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The keys itself seems to be able to withstand years of use.At the top left corner of the keyboard showcases the “G” logo by Logitech and towards the right are a bunch of LEDs. The Logitech Gaming Software’s home tab usually shows the product. Top 5 gaming monitors 2020 in Singapore: 4K, refresh rate, budget, and more! Required fields are marked *, Logitech G213 Prodigy RGB Gaming Keyboard Review. A set of media keys, as well as two more dedicated function keys (gaming and lighting), and the illuminated Logitech G logo are the only additional keys you would not find on a bare-bones keyboard. That is where Game Mode steps in and tries to squeeze every bit of performance from your Windows 10 computer. It also has media keys, a game mode that prevents accidental Windows key presses. Overall, there’s not much really to complain about besides it looking plain. This can be tricky of course. Despite this being a budget keyboard, this still has to feel like it’s built for gaming. The entire keyboard is made of what seems like plastic, and even a light bit of pressure near the top of the G213 will cause the whole keyboard to rock. Game Mode can also stop Windows Update from installing drivers updates, or showing notifications during gameplay. NOTE: If you don’t have Logitech Gaming Software, you can get the latest version from this product’s Download page. Shake N’ Stomp, Despite being a budget keyboard, Logitech still offers it in a simple yet sleek package. Salesforce Case Reports, There are no single-key lighting configurations on the G213, but with the help of the software, you can set custom lightings to five different zones on the keyboard. Next to that allows the user to customize the LED lights that illuminate the keys. Bulbulay | Bulbulay, The Logitech G213 Prodigy is available through the official Logitech brand store at a price of S$99. Latest insights and blogs on tech, business, gaming & startups in Southeast Asia. So if you’re one of those who are specifically looking for mechanical switches, you better look elsewhere. Satyagraha Opera Dvd, The F1 to F12 keys can be programmed, which can be very helpful for players who want to try macros. Despite its size, the G213 is still a decent and attractive gaming keyboard. As is pretty much the standard for gaming keyboard these days, the G213 also offers zoned RGB backlighting. Afsana Banake Bhool Na Jaana New Version, The Logitech G213 Prodigy ... a game mode key, an RGB lighting on/off key, and a volume rocker switch. The plastic cover is able to deal with a significant amount of stress when bending. For a $99 price tag, the keyboard has a decent build quality. It also deals with minor liquid spills better than a mechanical keyboard. Although it doesn’t use mechanical switches, the keyboard uses membrane switches that Logitech has ‘tuned’ for gaming. For more,Logitech's entry-level "mecha-dome" keyboard is OK but there are better options at this price point.Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition Gaming Keyboard ReviewGhost of Tsushima Gets a Post-Launch Digital Deluxe Edition UpgradeNetflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender Series Loses Original CreatorsAgents of SHIELD Finale: Here's Why Chloe Bennet Hated Her Last Day One side has the name of the keyboard which is G213 Prodigy and the other is the Logitech brand. You don’t see it but the keyboard actually extends towards the end of the box with the wrist rest. What features should they include and what should they exclude? Weight: 2.4lbs (1000g). For a budget keyboard, Logitech made sure to squeeze every inch of its top-tier counterparts into the Logitech G213 Prodigy. Tom Hall Musician, Jeonju Ri Clan North Korea, The front showcases the keyboard illuminated by its RGB lighted keys along with the Logitech name and brand. You have to actually exert a lot effort to see some serious damage on the keyboard. We tested it and during the day it doesn’t pop out as much but come afternoon where it’s a bit dimmer, the colors are fairly bright. Top 5 Worst Nhl Goalies, +961 3 85 86 87info@ministudioclub.tvLiberty Bld, Qobayat street, Mar Mkhayel – Lebanon, © 2019 – All rights reserved. You can also change the speed of the illumination effects. At the top right corner, you can find the dedicated multimedia keys. Apart from that, the number of times a key is pressed is also recorded and you can check it here.When you plug in the G213 it will automatically be recognized and you can immediately start gaming.

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