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Teaching primary mathematics with challenging tasks: How should lessons be structured?
A Manhattan-born "tough guy" character lead and support, James (Vincent) Russo was born in New York City on April 23, 1953, to an Italian father and German mother.

Playing Evolution facilitates the development of several interrelated numerical skills and understandings, including skip-counting, factorising, and identifying prime and composite nu... Reform-oriented approaches to mathematics instruction view struggle as critical to learning; however, research suggests many teachers resist providing opportunities for students to struggle. Following an overview of teaching with challenging tasks, we explore the nexus between using both challenging and consolidating tasks to simultaneously develop conceptual understanding and procedural fluency. It is mainly aimed at primary school teachers and teacher-researchers. James Russo shares his experiences of exploring proof with a group of 8-and 9-year old students in an Australian primary school.

Read, watch, or just discuss J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone with your class, and then get students to engage with these associated mathematical problems. - Sequencing learning: How can we effectively sequence learning with effective pedagogies (e.g., challenging tasks, mathematical games)? Chi-square analysis: Use for comparing pre-program and post- program data? It is mainly aimed at primary school teachers and teacher-researchers. Does anyone have any advice/ ideas/ thoughts?
Program, Short activity: Two place value games for building fluency with non-standard partitioning, Teacher Interest-Led Inquiry: Unlocking Teacher Passion to Enhance Student Learning Experiences in Primary Mathematics, Mental Computation Fluency: Assessing flexibility, efficiency and accuracy, Changing teacher practices while teaching with challenging tasks, The Case of Disappearing and Reappearing Zeros: A Disconnection Between Procedural Knowledge and Conceptual Understanding, The Impact of Teacher Interest-Led Inquiry on the Student Learning Experience, The impact of a short test-wiseness intervention on standardised numeracy assessment scores: A cautionary tale about using NAPLAN growth data to evaluate primary schools, Exploring spatial reasoning in the early years: effective pedagogical approaches, Early years focus: A Game-based approach to number lines, Editorial: When making up words helps make sense of maths, Walking the Line between Order and Chaos: A Teacher-Researcher's Reflection on Teaching Mathematics with Challenging Tasks in Primary Classrooms.

The intervention involved three different classes of students (i.e., Grade A, Grade B, Grade C), each of which experienced a distinct type of teaching approach. In this article, the authors emphasise the importance of purposeful mathematical discussion and using sequences of connected, cumulative, and challenging tasks in advancing students' spatial reasoning in the early years of schooling. After the intervention, I assessed students again: Approach 1 (Grade A)              8                                     16                   24, Approach 2 (Grade B)              7                                     15                   22, Approach 3 (Grade C)              5                                      16                  21.

SURF aims to help teachers make learning number concepts fun, whilst building student metacongition and mental flexibility. There is frequently a substantial disconnect reported between educational research and classroom practice. This article outlines teaching ideas appropriate for primary mathematics. This article outlines teaching ideas appropriate for primary mathematics. some of the advantages that dynamic representations have over their static counterparts as

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