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Injuring yourself is the worst way to start your training season. The Mirafit M3 Adjustable Weight Bench boasts all the quality of the previous bench but beefs things up a little. Built from 11 and 14 gauge steel, the Ironmaster Super Bench is about as near to commercial as you are going to get in the under £350 price bracket. Strength Equipment . What is the best home exercise machine for weight loss? This is where this bench shines. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. In term of practicality and space-saving, packages like Ironmaster Compact Home Gym are perfect for storing and comfortable moving. Build up your collection of strength equipment with everything you need for a solid workout. Although it offers an array of possibilities, is it user-friendly? But the most important thing is that it doesn’t take much space and you can take it with you ANYWHERE.

Furthermore, it can be a nifty replacement for flooring at your home gym. The Mirafit adjustable bench is a sturdy, heavy-duty bench for serious weight trainers. Harfreys Road seated row, Raises to the challenge with more advanced training, A favourite in American and Canadian home gyms for decades, 24 exercises to choose from and 8 levels of resistance, A lat pull down, vertical press with dual hand position, a pec-dec and a foam padded leg extension, Exercises you can do: seated rows, arm curls, pushdowns weighted ab crunches, lat pulldowns, Includes useful additional features that other pulley machines usually don’t, Sturdy design, can handle users up to 400 lbs, A multi-functional machine with adjustable bench and leg extension, It folds easily and once folded up the unit is pretty compact, Provides a range of different types of exercise, Changing resistance and positions is extremely easy, Operation of the cable and pulleys is smooth, Resistance should be plenty for average people looking for improved fitness, The resistance rod technology may take some time to get used to, May not be challenging enough for more advanced trainers, Powerful 1000 lb (450 kg) capacity in the flat position of the bench, Useful and space-efficient attachments, fantastic for home use and saving space, The vertical storage unit has been designed with the smallest of home gyms in mind, Appealing-looking and practical dumbbell set, easy to use, with additional weight add-ons available that go up to 165lbs, Discounted package – a more affordable price than if you buy the products individually, Comes in a lot of packaging and can be time-consuming to set up, 600 lb capacity on an incline might be too low for strong/heavy lifters, The bench may be too narrow for more advanced lifters, More on the high-end side, compared to other dumbbell sets, A good deal, worth the money, compares well to similar compact gyms, Versatile in exercising options, great for full body forming, Some reviews have mentioned the inconveniences in assembling the machine, Some people advise using vaseline or similar for a smoother lifting, Excellent quality and solid workout for the price, Not so versatile compared to other similar products, Suitable only for beginner to intermediate trainers, Limiting in terms of exercising all muscle groups, Very comfortable to use, design made to help users exercise safely and easily, May not be tall enough for some people (if you are quite tall), Some customers had problems with delivered parts and basic instructions, Some customers complained about the length being too much for shorter users, Although foldable, it gets bulky and hard to store (better leaving it assembled), Although foldable, larger than expected and very tall, Reported to make distracting noise when used, Narrow and for some body types uncomfortable bench. It will be the foundation of pretty much all of your workouts. In just five years has gone from not running at all to becoming a running enthusiast, totally in love with travelling the world for running marathons every time in a different location. Get weekly healthy living posts straight into your inbox.You can unsubscribe any time. If buying a one-piece home gym machine sounds too intimidating and expensive, there are other options to consider that can be as effective as a compact gym, but easier on the wallet. If your aim is to increase your strength, also consider working with free weights such as dumbbells, medicine ball and kettlebell. If a leg extension or chest fly adds to the room required, it needs to be factored in when you’re working out the space you require.

Also, very important features to consider are delivery, assembly and safety. But what a bench like the M3 lacks in decline, it does make up for by being an excellent bench in flat.

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