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But the President’s foiled Tulsa rally is only the latest event in a string of social-media campaigns by K-pop stans, who have used mobilization tactics and knowledge of social algorithms to spread information and support for political and social causes. Despite Loona’s recent debut and pre-debut success, it’s unlikely that “stan Loona” will be going anywhere soon. 11. Rather, Kim Lip’s single “Eclipse” seemed to be a tipping point in the association between K-pop Twitter and gay Twitter: While Kim Lip wore an LGBTQ pride shirt during promotions for her single, “Eclipse” was the focus of the meme association despite the fact that it doesn’t have the same queer undertones as other Loona songs. This subreddit was made to archive copypasta. K-POP STANS is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by … The strategy aimed to essentially plaster Loona’s name across Twitter into communities that may not have been aware of the group. Definitely recommend the Power Delivery (PD) Power Banks for fast, reliable charging. Get InsideHook in your inbox. A K-pop stan is a borderline obsessive fan of a Korean pop music band or artist. If you arrive early enough, you may find fellow K-pop stans passing out free banners for the concert. Maybe the recent flurry of activity is the first in a series of steps toward righting those past wrongs, and K-pop stans will further develop into an exclusively positive force in the world. Always better to be safe than sorry! Are You a Simp? Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks., me seeing that kpop stans took over #WhiteLivesMatter The phrase “stan Loona” has become commonplace both in K-pop and queer Twitter communities. Rather than utilizing the cuter concept that had dominated previous Loona releases, Kim Lip’s darker pop sound made her stand out. Another user promoted Loona in a reply, stating that if the original poster had been a Loona stan they wouldn’t have made their original comments (which have been deleted). Digital music streaming service for access to K-Pop music on your PC, tablet, phone, etc. In addition, Loona is regularly referred to as a “gays only event” (in reference to this Vine) by fans of all genders due both to Loona’s association with the queer community and the queer undertones in its content. If you can’t beat em, join em! //NIE JESTEM AUTORKĄ ORYGINALNEJ PASTY. A New Harvard Report Investigates. ... guide to /fit/ copypasta /kpg/ edition when? I edit music and all of it is KPOP. Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Kpop – Bangtan, ꧁༒☬PärkJîmîn☬༒꧂, , Jiminess, , OppaSaraghe. Make Italy’s Greatest Comfort Soup to Ease the Hell of Election Week, Your Thanksgiving Table Needs the Rolls-Royce of Heritage Turkeys. Overall, “stan Loona” stands out as a particularly effective fan campaign that took on a life of its own. How to Maximize the Mental Health Benefits of Masturbation. Although “stan Loona” became more and more commonplace on K-pop Twitter and other social media, it was still primarily in the context of discussions about Loona itself. Fancams originated from the K-pop fandom and were initially performance videos zoomed-in on one particular K-pop band member. At first, “stan Loona” was used in relation to content that actually had something to do with Loona. Love you, beautiful angels. ‘Stan Loona,’ the meme sparked by a Korean girl group, explained, chart-topping hits and genuine dedication to youth. Welcome to K-POP Stans! You're all big inspirements, please visit me in brazil or I'll fucking kill myself. Loona just officially debuted, but its name has been all over Twitter for months. And awesome. cmon. That said, while many K-pop stans are mobilizing for a good cause right now, that doesn’t mean that all of them are anti-Trump, nor does it mean they can be weaponized against Trump or for other causes in the future. It's getting seriously annoying, it's disrespectful, they worked hard in this and did an amazing job. K-Pop 101. Posted by 2 months ago. But starting last August, “Orbits,” the name given to Loona fans, began tagging the phrase — typically accompanied by links to Loona music videos — onto unrelated tweets and threads that were already going viral. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. You guys worked hard and it shows, so proud of you all, I hope we can repay you by breaking the record. Good afternoon stan Loona Fans are gunning for a prestigious Rookie of the Year award in addition to pursuing high streaming goals for Loona’s debut album and single. What sets “stan Loona” apart from similar fan campaigns is the proliferation both of Loona, the group, and “stan Loona,” the meme, into queer Twitter communities. Cookies help us deliver our Services. You deserve all the love in the world but the world doesn't deserve you. For BTS, the strategy (in addition to chart-topping hits and genuine dedication to youth) panned out. K-pop and its fanbase have also had a long history of cultural insensitivity and questionable appropriation of other cultures, which many music fans have called attention to in recent weeks. Wouldn’t want your phone to run out of battery mid-concert. Who the fuck is Loona and why is every gay on my TL a stan?? Dress to impress! Example of K-pop stans doing chaotic good (see thread), Update (8/15): ONEUS may not be able to attend for Saturday’s concert due to visa issues, Visit the KCON merchandise booth ASAP as it tends to sell out fast, Download the KCONUSA app to get updated on what’s happening, Plan out your day to avoid missing out your favorite artists / groups, Cash recommended for merchandise & food booths.

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