rittz, and Fefe Dobson, a cute Canadian pop singer with her own burgeoning career. Watching him come to life like this, you can see why he’s a star. J Dot goes to the back to wake him, then leaves. Black Sabbath. I might go to Talladega and see me a race I’ve seen some motherfuckers pop the trunk, and I’ve also seen people being pulled out of a car by complete strangers, their lives having been saved. Yelawolf shouts, as a beaker of gurgling green liquid belches smoke all over the bar. He’s sold more records than the Beatles.”, But Em gave his artist full control when it came to songwriting. It’s smoking weed at 11, dust at 12, acid at 13, and selling ecstasy by age 16. White trash and all, take us all the way to the top and then laugh it off He’s like, ‘Your opinion is WRONG.’ What am I gonna say? Windows closed, shades down, we can hear the thump of DJ Craze’s opening set. Big trucks in the yard, big bucks on the wall, country folks all around Scopri più di 56 milioni di brani, crea le tue playlist e condividi i tuoi brani preferiti con i tuoi amici. See more ideas about Yelawolf, Hairstyle, Shady records. I made my own lane, let's roll, let's roll Like how the fuck did I get a catalog with more hits than a fucking jackhammer dog How I was raised, eight oh eight drums quaking, they shake that box, eighty eight Far from it. Ain't about the money I'ma blow it off Then in March 2010 he released the lyrically dizzying opus, Trunk Muzik, through KP’s Ghet-O-Vision imprint. “Because of the perception, and the story that I tell, I started getting called a redneck,” he says. See more ideas about Mullet hairstyle, Mullet haircut, Mens hairstyles. No one has slept much. Now its time to write songs and make great albums. Anybody can wind up at the bottom, or “the gutter,” as Yelawolf calls it. It’s riding the school bus from Antioch, Tennessee to the projects of Nashville and feeling hip-hop connection. “We were all joking around, like, ‘You know how much white rap is in this room right now?” Yelawolf recalls. He seems genuinely satisfied with his current place in life. “Those two are the world’s biggest,” Wolf adds, noting that he didn’t feel the least bit intimidated chopping it up with the two veterans—perhaps because he shared so much in common with them. I made my own lane, let's roll, let's roll It’s easy to imagine that he wrote the song for his own mom, but like many writers do, he maintains a shroud of fiction to allow himself some distance from the story. Ain't got a whole lot but I'ma show it off I'm just a boy with a dream “But I’m just getting started.”, Superglued - Yelawolf Concert Photos, Videos, and Tickets. Especially when he talks about losing his girl to some “punk-ass Abercrombie-wearing motherfucker” and ending up “broken-hearted in the Chevy.” Sounds like the real Yelawolf, born Michael Wayne Atha—just a kid from Gadsden, Alabama who raps like a demon poet. He’s definitely not trying to replace himself. You wouldn’t have guessed it from the show he put on last night, but his grueling tour schedule might just be catching up to him. Yeah, I'm going off If I haven’t already proved that I’m creating my own space, then Radioactive is definitely going to do that. But don’t get it twisted: he’s not one of these white rappers who thinks it cute to drop the N-word. Ain't about the money I'ma blow it off Now I bang Beretta It’s not so easy to have it ‘Made in USA.’ It takes a lot of hard work.”. For Yelawolf, the Gutter is a trailer park in rural Alabama. It’s living on the streets in Berkeley, California, skateboarding and doing what he could to get by. Slick Rick. Faux Hawk Mullet Haircut. “I try to become those records, man,” Yelawolf says. Yeah home of the gumbo, got a couple folks that'd do it to you for hundo' Trollish, with long frizzy red hair tucked under a black beanie, Rittz is one of Yelawolf’s closest collaborators. Yeah buddy, might go off, split you like a bowling ball Yelawolf demands a connection with the crowd, and he’s not afraid of using on-stage theatrics to get it. They met through mutual friends in Rittz’s native Atlanta. And bring me case, yeah I'm bringing a case, I'm gettin' throwed off “She said, ‘I know you gave me everything, but love is not enough. Yeah, I'm going off He racked up over 250 shows in 2011 alone. Yeah home of the gumbo, got a couple folks that'd do it to you for hundo' Better recognize game, lets roll, lets roll, JAMES M. GIANNOS, DOMINIC J. JORDAN, MICHAEL WAYNE ATHA, JASON P D BOYD, DAEN ALEXANDER SIMMONS, Peermusic Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG Rights Management. Six feet tall, tatted up to his ears with a face like an old-Hollywood matinee idol, he’s rocking a plaid button-down, low-slung cargo pants, and big, disco-style sunglasses with his signature mohawk mullet matted across his head. This side of Yelawolf is magnetic. Kid Rock gave them a tour of his property, including the warehouse where he keeps his cars—including the original General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard, Hank Williams Senior’s Cadillac, and the first Cadillac ever to roll off the line in Detroit. Ain't about the money I'ma blow it off But musically, they are very different. He’s tapped into those diverse influences on Radioactive, which is quite literally his attempt at becoming more active on the radio. “He signed me. Dipped in mossy oak, with a mullet Mohawk Split you in my overalls Shit, I'm another lit cannon ball The result is a remarkably well-balanced rap album, with roots firmly planted in an eclectic range of musical sounds—from Southern-fried rock to electronic dance beats and power ballads. Yelawolf’s live show is the opposite of boring. While Wolf may be tired of comparisons to his label boss, it’s better than being likened to any of the other legion of white rappers currently flooding the scene. The hip-hop, the lyricism, the pain, the struggle of Marshall. ", “Honestly I thought that getting on Shady was going to kill the comparisons, but it almost amplified them,” says Yelawolf. His boldest pre-emptive strike may be the three bold block letters tattooed on his neck, spelling out the word RED. Yeah and the dope boys hotter than hells gate, but I, still in the shade I don’t have to try to get a deal. As KP points out, “Wolf doesn’t have anyone else he can relate to being a white rapper who’s dope, who is respected by black MCs, and respects that art as black culture.”, “He was fully a mentor on this project,” Yelawolf says of Eminem. Sprawled across the seats, he speaks slowly, carefully. With a fold out chair, a thirty pack on the back of that tailgate I kinda married those two feelings in one.”, Yelawolf’s southern redneck pride is just as important as his commitment to hip-hop, and he’s made it his personal mission never to compromise either one. Yeah and the dope boys hotter than hells gate, but I, still in the shade “I’m down for the fight. She's 22 and I keep her in a tube top

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