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If you get false positives for “Heating failed” increase WATCH_TEMP_PERIOD and/or decrease WATCH_TEMP_INCREASE. These settings are used to override the home position. A probe deployed by moving the x-axis, such as the Wilson II’s rack-and-pinion probe designed by Marty Rice. Marlin is a huge C++ program composed of many files, but here we’ll only be talking about the two files that contain all of Marlin’s compile-time configuration options: These two files contain all of Marlin’s build-time configuration options. Two separate X-carriages with extruders that connect to a moving part via a solenoid docking mechanism. More information will be included in an upcoming Delta configuration page. The photo can be triggered by a digital pin or a physical movement. Enable this option to keep the endstops on (by default) even when not homing. // For direct drive, the full length of the nozzle. Add the M240 to take a photo. open menu mobile menu toggle button. This option is useful to figure out the cause of unexpected behaviors, or when reporting issues to the project. This option adds the Z parameter to M420 which sets a fade distance over which leveling will be gradually reduced. This option applies only to character-based displays. It may also indicate an issue with the heater MOSFET or relay that is causing it to stay on. #define DISABLE_Z true ", #define G29_RECOVER_COMMANDS "M117 Probe failed. Commands like M92 only change the settings in volatile memory, and these settings are lost when the machine is powered off. #define NEOPIXEL_TYPE NEO_GRBW // NEO_GRBW / NEO_GRB - four/three channel driver type (defined in Adafruit_NeoPixel.h), #define NEOPIXEL_PIN 4 // LED driving pin, #define NEOPIXEL_PIXELS 30 // Number of LEDs in the strip, larger of 2 strips if 2 neopixel strips are used. MIXING_EXTRUDER enables M163 - set mix factor, M164 - save mix, and M165 - set mix. #define TEMP_SENSOR_CHAMBER 0, // Dummy thermistor constant temperature readings, for use with 998 and 999, #define DUMMY_THERMISTOR_998_VALUE 25 You may have to temporary remove the hot end so that the filament can be extruded in order to make measurements. Now we come to the thermal settings section of the Marlin firmware where things get a bit more complicated, however, we don’t need to touch the complicated stuff to get the printer up and running. Bang-bang is a pure binary mode - the heater is either fully-on or fully-off for a long period. Either the Z height can continue to raise/lower by the established tilt of the nearest grid box (best when most of the bed was probed), or it can follow the contour of the nearest edge (the default). In a Dual X-Carriage setup the first x-carriage (T0) homes to the minimum endstop, while the second x-carriage (T1) homes to the maximum endstop. it might be a timing issue. For boards based on the AT90USB. All Rights Reserved. Hot end thermal protection can be tuned with these sub-options. Err: MINTEMP: This error means your thermistor has disconnected or become an open circuit. On every high the motor will execute one microstep. I don’t guarantee that the information in this Marlin firmware guide is accurate, however, if you spot any mistakes please leave a comment at the end of the post. See the following sources for detailed explainations on Junction Deviation: This option eliminates vibration during printing by fitting a Bézier curve to move acceleration, producing much smoother direction changes. { -14.0, 1200 }, \ The Sanguino board requires adding “Sanguino” support to Arduino IDE. The boards.h file has the most up-to-date listing of supported boards, so check it first if you don’t see yours listed there. #define BED_MINTEMP 5, #define HEATER_0_MAXTEMP 285 Save the file. #endif, #define MAX_CMD_SIZE 96 The above defines the printable area of the 3d printer after homing. These values may be set to the fastest speeds your machine can achieve. Toolheads are locked with a servo. Open Preferences and locate the Additional Boards Manager URLs field. This option hides the SD card from the host PC. Some examples: stepper/driver heatsink, active cooling, dual motors on the axis, reduce microstepping, check belt for over tension, check components for smooth motion, etc. #define PARKING_EXTRUDER_SOLENOIDS_DELAY 250 // (ms) Delay for magnetic field. //#define Z_PROBE_SERVO_NR 0 // Defaults to SERVO 0 connector. Only AUTO_BED_LEVELING_BILINEAR and AUTO_BED_LEVELING_UBL support DELTA. if you can please email me to and we will take it from there. This can be pretty fast. The ANTCLABS BLTouch probe uses custom circuitry and a magnet to raise and lower a metal pin which acts as a touch probe. This test restarts with any M104/M109, but only if the current temperature is far enough below the target for a reliable test. Enabling pull up resistors will ensure that the end stop signal line will read a digital 1, and when the signal line is shorted to ground by the limit switch, you get a digital 0. #define SHOW_CUSTOM_BOOTSCREEN This option adds G10/G11 commands for automatic firmware-based retract/recover. #define DISABLE_X false In every interrupt call we execute 2 (double stepping) or 4 (quad stepping) high signals in a fast This option reverses the encoder direction for navigating LCD menus. It can also be used to set the spindle speed from 5,000 to 30,000 RPM. These options specify the three points that will be probed during G29. #define EXTRUDE_MAXLENGTH 200, #define THERMAL_PROTECTION_HOTENDS // Enable thermal protection for all extruders #define DEFAULT_MINTRAVELFEEDRATE 0.0, #define DEFAULT_MINSEGMENTTIME 20000, #define BACKLASH_COMPENSATION If you typically use 1.75mm filament, but physically measure the diameter as 1.70mm, you should still use 1.75 if that’s what you have set in your slicer. Enable if your probe or endstops falsely trigger due to noise. Les développeurs qui ont conçu le firmware marlin (Erik van der Zalm) ont veillé à placer toutes les variables de configuration dans un seul fichier et ce qui simplifiera notre tâche. Every 3D printer will have a hotend thermistor, and most will have a bed thermistor. Add a secondary fan speed for each print-cooling fan. This allows Marlin to leverage the C++ preprocessor and include only the code and data needed for the enabled options. #if ENABLED(ENCODER_RATE_MULTIPLIER), #define ENCODER_10X_STEPS_PER_SEC 30 // (steps/s) Encoder rate for 10x speed, #define ENCODER_100X_STEPS_PER_SEC 80 // (steps/s) Encoder rate for 100x speed

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