lord of the rings extended essay

Scruton. The One Ring can be a source of endless power, but many temptations and corruption are connected to this power. In short this novel has won the hearts of many .This novel is a must read. New laws were enforced and the citizens’ freedom was taken away. Tolkien) most notable work. First off, I started by researching what role the Ring has for the course of events in the book and how come it is so powerful and thus desired by almost everyone. This is only for those with great power of their own. However, he is aware of his flaws and is capable of controlling his impulses, which allows him to resist the Ring’s temptation. The Ring can grant power, but with this power come many temptations and corruption. Frodo, just like Isildur before him, stands in the crack of Mount Doom, having the opportunity to destroy the Ring, but at that moment even the innocent soul of the hobbit yields to temptation. "Hating the Ring, but loving it at the same time," (Harvey, 1995) Gollum even swears that he will help Frodo finish his quest, but knowing his previous actions and the way he treats Frodo and Sam, it could be deduced that he g that oath just to get his hands on the Ring again. Their homes were not caves, but were elaborate dwellings that could rival the homes of many of the people who we meet today... Professional team of writers is able to craft custom essay from scratch according to your instructions. "The Lord of the Rings" is a fantasy book, with many story lines. He bites it off Frodo’s finger, but during his mad celebration he falls into the lava of Mount Doom, thus ending the rule of the One Ring. The powers of the sword are demonstrated several times in the book, as it shines when there is a battle. As the Fellowship’s journey unfolds, his desire for the Ring becomes stronger and at the hills of Amon Hen he demands it from Frodo. His good nature prevails, and it is clear that he wants to have no interaction with it. Both of these have had a profound effect on the world, whether it be through changing a way of life or just by making time pass for a few hours. The Lord of the Rings is an enchanting story with masterful use of setting and sensational characters that engages readers and can move them to experience life in a deeper way. They are able to understand what kind of evil the Ring is and this is why they do not want it for themselves. It is only with his last breath that he confesses to Aragorn that he tried to take the Ring from Frodo and that he has paid.". Two philosophers, Scruton and Hart write their recipes for sustainability. In no way is he a perfect human being. Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings, where the ultimate power source created contains enough power that the master of the Ring becomes in turn the master of Middle Earth, and absolute power follows in accordance to absolute corruption of he who possesses it. This shows that every hour he spends with the Ring; Frodo becomes more tempted by the power that it can grant. Feedback of people who used our services. Thus we see the transformation of Frodo from one who is naive concerning the Ring to one who is able to indirectly use its power.". The aim of this extended essay is to discuss the themes of power and temptation and the influence of the One Ring on different characters in J. R. R. Tolkien’s masterpiece "The Lord of the Rings". Tom Bombadil is able to see Frodo when he is bearing the Ring, and when he puts the Ring on his finger, it does not seem to have any effect on him, as he does not become invisible. But, for example, it is not only temptation that makes Frodo put on the Ring, when Black Riders are around him – he actually obeys the will of the enemy, and not only his temptation to it. Although they are among the most powerful characters, they know that their good intentions will be corrupted. A very interesting character is Tom Bombadil, the master of the wood, water and hill. He seems to have great respect for the Ring itself and for the quest. Gandalf tells Frodo not to tempt him to take it, even for keeping it safe, because he knows that through him it would gain great power and defile the good desires of the Wizard. This sword is feared by everyone, and thus is so powerful, because it has been used to take down the embodiment of evil in the Middle Earth – Sauron. Even some of the most powerful people in the story are afraid to take the Ring. Harvey (1995) comments on Frodo’s manipulation: "Frodo is actually using the Ring, but not by wearing it.

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