jenny funnell death

The puns come thick and fast. A really good light, fun read - perfect for when you want to have a change from all those psychological serial killer books - and very cleverly written. boys' deaths had 'flaw', "13-year-old killed after goat falls from roof of building in Turkey", "Total boss killed in plane crash: investigators blame drunk driver", "The legacy of oil executive Christophe de Margerie, dead in freak Moscow plane crash", "Chinese chef dies after severed cobra head bites him", "Indian soccer player dies after goal celebration goes awry", "Jumping sturgeon kills 5-year-old girl boating with family", "Death by Wine Glass Was Freaky But No Signs of a Crime", "Chelsea Ake-Salvacion Death Cryotherapy Chamber Spa", "24-Year-Old Salon Worker Found Dead Inside Cryotherapy Chamber", "Man dies after lorry crashes into Derriford Hospital", "Derriford trucker death: Lee Jane 'died trying to save others, "Airline horror as airport worker is killed by being sucked into plane engine", "A ground crew member is sucked into the aircraft engine at Mumbai airport", "Rabbit hunter died in freak accident after getting his head stuck in a hole on New Year's Day", "That Wasn't a Meteorite That Killed a Man in India, NASA Says", "Indian bus driver 'killed by meteorite strike, "Meteorite Killed Man at Indian College, Says Chief Minister", "Blast samples from Vellore college are meteorite parts, says Trichy lab report", "Woman dies after being stabbed by beach umbrella while celebrating her birthday at Virginia Beach", "Woman Impaled By Umbrella While Celebrating Birthday At The Beach", "Woman dies after being stabbed in chest with umbrella at Virginia Beach Oceanfront", "A year after a promise that Verruckt will come down, fatal water slide still stands", "Indonesian pop star Irma Bule bitten by cobra on stage, continues for 45 minutes before fatal collapse", "The Real Story of the Indonesian Singer and the Cobra", "Anton Yelchin's bizarre death spurs investigation of Jeep SUV", "Girl dies after elephant throws stone in Morocco zoo", "Girl, 7, dies after being hit by rock thrown by elephant in Morocco zoo", "County: Corrections Officer and Inmate Fell into Elevator Shaft", Melbourne thunderstorm asthma victims left waiting for ambulances which had not been despatched, Thunderstorm asthma deaths: ambulance dispatch 'unlikely' factor – coroner, "Family friends identify 5-year-old boy killed in freak accident at Atlanta rotating restaurant", "Missing man killed, swallowed whole by python | Toronto Sun", "7-meter-long python swallows Indonesian woman | National Post", "Florida man crashes into fire hydrant and drowns on 89th birthday", "Woman dies after falling from golf cart onto wine glasses", "Fitness Blogger Rebecca Burger Died After a Whipped Cream Dispenser Exploded", Getuige in zaak Holleeder dood door bizar visongeluk (, "Naked care worker trapped in airing cupboard dies trying to dig herself out, inquest hears", Homem embriagado morre afogado em balde de água no Entroncamento de Jaguaquara, "Man dies after being sucked into MRI machine", "Mumbai MRI accident: Ward boy told us machine was switched off, said relative of deceased", "Indian man killed after being sucked into MRI machine", "Self-driving Uber kills Arizona woman in first fatal crash involving pedestrian", "Uber halts self-driving car tests after death", "Man who died after getting trapped in cinema seat named", "An Ohio 16-Year-Old Died In A Freak Accident In A Van Despite Calling Police Twice", "Southwest sends apology, $US5,000, to passengers on damaged jet", "First picture of mum killed after being 'sucked out of Southwest plane' during mid-air engine explosion", "1 dead, 1 in critical condition from dry ice in Seattle car", "Dry ice linked to death of Washington woman traveling in Dippin' Dots' deliveryman's car", "Why an Australian Man Died 8 Years After Eating a Slug", "A baseball killed a woman at Dodger Stadium, MLB's first foul-ball death in nearly 50 years", "Florida man decapitated in freak helicopter accident identified, authorities say", "Man dies after eating fishcake so hot it burned his throat, left him unable to breathe: Coroner", "Deer kills man, injures woman near Wangaratta in north-east Victoria", "Father dead, mother fights for life after pet deer attack near Wangaratta", "Metal drinking straw fatally impales woman through her eye after fall", "Coroner's warning after retired jockey died when she fell on metal drinking straw which impaled her eye", "Woman dies after being impaled through the eye by a metal straw", "Two-year-old child 'kills mum after pressing switch to close car window on her parent's neck, "Freak remote-start car accident kills man in South Jamaica", "Man killed by car being remotely started", "La plancha de una tonelada que voló 3 km antes de matar al frutero Sergio en Tarragona", "Man killed by falling gas bottle in 'freak' Sydney CBD accident", "Police appeal for information after man killed by falling gas bottle", "Three dead after dry ice thrown into swimming pool during birthday party", "3 people died at an Instagram influencer's birthday party in Moscow after dry ice was poured into a swimming pool", "Three die in dry-ice incident at Moscow pool party", "Man dies after eating bag of licorice every day for a few weeks",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Draco, an Athenian lawmaker, was reportedly smothered to death by gifts of cloaks and hats showered upon him by appreciative citizens at a theatre on, Ancient sources disagree on how the Greek philosopher, According to one account given by Diogenes Laërtius, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus was said to have been devoured by dogs after smearing himself with cow manure in an attempt to cure his, Themistocles, the Athenian general who won the, A number of "remarkable" legends concerning the death of Sophocles, another of the three great Athenian tragedians, are recorded in the late antique.

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