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//@iheartmarvelcu on ig, *Loki showing his Jotun form while cupping your face*, Loki,singing softly:* Beauty and the beast, *Loki hugging you back as him Jotun for disappears*, Request: “Could you write a Loki fic about the reader and Loki bonding over music? "Not as lovely as yours I bet" he replied. “You’re stupid,” y/n said while shoving Loki. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Ha! "There is research to be done" Loki flipped the switch on the third machine, entirely ignoring Tony. "He told us you were adopted," Tony said. Midway through the chorus Fury pulled out a tambourine, and joined in. <3, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. Can you help me finding a Loki-centric fanfiction where he: - is a… “Okay darling, now where were we?” Loki turning around to see y/n quickly sketching. "5 minutes give or take, ever since you started hitting y/n with pillows.” “I liked the part where you said that you won the day you met her, good job brother!” Thor said smiling with a thumbs up. Y/n nodded and continued sketching with Loki by her side. Thor grinned proudly. :D, What do the Avengers do in their spare time? The Doctor Who convention had been intriguing to watch, as cosplayers who wore them same outfits would occasionally dash through the crowd, grasp the other by the shoulder, and began speaking of paradoxes of some sort or another. Tony was frantically searching for a way to escape. by mind-wolf (E. V. Browne) with 1,162 reads. "Technically, we're not all mortal, because your brother's a god," Tony pointed out. Singing with Loki really revealed just how bad Thor's singing was. “It’s you yelling at the Avengers!” y/n said excitedly. You've made my day, thank you! Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Starts out dark but story gets lighter as it goes, Drama between angry Avengers and new Mama Loki, I have to figure out what the fuck I'm doing first, but he can also be sweet when he wants too, Loki (Marvel) & Original Female Character, Pre-Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie), Canon Divergence - Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie), thor is a lot more vascillating and self-deprecating than normal, Loki (Marvel)/Original Female Character(s). Twisted love, Loki is forbidden to speak about his "old"family, etc.++ Loki learned his parents stop looking for him as a child, he never got over it.+++ Jotun heritage comes into play. But it's cold.." Loki continued. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. “Darling, I already won when I met you,” Loki said smiling. Loki slowly put the drawings down and inched closer towards y/n. and you stand in line. It made him seem less mischievous. It’s over?” “Alright! For almost and hour she was sketching away drawing all kinds of thick and thin lines and made sure everything from the hair all the way down to his clothes was drawn to perfection. The door burst open, and Loki stood there glaring at them, a black towel wrapped around his slender waist. At the NY Comic Con, Tom Hiddleston sang a couple of bars of 'Pure Imagination" during the Avengers Panel. Tony dragged the note out. A law that allows new king to choose anyone as his lover catches his attention. They are devastated, and his brother's disappearance forces Thor to learn all the lessons at a much younger age. Peter: If you were a booger! ", "Loki," Thor said, looking at his brother with big blue puppy dog eyes, "Please join the band? Y/n loved seeing Loki read. Come here girl," Tony sang. She and Loki were friends for years and she was always happy around him. :D. Loki: Now what’s a king without his queen? Summary: Reader is in love with Loki secretly and Loki finds out after a file mix up. “I umm… it’s umm… you’re um…” “You should’ve just told me, darling,“ Loki said removing his hands away from her. "Take 'em to the bridge!" "You're original, cannot be replaced" Clint smiled. Y/n’s heart dropped. You: Are you a parking ticket? Tony finished, as the instruments faded out to silence. All I’m saying is that the solution to that problem is just stabbing the guy!” said Loki while chuckling. She had quite a few drawings of him doing various things, but Loki reading was her favourite. Thor can do this. Aralia Stark is a girl with secrets, who has never needed anyone in her entire life. “Oh it doesn’t mean anything?” said Loki, “well that’s too bad…”. “Man he sure does look peaceful when he’s reading. ", "Can you sing something else?" "Do you know that there's still a chance for you?" I own a couple of Loki action figures and a Loki Bobblehead. Tony jumped up. How long have you been there?” Loki said in a shocked tone. Vulnerable. Avengers, Loki, Bucky, Pietro. Loki is a war trophy. “Hey what are you-” y/n was interuppted by Loki swinging her off the ground and throwing her on the bed and hitting her with a pillow repeatedly. Loki rolled his eyes.He then teleported infront of her barely letting her stop and held her face and kissed her. “I’ll pass. Well he supposed the name silver tongue was well deserved, but did he have to make his point using Portal, of all things. =) Thanks! Loki: That wasn’t so hard was it? So I'm glad they got burned, think of all the things we've learned. #avengers #bucky #captainamerica #hulk #ironman #loki #pietro #preferences #thor. “You managed to even capture the fear in my brother’s eyes.” Loki then paused.“When you’re done with that… c-can I have it?” “Sure,why?” “It’s to remind me about the day I told you that I was in love with you,” Loki said smiling at y/n. Now go tell them, Loki: How?? When Loki is brought for judgement (opening scene from Thor TDW) that debt is repaid. "It felt so good when I did it with my penis." "I don't care, you have an epic singing voice! No, that wasn't fair, he was a Norse god, and he didn't get to sing portal songs. I do not have “crushes.” Love is for FOOLS and I chase after NO ONE. Tony looked up surprised and Loki opened his eyes. Clint dashed out of the room, returning shortly with his own guitar and taking up the main riff, making Tony glare at him as they caught each other's eye and started having a battle of the guitars. Thor started. You see, Loki is my favorite character and I love it when he is strong, witty, self-confident - where do these stories hide? “What is this? Unwise.” Now Loki held y/n’s hand and used his thumb to make small circles on it. *-*, As a reminder, I am writing this story with my sister, FrostedFangirl7413, who is my best friend and my partner in crime :D. This story is supposed to be humorous, and as a result there might be a bit of OOCness in the characters... basically we're going to be putting them in a bunch of ridiculous situations, and we will be giving them lots of weird quirks and such. "Bum bum bum bum bum ba-dum!" “Not telling me the truth? The royal family is overjoyed. Bruce joined in. "Take 'em to the bridge!" Clint suddenly announced. "YOU'RE GONNA LEAVE THEM FALLING DOWN!" The Avengers re-assembled in the dance-style living room. In the events following Asgard's destruction, Loki finds himself on Earth seeking refuge to await the inevitable. Tony huffed. "While you are dying I'll be still alive" Tony noticed something flying towards him in the corner of his vision. I can't even remember the last he drank," Thor said thoughtfully. Thor must choose between Jane and Loki. He was taunting him. She froze. Fell 155K 5.5K 15 As we all know, our beloved Loki did something mischievous during his stays in Midgard and after being caught doing so, he was being put to house …

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