mafia roles generator

You are Neutral and win when you are the only player remaining.You are The Survivor. If you are assigned to make the kill, your action cannot be Blocked. - Uses hex power which has a 50% chance of randomizing their target's night action. the uninformed majority) must try to vote off scum like the Mafia and unfriendly Neutrals without being tricked into voting off their own. Mafia Roles:You are the Don of the Mafia. If you die at night, the following day phase will be skipped. At 7 players, 4 is just over 50%, a good number for the Town. You may not be assigned to make the kill unless you are the last remaining member of the Mafia. Vision - Has 1 day kill, and has a one time night action of making themselves intangible, making them immune from all night actions. Mystique - Can choose the role they want to be detected at for the night/or choose to act as a thief. It can seriously ruin the fun for everyone else, and it may result in future negative consequences depending on the moderator.9) I am sure I am leaving out something obvious.10) Seriously, no whining. Standard Town Roles. One random player who targets that player will die. - Super saint. May call for a revote once per game. Addendum: I have decided to increase the Town pool at Role 14 with the dupe RB/MD/TR roles. Forbidden romance, passion, lust that may or may not develop into something more. At night, you may target another player and force them to be Misdirected into another player of your choice. At night, you may target another player. - Donald Blake functions as doctor. Is not aware of who the other villains are, the other villains are not aware of Mystique. Fancy yourself as some kind of wiseguy? At night, you may target a player and permanently raise or lower their vote threshold by 1 (you may select yourself). - Phoenix transforms into Dark Phoenix after a certain number of days. This sentinel can choose any role from the comic book variant list. Takes over killing role if Master Sentinel dies. Scarlet Witch - Uses hex power which has a 50% chance of randomizing their target's night action. When he does he will say in chat during the day only "Defuse " once the bomb is defused the carbomber is reduced to a townie. Mafia-Aligned Roles Mafia - Regular mafia-aligned role. Once your kill has been used, you will become vanilla. I had debated doubling up the Town RB, MD, and Tracker earlier, so when I needed exactly 3 Town roles to stretch to 30 players, I figured is was just meant to be.You can technically stretch this out to 33 players, but every single role will be in the game, taking out all randomness. This randomizes their target's action. At night, you may target another player, that player will be Blocked, his action will fail, and no other player will be able to target that player, forcing them to fail. Or you can give the Bomb Squad leader one defuse a day and let the Terrorist keep placing bombs on people. This is to help offset the fact that the Mafia will likely be inflated if he is on the team.The Mafia is given access to a Power Cop at 19+ players. If you are lynched, the following night phase will be skipped. Think Death of Superman confusion era.). Thank you for stepping by! 1 more player and they have just shy of 1/3, a good place to be. The Incredible Hulk - If lynched, kills everyone that voted for them. Is not aware of who the other villains are, the other villains are not aware of Mystique. I understand that my set of eyes is biased and I could be easily overlooking an obvious error. This word becomes the word bomb. Dark Phoenix - Phoenix transforms into Dark Phoenix after a certain number of days. Doing so will result in an instant death at the hands of the mod.7) Do not, under any circumstances edit your posts. Sauron can choose to release their hold and go after another target. This person has one shot to find the carbomber. His job is to make commentary. His win condition is not dependent on any Mafia or Town success, so he has little reason to go after the Mafia or help the Town (as both factions would rather keep the Survivors alive for votes). You win when there are no more threats to the Mafia.You are the Mafia Tracker. Sentinel - Regular Sentinel. You may also "Leave Vote [Player Name]" and that player will given control of your vote until you reclaim it (all this must be done obviously and in bold).3) At Night, players MUST send in their actions. If you make the kill this way, you will die and cannot be Doctored.You are the Mafia Snoopy. Phoenix - Townie but after a certain number of days turns into Dark Phoenix, becoming a lone wolf type character, gaining the ability to kill at day and at night. At night, you may target another player, and that player will die. If someone has claimed their role, during the night Wolverine can ask the host to confirm or deny their target's role. Okay so some serious copy paste. If you are assigned to make the kill, your target's character and alignment will be hidden, and you will be informed to the character's name. If the Bomb Squad leader is wrong than he waists his defuse but will not know until the target is dead. - Like an evil Marine Architect. You win when there are no more threats to the Town.You are the Town Bus Driver At night, you may target two other players (Player A and Player B); and anyone else who targets Player A will be Misdirected into Player B, and anyone else who targets Player B will be Misdirected into Player A. Mafia is a simple but addictive role-playing game for 5-25 players. Master Sentinel - Leader of Sentinels. Their target can not say they are being mind controlled. Cop Used with 16 or more players. Martyr, Paladin, White Knight, Private Security, Body Double, Human Shield, Protective, Manipulative, Multi-targeting, Claim Killer, Character Vigilante, Guesser, Riddler, Name Vigilante, Mechanics Seer, Mechanics Oracle, Oracle, Prophet, Mechanics Cop, Loremaster, Shaman, Recruiter, Missionary, Seductress, Full Cop, Sheriff, Seer, Investigator, Psychic, Bloodhound, Scout, Detective, Diviner, Analyst, Government Agent, Oracle, Commandant, Fortune Teller, Mortician, Forensic Cop, Undertaker, Medical Examiner, Manipulative, Mission, Role-changing, Third Party, Backup Cop, Retired Cop, Apprentice Seer, Latent Seer, Latent Cop, Archangel, Sorcerer, Herbalist, Angel, Guardian, Cleric, Mediator, Physician, Mayor, Politician, Noble, Elder, Multivoter, Judge, Informed Townie, Knowledgable Townie, Beholder, Communicative, Passive, Support, Mass Effect, Killing, Role-changing, Communicative, Third Party, Linked, Communicative, Killing, Third Party, Linked, Fake Gunsmith, Fake Blacksmith, Fake Armorsmith, Super Watcher, Crime Scene Investigator, Death Watcher, Passive, Support, Mass Effect, Role Reveal, Vengeful, Revenant, Dirty Old Bastard, Brutal, Woodcutter, Magician, JOAT, Witch, Druid, Conjurer, Mage, Prostitute, Jailor, Paranoid Doctor, Consort, Hooker, Escort, Nurse, Armor, Godfatherizer, Corrupt Lawyer, Chameleonizer, Nosy Neighbor, Invisible Man, Tabloid Reporter, Infiltrator, Spy, Bloodsucker, Woodcutter, Tree Stump Maker, Prince, Unlynchable, Unlynchable Townie, Armoire, Ghost Whisperer, Whisperer, Psychic, Spirit Talker, Mindreader, Mailman, Courier, Whisperer, Gossip, Telepath, Spy, Journalist, Message Sender, Mission, Third Party, Informative, Multi-targeting, Minstrel, Town Crier, Newscaster, Dawn Narrator, Voteless, Minor, Good Samaritan, Pacifist, Non-Voter, Reviver, Angel, Retributionist, Healer, CPR Instructor, Witch Doctor, Retributionist, Specific Bodyguard, Character Bodyguard, Targeted Bodyguard, Role-changing, Multi-power, Power-gaining, Transporter, Amplifier, Rescuer, Cheerleader, Vigilante, Compulsive Vigilante, Overeager Vigilante, Misleading, Passive, Third Party, Mass Effect, Communicative, Role-changing, Informative, Manipulative, Role-changing, Multi-targeting, Mimic, Burglar, Thief, Doppelgänger, Pirate Baker, Bouncer, Blocker, Escort, Consort, Hooker, Prostitute, Drunk, Witch, Disabler, Informative, Support, Multi-targeting, Multi-power, Multi-power, Informative, Power-gaining, Role Reveal, Chaos Maker, Flying Great Pumpkin, Multiple User Personality, Self-Tailor, Chameleon, Mimic, Impostor, Morpher, Blackmailer, Dentist, Kidnapper, Old Hag, Spellcaster, Juggernaut, Expert, Unstoppable Force, Bruiser, Hitman, Protective, Manipulative, Killing, Communicative, Gravedigger, Amnesiac, Preservationist, Scavenger, Villager, Citizen, Human, Townsperson, Innocent, Mission, Third Party, Communicative, Linked, Lunatic, Killer, Sniper, Renegade, Soldier, Barbarian, Savage, Assassin, Warrior, Hitman, If this is your first visit, be sure to

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