louie and webby fanfiction

“You three don’t deserve to be my sons.” Gyro said. for Best Friends. “Let’s just say, it’s very awkward at the manor right now.” Scrooge said. “Louie and I are supposed to be watching Ottoman Empire.” Huey said. Dewey rushed forward to sit in the seat beside her. “It’s okay, honey. Lena moved to sit down on her bed, watching Webby work on Della’s hair. “What is it, Uncle Scrooge?” Della asked gently. “I think he’s working on a new prototype for a sprinkler system for McDuck Water and Electric.” Quackfaster said. When Della opened the front door, and entered the foyer, she saw Scrooge, Beakley, Donald, Dewey, Lena, and Webby waiting for her. Dewey slid down from Scrooge’s lap, and moved to take Della’s hand. I’ll be right here when you wake up.” Della said. She, Elvira, Webby, and Dewey followed after Lena. Donald, Huey, B.O.Y.D., and Louie got up, and followed after Lena and Webby. “I told her that I’d be fine with you and Lena taking care of me.” Webby said. Meanwhile, Huey, Louie, Donald, Ludwig, Elvira, Webby, and Lena had joined Dewey in the parlor. Scrooge watched her exit the study, before standing up. “What is it, Uncle Scrooge?” Della asked. Next up, Dewey and Webby. As of chapter fifty-six, Elvira and Ludwig reside permanently in McDuck Manor. “Did you enjoy the movie, sweetheart?” Scrooge asked. “Uncle Donald says that too.” Dewey said. Della took Dewey’s hand, and followed after Louie. Della moved forward, and settled down beside Scrooge. Lena moved forward, and grasped Beakley’s hand. An unexpected yet perfectly contrasting pair. “Did you and the girls have a good day?” Huey asked. “I’m so glad we’re at Castle McDuck.” Dewey said. “Yes, there is.” Scrooge said. Mãma loves having him as her grandson.” Fenton said. “Della’s going to take me, Violet, and Lena to a movie soon.” Webby said. “Are you and Uncle Ludwig ready to go to the houseboat, Grandma?” Donald asked. “Uncle Scrooge gave us each fifty cents last night.” Huey said. “It wasn’t an invasion. He just clung to me all day.” Scrooge said. This old house finally feels like a real home again.” Scrooge said. “Now we get all the ingredients ready.” Della said. She sniffled, and wiped the tears from her eyes. “I am too, it’ll be wonderful to see them.” Della said. “Yes, and the perfect opportunity for a family photograph.” Scrooge said. “They know I care about them.” Gyro said. “I loved playing in the snow when I was your age.” Della said. “Yes, they’ve just arrived.” Scrooge said. We can start decorating tomorrow.” Beakley said. “Technically, that was a rocket.” Della said. Della stood up, Dewey sliding from her lap, and moved to embrace Scrooge. “It doesn’t mean he’ll cut off our inheritance.” Webby said quickly. She watched as Dewey crawled onto Della’s lap. “Let’s go down and eat dinner.” Scrooge said. “Is the oven preheated?” Dewey asked, as Della lifted him up onto a chair. “He’s always been emotional, and he always wants attention. He stood up, causing Webby to slide down from his lap. As you all know, Webby’s friend Lena has recently been brought back from the shadow realm, and just before the Shadow War, I made a promise to Lena, that Webby has reminded me I’ve yet to fulfill.” Scrooge said. “Uncle Donald loves photography. “Launchpad and I finally fixed the engine of the Sunchaser.” Donals said. Dewey moved over, and climbed up into Scrooge’s lap. Dewey needs her.” Scrooge said firmly. She stood up, and watched Huey rush out of the room. “You’re welcome to help if you want, lad.” Scrooge said. She’ll be picked up this afternoon.” Webby said. “We have something we want to talk about, Mom.” Huey said. Della moved closer to Scrooge, and leaned her head against Scrooge’s shoulder. “Will you spend the day with me and Lena, Della?” Webby asked. “Can we watch home movies at the reunion?” Dewey asked. “I’m showing Grandad and Uncle Ludwig the houseboat.” Donald said. Louie, who hadn't actually been paying attention to the movie, quickly averted his eyes to focus on the screen and not…Webby's face. Lena was sitting at Quackfaster’s feet, looking at a photo album. “Figures that you’d be the first to forgive her.” Louie muttered. So I wouldn't have to be alone and so maybe I could actually fall asleep. Milk was different than a snack right? Lena got up, and guided Webby towards the library. Anyways, Lena’s safety is more important.” Scrooge said. I missed you. “I remember us losing every game.” Webby said. Della rushed forward, and collapsed into a chair. Della glanced at a portrait of Fergus and Downy, before heading up the stairs. “I’ll be right beside you. On top of that, this is the first episode where Louie and Webby finally get an episode together. She and Dewey followed Huey to the dining room. He stood up, Dewey sliding down from his lap. I was the only one considered too.” Della said. “Woah. I will see when my schedule will allow me some time off to reunite with our niece.” Von Drake said. We believe you.” Scrooge said. “Can my friend, B.O.Y.D. “It’s wonderful to be here with all of you.” Downy said. When they arrived, they saw Fergus, Downy, and Matilda settled down at the table. Suddenly, Della, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Lena, and Webby entered the room. A lot of people ship him with Webby for this reason but as clearly shown in The Daytrip of Doom, Webby can derail quite a bit. “Let’s get going, kiddos.” Scrooge said, as he and Della got into the car. “This Christmas is going to be amazing.” Della said. Donald can’t do it alone.” Duckworth said. “Donald acts more like a father to them then he does.” Della said. He moved forward, and crawled up into Della’s lap. “It’s so nice to have you kids home again.” Scrooge said. “I love you too, my darling.” Downy said. They’ll be fine.” Webby said. You did really good.” Della said. They’re spending Christmas with me and my kids.” Scrooge said. Della moved forward, and embraced Donald tightly. The package is safe in my desk.” Scrooge said patiently. Here are some lame screenshots of some of their cute moments. “It’s the vultures, isn’t it?” Louie asked. Della led the way out the doorway, and towards the Sunchaser. “What do you think Aunt Lulabelle wants, Uncle Scrooge?” Dewey asked. Will one of you come with me?” Lena said. Dewey was nestled against Della. “You’re welcome, my darling. “Have a good day, I love you.” Della said. “I haven’t been here in ages.” Della said. He grasped the scruff of Louie’s hoodie, and dragged him out the front door. “I love you too, my darling.” Scrooge said warmly. She already made a chocolate cake with Della and Dewey.” Scrooge said. Gyro’s never shown any love towards us.” Dewey said. Dewey was nestled in Della’s lap. I have 980 vacation days saved up.” Beakley said. “I’ve got a Junior Woodchuck meeting tomorrow.” Huey said. Here’s Why. Launchpad moved to stand beside the fireplace. “Is there anything else you girls want to do?” Della asked. She watched as Dewey stood up, and moved to grasp Della’s hand. Dewey nodded, and slid down from Della’s lap. “How do you know that, honey?” Della asked. Huey, Lena, and Louie were settled down at Quackfaster’s feet, looking at a photo album.

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