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His contribution to British radio is commemorated in The Radio Academy's Hall of Fame. I didn't try to say the words for him because I knew how much they mattered. In the tea interval I bought my former English teacher, Andy Mayne, a half of bitter in the beer tent. Irving Rosenwater was a leading member at that time and some of the club's elder statesmen were angry enough to walk out. Leslie Thomas John Arlott, OBE (25 February 1914 – 14 December 1991) was an English journalist, author and cricket commentator for the BBC's Test Match Special. Closer, the bowler’s arm swept down, With his poetic phraseology, he became a cricket commentator noted for his "wonderful gift for evoking cricketing moments" by the BBC. Reece Topley has been included in both squads, We don’t want that momentum to slow down. But where was this first love leading? And nothing became him more than the manner in which he quietly slipped away from the scene at the end of his final commentary at Lord’s while the crowd stood and, along with the players of England and Australia, applauded. David Frith, editor of Wisden Cricket Monthly, 1992, "He was generous with his time in the company of friends. (Despite his early start he never became much of a player.). [5], After leaving school, following a brief stint at the local town hall where he learned to type, he spent four years working at Park Prewett Mental Hospital in Basingstoke as a records clerk (1930–34). His team was John Langridge Sussex, Maurice Hallam Leicestershire, Emrys Davies Glamorgan, Edgar Oldroyd Yorkshire, Jack Newman Hampshire, Harry Martyn (WK) Somerset, Peter Sainsbury Hampshire, Wilf Wooller (Captain) Glamorgan, Don Shepherd Glamorgan, Charles Kortright Essex and Tom Wass Nottinghamshire. At the last minute their chief soccer correspondent Donny Davies pulled rank and decided to go instead. It means where the 'impossible' is within the realm of what the human body can do, there are Australians who believe that they can do it – and who have succeeded often enough to make us wonder if anything is impossible to them. The motion was duly defeated by 334–160. Poems by John Arlott. [24], Reviewing John Arlott: Cricket’s Radical Voice, broadcast on BBC Radio 4 to mark the twentieth anniversary of his death, Gillian Reynolds wrote in the Daily Telegraph of "Arlott's independence, his Englishness, sense of fairness and justice, sympathy for the underdog and relish for the beautiful and the good". To combat this threat, England had called up David Steele, 33, bespectacled, a county pro. But I was gripped as John started talking to me, this dumb yokel, about wine. He was also the narrator and technical advisor for the documentary short film Cricket (1950). His third wife was Patricia Hoare (6 April 1977 – 1991) who survived him. There are seven has at least six good catchers and a number of cricketers of competitive quality and good temperament: and it would be good to watch.". Botham also had a holiday home nearby in Alderney and during the last seven years of Arlott's life they often had two meals a day together when he was staying on the island. "The side bats down to No. Clive Lloyd. The inaugural lunch was held in 1953 at a restaurant in Fleet Street and was attended by John Marshall (London Evening News), Kenneth Adam (BBC) and Alf Gover (Surrey). "The very personification of Cricket." [1] He progressed to the rank of sergeant while stationed at Southampton,[7] and enjoyed the opportunity to watch Hampshire play at the County Ground while on duty at Northland Road. The listener’s imagination was given free rein. The following year, after recommending some wine to John Marshall, the editor of the London Evening News, he was invited to write a weekly wine column for that newspaper and this resulted in invitations to press tours of French wine regions. He wanted help to find an opportunity to play professional cricket in England and Arlott finally got him a summer contract with Middleton Cricket Club in the Central Lancashire Cricket League in 1960. He wrote annual reviews of the year's cricket books for Wisden for every year from 1950 until 1992, except for 1979 and 1980. 1948, We have a freaker: "We have got a freaker [sic] down the wicket now, not very shapely as it is masculine, and I would think it has seen the last of its cricket for the day ... he has had his load, he is being embraced by a blond policeman and this may well be his last public appearance – but what a splendid one!" [10] He also had the advantage of a very distinctive voice. Arlott espoused strong liberal and humanitarian political views and he stood as the Liberal candidate for Epping[2] in both the 1955 and 1959 general elections coming third on both occasions but achieving strong support at a time when the Liberals were weak nationally. He was also a poet and wine connoisseur. Salaries had failed to keep pace with the cost of living and morale was at rock bottom. This graceful giant of a man is demolishing Derbyshire’s bowling. He played cricket at club level but would spend most of his free summer time following the Hampshire team both home and away. Guha writes that "...Friendship with Merchant broadened his social and political horizons". Arlott's admiration and respect led him to establish the Master's Club to honour his birthday, on 16 December. South Africa were then officially excluded from Test cricket for 21 years until they were reinstated by the ICC in 1991 following the South African government's legalization of the ANC and the release of Nelson Mandela. John Arlott Follow . How was he, a humble copper when war broke out in 1939, to fashion a career out of cricket? Watch this space for a poetic description of an artistic game. And the bar stayed open all day. When the editor asked Arlott to write an appreciation of Neville Cardus for the 1965 edition of Wisden, he chose wisely, for Arlott was a natural disciple of the man who was 25 years his senior. This Wisden obituary paid tribute to the extraordinary life of legendary commentator and writer John Arlott. His bat weighs three pounds and plenty, yet every ounce obeys him. Arlott in ‘The Old Sun’ – his home – in 1979, J.A., as he perhaps over-modestly referred to himself in his autobiography, went to his first school in Basingstoke in 1920 when he was six.

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