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Young is known for being the only character Shonda Rhimes seems to regret killing off … mostly because he was played by Chandler. During the episode, Derek's interior monologue about how he knew he was dying made everything harder to watch. The question that we all have too is, is she now ready? When Bailey steps in, Cristina backs off, but ultimately decides to let Stephanie close, over Bailey's objections. He talked to Stephanie about her professional jealousy, saying he'd experienced that on the other end himself. Needless to say, her death was surprising and she shouldn't have gone like that. They seem to be getting along pretty well. When Kyle developed a tremor in his other hand, Stephanie told him to go to the hospital, where she stayed by his side as he waited for surgery, and waited in the waiting room while he was in surgery. Stephanie has an argument with the father, trying to tell him that if anything, God delivered Liam safely for them to treat him, but the father exclaims that she will burn in Hell. ("Mama Tried"), To be treated for the infection, Kyle had to have his implant removed, which brought back his tremor. Stephanie works with Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) on a case of SCID. He is a guitarist. As Diane died, Maggie was sobbing and painting her mother's nails. She fell and fatally hit her head after she'd been electrocuted during a storm. episodes about an active shooter who was terrorizing the hospital. When complications arise, Amelia asks Jo to remove Stephanie from the viewing gallery in order to save her from witnessing the death of the man she loves. "[1], Hinton spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about Stephanie's relationship with Kyle in the twelfth season. It just feels like lazy writing (or a willful ignorance of Stephanie's backstory). Judging Stephanie, Abrams assessed, "Keep her for now", and suggested to get rid of Jo and Shane instead. Richard tries to stop Catherine interfering in others' lives. The episode ended with two proposals — Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) popped the question to Owen (Kevin McKidd), but the scene cut away before his answer was revealed. Stephanie is kicked off Kyle’s case when Amelia finds out that they’re a couple. This FAQ is empty. Grey's Anatomy on ABC | Facebook/Official ABC Page The upcoming episode of "Grey's Anatomy" season 12 is nothing short of drama as Kyle Diaz enters Grey Sloan Memorial to have his tremor treated. She noted the "quiet dignity to Stephanie’s grief that I’m excited to see Hinton explore in the future. Looking for smart ways to get more from life? I’m excited for her. The lives of everyone in the OR are threatened when a patient enters with a bomb inside him, and a young paramedic with her arm inside the cavity is the only thing keeping it from going off. Think about it — left by her boyfriend at a wedding, lost her boyfriend (and then was given essentially zero plot time to assess that loss), did the heavy lifting for a surgeon who was in crisis during one of her most important surgeries (shout out to Dr. Herman), and here we are, presumably dealing with our natural-haired, crazy-talented, third-wave intern star lying somewhere next to a rapist, crisp as they come. It wouldn't be a penultimate episode of Grey's Anatomy without some Shakespearean-esque tragedy, and this season's episode is no different. [2] As a result of her non-existent childhood, Stephanie ultimately clung to books and used this as inspiration to pursue a career in medicine as a doctor. Get Cozy and Stylish With the 25 Best Sweatpants for Men. I think that’s something she would need to lean Jo for. It consisted of her being diagnosed with Alzheimer's and slowly forgetting her husband, Dr. Richard Webber. When she found out the truth, she was beyond heartbroken. After a few weeks, his close friends turned off his life support. ("At Last"), He heavily flirted with Stephanie Edwards during his hospitalization. At Last Later, Stephanie works on Meredith's portal vein trial. Kyle's is the third installment in the trifecta of male patient/female doctor couple deaths on Grey's Anatomy. d just quit the hospital to be part of the army but he died that very same day, never getting the chance to realize his full potential. Siblings Guitarist Guitar HeroHot Rock Star Since Jerrika Hinton is moving on, I wouldn’t put anything past this show. Stephanie was born with sickle-cell disease. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. s death was particularly upsetting because of how it impacted George. Viewers were left heartbroken as Meredith unplugged this beloved surgeon from life support. That was her reason for getting into surgery. 1 day ago, by Karenna Meredith 15 of the most-memorable patients on 'Grey's Anatomy', 10 of the best episodes of 'Grey's Anatomy' ever, THEN AND NOW: The 'Grey's Anatomy' original cast, Here's what all the 'Grey's Anatomy' actors who left the show are up to now, 11 of the most heartbreaking moments on 'Grey's Anatomy'. ("At Last"), He said he had several friends who also dreamed of stardom. s that they oftentimes pass in devastating, tragic ways that leave viewers heartbroken. s and slowly forgetting her husband, Dr. Richard Webber. that Brooks was actually the unlucky one. Did You Catch All of These Guest Stars in The Mandalorian's Season 2 Premiere? [6] While working on the case of Graham Cunningham, Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) allows Stephanie the opportunity to do a procedure, even saying that Stephanie is better than Shane. They repaired the bleeding and he played guitar for them so they could target the DBS to treat his tremor. She's considering every bit of reality at her disposal. It’s something that does not get glossed over in the finale. ("Trigger Happy"), They continued to see each other, though without labelling their relationship. Meanwhile residents are motivated to compete for a … In the thirteenth season, Stephanie is surprised by Leah's return.

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