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[68] Jordan then threatened to storm the Israeli embassy and capture the rest of the Mossad team, but Israel argued that it would be against the Geneva Conventions. [34] By 11 June Israel had decisively won the war by capturing the West Bank from Jordan, Gaza and the Sinai from Egypt, and the Golan Heights from Syria. [37], Jordan allowed the fedayeen to leave for Lebanon through Syria, an event that led to the Lebanese Civil War in 1975. [37] Hussein wanted to oust the fedayeen from the country, but hesitated to strike because he did not want his enemies to use it against him by equating Palestinian fighters with civilians. [50] Hussein and Arafat both agreed to the plan on 1 April, but the PLO's executive office rejected it. 181.3k Likes, 2,523 Comments - Al Hussein bin Abdullah II (@alhusseinjo) on Instagram: “يوم ميلاد سعيد لسلمى وإيمان. Hussein claims descentin the male line from Muhammad's daughter Fatimah and Ali, the fourth caliph. [66] A month later, the CIA sent Hussein another report warning Jordan of Iraqi plots to attack Western targets in Jordan to undermine Jordan's security due to its support for the Iraqi opposition. [86] He was relentless in pursuit of peace, viewing that the only way to solve the conflict was by peaceful means, excluding his decision to join the war in 1967. أتمنى لكما النجاح والسعادة على الدوام Happy birthday to my dear…” [24] He was later pardoned and released after Hussein received a plea from the cook's daughter. [61] Jordan dispatched an armored division to its borders with Iraq, and Hussein's eldest son Abdullah was in charge of a Cobra helicopter squadron. [23] Hussein was tipped off to Al-Shar'a's involvement, but did not reveal it until they both landed back in Jordan. Nightline: Hussein of Jordan, ABC Evening News for Friday, 5 February 1999, 10542/AB XXIV. In 1970 Hussein expelled Palestinian fighters (fedayeen) from Jordan after they had threatened the country's security in what became known as Black September. [50] Jordan announced a $1.3 billion five-year development plan for the West Bank, in a bid to enhance its image in the West Bank residents at the expense of the PLO. [41] The PLO in Jordan grew in strength, and by the beginning of 1970 the fedayeen groups started to openly call for the overthrow of the Hashemite monarchy. [55] The National Charter sought to set a timetable for democratization acts. [82], The UN General Assembly held an Emergency Special Session in "Tribute to the Memory of His Majesty the King of Jordan" on the same day. As a Jordanian American, however, what keeps me up at night is not the future of the Israel-Jordan peace treaty. [55] In May 1989, just before the elections, Hussein announced his intention to appoint a 60-person royal commission to draft a reformist document named the National Charter. The Parliament forced Talal to abdicate a year later due to his illness, and a regency council was appointed until Hussein came of age. Another plot was uncovered after a large number of cats were found dead in the royal palace; it emerged that the cook had been trying poisons to use against the king. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge in Jordan, A post shared by Al Hussein bin Abdullah II (@alhusseinjo), ‘Proud Of You Son’: King And Queen Of Jordan Praise Crown Prince, Jordan’s Crown Prince Just Flew A Chopper Over The Dead Sea, Spotlight On: Meet Taleedah Tamer, Saudi Arabia's first supermodel, Spotlight On: Prepare to be obsessed with Egyptian handbag label SADAFA, Spotlight On: HRH Sheikha Mariam's advice for aspiring jewellery designers, Spotlight On: Emerging Lebanese Mexican brand Darin Hachem, Spotlight On: Discover this Egyptian jewellery brand loved by the stars. In recent months and days, Israeli leaders have threatened to annex the West Bank and Jordan Valley, which would be a huge blow to the Jordanian monarchy and Jordanians of Palestinian origin; it could even jeopardize the 1994 peace treaty with Israel. [48] The relationship grew as Saddam provided Jordan with subsidized oil, and Jordan allowed Iraq to use the Port of Aqaba for its exports. [21], In 1959, Hussein embarked on a tour to different countries to consolidate bilateral ties. [31] President Nasser of Egypt denounced Hussein as an "imperialist lackey. One had to do something; one had to explore what was possible and what was not. He had wonderful qualities as well as being a very great monarch.” — former British Prime Minister, "He was a generous brother and a dear friend," said a statement. If there are any worries it is Jordan that should be worried. [45] The relationship between Jordan and the United States deteriorated when Jordan refused to join the Camp David Accords. [28] The assault inflicted heavy Arab casualties. [25] His secret rapprochement with Israel was followed by a public rapprochement with Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser in 1964, which bolstered Hussein's popularity both in Jordan and in the Arab world. Crown Prince Hussein is actively involved in youth empowerment efforts, and at the age of 20, he became the youngest person ever to chair a UN Security Council Meeting. Every time I’ve broached the subject with family or colleagues, I’ve been met with horrified reactions: It elicits the same “la samah Allah” (God forbid) whether the conversation is in English or Arabic. [52] Nevertheless, the Hashemite custodianship over the Muslim and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem was retained. [25] In the talks, Hussein highlighted his commitment to a peaceful resolution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. [72] He stayed in the clinic until the end of 1998, while his brother Hassan, who had been crown prince since 1965, acted as regent. 23-year-old Crown Prince Al Hussein Bin Abdullah II is next in line to the Jordanian throne. [19] UAR-inspired conspiracies started to emerge against the Hashemite federation. إن قيم الانضباط والعمل الجماعي تعزز التماسك وروح الفريق الواحد وتسهم في خلق بيئة إيجابية لمجتمعاتنا #أردننا Today the world celebrates the “International Day of Sports for Development and Peace”. [7] The title was conferred on 2 July 2009, when a royal decree naming him as crown prince, effective immediately, was issued. [1][failed verification], In 1989 the attorney of the son of American actress Susan Cabot alleged that her son (born in 1964) may have been Hussein's during their relationship of several years. [47] Some see it as ironic that it was the same brigade that had been sent to deter the Syrian invasion during Black September in 1970. Disagreements between the monarchy and the leftist government culminated in March 1957 when Nabulsi provided Hussein with a list of senior officers in the military he wanted to dismiss; Hussein initially heeded the recommendations. [82] Bill Clinton said about the funeral: "I don't think I have ever seen a greater outpouring of the world's appreciation and the world's love for a human being than I've seen today.

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