is wbur a credible source

A source is more credible if written by someone with a degree or other credentials in the subject of interest. However, if the author is presenting original work, evaluate the … WBUR has been a credible digital innovator. Aiming to restructure WBUR with a focus on expanding its audience, while simultaneously facing budget cuts from the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic, station CEO Margaret Low announced layoffs on Wednesday, as well as a roadmap for reaching new listeners and readers. Try to avoid sources that don’t have references or evidence to prove its point of view. A source written from a specific point of view may still be credible, but it can limit the coverage of a topic to a particular side of a debate. Ultimately, it’s up the researcher (you) to determine if a source is credible. Profile. At the same time as we are losing cherished colleagues, this restructuring means that we will be hiring for a number of new positions that will make WBUR stronger. I have always had great admiration and respect for WBUR and its wonderful array of programming. We are not going to give up on radio. WBUR will also stop production of the Sports show Only A Game at the end of September and the podcast Kind World in July. Was this helpful? Organizational changes of this magnitude are hard. I understand the financial constraints, but there should always be room for kindness in our lives and this podcast has provided that ray of hope and reminded us we can always be better human beings. is a lifelong journalist and author whose career has spanned newspapers and magazines up and down the East Coast, with stops in Washington, D.C., South Carolina, New Jersey, and Boston. To begin, we are laying off 29 people. This effort must be different in kind and substance than anything we’ve done before. The changes I’m making are necessary to streamline the organization and to reflect the budget realities of the moment. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! “Listeners won’t feel this as a retreat. Provide an example. “There is no question that COVID accelerated things,” Low says. 4. I don’t have all the answers, but I’m committed to leading the way and not letting up. But they are also necessary to insure that we are financially sound and in fighting shape to deliver on big ambitions. To those who are leaving, I’m sorry that you are departing at this difficult moment in the country and the world. MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching Is the article written in a formal or informal style? I hope WBUR’s restructuring will bring back more balanced programming. I’m taking a 10% salary cut. No Many people recommend first glancing at Wikipedia, to gain a broad knowledge on the subject, but then finding another other credible sources to use in your research. Low will take a 10% salary cut. The station reports that some of the exits will include Executive News Director Tom Melville who joined WBUR in 2011, Digital Managing Director John Davidow and Director of Operations and Production Peter Lydotes. He was named Journalist of the Year while at The Record in Bergen County, N.J., for his coverage of a tragic story about two teens charged with killing their newborn. Always make sure, if the source … There will also be some shared sacrifice. The Road Ahead — there are two issues of great consequence to our future that require our concerted attention. Moderators are staffed during regular business hours (EST) and can only accept comments written in English. At this time when our daily stress has been heightened by the pandemic with all its negative consequences, I regret your decision to cancel the podcast Kind World. Additionally Managing Director of News and Programming Sam Fleming will move up his planned retirement after almost three decades at the station. Over the summer, we will begin to fully articulate what will define our journalism and our programming going forward and what it will take to become even more essential in people’s lives. Next, we will begin to lay out our strategy and chart our path forward. The Modern Love podcast, which was a partnership with the New York Times, will revert exclusively to the Times, and another podcast, Kind World, will also end. “WBUR has been a credible digital innovator,” Low told her staff. The journal or publisher’s editorial process, including the process of peer-review. After a stint at Boston Magazine, he worked for more than a decade at the Boston Globe in various roles, including magazine editor and deputy managing editor/special projects. The audience for which the source was written. First, we had to deal with the current financial reality and make the necessary organizational changes. This is a time of profound technological change and the clock is ticking. Scholarly What is the name of the publication in which your article was printed? A successful event of note was last year’s ARTery 25: Millennials of Color. Lance has two decades of experience tracking the audio industry and its use of digital platforms. Both Chicago’s NPR station WBEZ and Minnesota Public Radio in Minneapolis also recently cut jobs. I have important news to share about a significant reorganization and some of the difficult choices I’ve had to make because of the economic fallout of the past several months. Often your professors will ask that you use academic or scholarly sources in your research papers. And even though live events are not possible now with social distancing requirements, that will end one day, and when it does, WBUR must be ready. The station had opened CitySpace not long before and was increasingly becoming a convener of conversation in the city. Is this a credible source? All rights reserved. Formal. “People admire and trust and respect and care about them. And they believe we’re worthy of their support. Margaret Low announced layoffs on Wednesday, five months into her tenure at the helm of WBUR, Margaret Low Named General Manager and CEO of WBUR , with Eye on Live Events, Facing $96M Shortfall, President Brown Announces Layoffs, Furloughs, WBUR’s CitySpace: a Community Events Site Unlike Any Other in Boston, Smart Cities Are Summoning the Future Now with Sustainable Policies, US and Canadian Planners Tell WBUR’s CitySpace Audience, COM Goes All-out to Cover Election Night 2020, Live Election Day Coverage: BU Community Reacts, 10 Ways to Distract Yourself on Election Day and Beyond, As Students Relax, BU Cracks Down with Stiffer Penalties on Gatherings, BUTV10 Continues to Create Content While Sticking to Strict Health Protocols, Eight Questions That Could Decide the Presidency. I hope WBUR’s restructuring will bring back more balanced programming. In addition, we will stop production of Only A Game at the end of September. Many of them are part time staff. The author’s credentials and expertise. Your work has never been more consequential. 25 We’ve already been in touch with everyone who is immediately affected by the changes. Some books may qualify as scholarly if they are published by a university press or a scholarly association, but it’s wise to check with your professor to make sure these materials count as scholarly from their perspective. Visit our, DeDe In The Morning Seeks New Co-Host As Michael Shawn Exits, ABC Audio Announces Addition Of 124 New Cumulus Affiliates. But as listening habits and media consumption patterns continue to shift, we have to confront how we reach new audiences and become even more relevant in people’s lives. I’m sorry to say that you have lost that respect and admiration. Low states there will be no wage increases for FY21, except for negotiated union salary adjustments, and there will be no contributions to retirement funds. If no author or organization is named, the source should not be considered highly credible. The podcast Modern Love, currently produced in partnership with the New York Times, will transition exclusively to the Times.

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